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Thursday, December 4, 2008

MasterNewMedia Web Traffic Stats, Authority, Audience Metrics: November 2008

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Want to know more about MasterNewMedia? In this monthly web traffic and demographics report, we showcase all of the most relevant data, trends and indicators for the number of visitors, page views and reader profiles collected across many of the major online traffic and trend tracking services.


The web traffic statistics for the past month of November, show no strong changes in terms of visitors and page views for Overall a soft decline trend in traffic can be seen across a number of popular blog sites, and this in turn might have been caused by Google recent adjustments to his ranking algorithms.

On the advertising and revenues front, Google AdSense seem to be showing an overall lowering of the rates paid by advertisers across the board, bringing down overall revenues for most web publishers. Revenue increases can still be made by working on linking campaigns and building a greater social following, but the key mover for higher earnings with Google is all about becoming visible and directly relevant to specific advertisers.

By working to optimize your Ad Placement Targeting options, your site can become very visible to AdWords advertisers looking for specific keyword focused pages and topic sections. This in turn means the opportunity to sell advertising also on a CPM basis, as well as a tangible impact on your Google earnings.

Traffic-wise MasterNewMedia is looking forward to further expand its language editions offering and I am actively selecting editor / partner candidates not only for its existing Portuguese/Brazilian and Russian sites, but also for a Dutch, German and French edition of MasterNewMedia. If you know someone who could fit this bill, wanting to translate in his native language our daily feature while sharing with me the Google-generated revenues of each specific languaged edition site, please do send her my way.

In this monthly MasterNewMedia traffic report, you can find all of the key indicators and statistics relative to the number of our total traffic numbers for November. Even more interestingly, especially for potential advertisers is the demographics section of this report, in which we bring together different stats and indicators from a number of different web services. The result is a comprehensive and quite truthful identikit of the typical MasterNewMedia reader profile, helping us learn more about our audience and our specific reader profile as well as providing a sign of transparency and credibility to potential sponsors and advertisers.

What other stats or trends would you like to see published in this monthly report? What other indicators or numbers would be useful to provide to interested readers and potential sponsors to help them even more understand our focus and existing reach? Let me know what you would like to see by utilizing the comments area at the end of the report.

Here all of the MasterNewMedia traffic and demographics data for the month of November 2008:


MasterNewMedia Web Traffic and Audience Metrics: November 2008

Unique Visitors and Page Views

  • Total Visits on MasterNewMedia: 534,861
  • Total Page Views on MasterNewMedia: 758,822

MasterNewMedia International Editions - Breakdown

  • MasterNewMedia International - English Version:

    • Unique visitors: 256,244
    • Page Views: 358,341

  • MasterNewMedia Italian Version:

    • Unique visitors: 133,128
    • Page Views: 198,785

  • MasterNewMedia Latino Version:

    • Unique visitors: 116,301

    • Page Views: 164,937

  • MasterNewMedia Brazilian Version:

    • Unique visitors: 29,188

    • Page Views: 36,759

Source data: Google Analytics


Alexa measures the number of pages viewed by site visitors. Multiple page views of the same page made by the same user on the same day are counted only once. The page views per user numbers are the average numbers of unique pages viewed per user per day by the visitors to the site.

Source data: Alexa


Ad Impressions and Clicks


Source data: Google AdSense


Demographics and Technographics

Audience Age


Audience Sex


Audience Education


Audience HouseHold


Source data: Google AdPlanner

Audience Business Activity


Audience Ethnicities


Source data: Quantcast

Traffic by Platform

Source data: Woopra - data relative to a smaller sample than total audience

Traffic by Browser

Source data: Woopra - data relative to a smaller sample than total audience

Traffic by Browser/OS


Source data: Google Analytics

Connection Speed


Source data: Google Analytics

Traffic Frequency


Source data: Quantcast


Traffic Sources


Source data: Google Analytics


Most Viewed Content

Top 10 articles of MasterNewMedia International - English Version - November 2008

  1. Best Online Collaboration Tools 2008 - The Collaborative Map
  2. Media Centers: Alternative, Open-Source, Cross-Platform Solutions - A FLOSS Comparison
  3. HD Video Sharing: Best Solutions To Publish High Definition Videos - Sharewood Guide
  4. Browser Compatibility Testing: Cross-Platform Cross-Browser Multiple Resolutions Compatibility Testing Tools - Sharewood Guide
  5. The Social Media Optimization Manifesto: Key Social Marketing Principles To Increase The Visibility Of Your Web Site
  6. From News Publishing To Newsmastering: Learn, Understand And Experiment How To Create Your Own Newsradars - Sharewood Guide
  7. Improve Web Pages Load Times: Practical Advice On How To Speed Up Your Site - The Pingdom Report
  8. Customer Relationship Management: How To Build Solid Trust Between Companies And Customers
  9. Content Monetization: Fighting Unlicensed Content Republication Via Distribution Networks And Ad Sharing
  10. MasterNewMedia Joins The Federated Media Advertising Network: John Battelle Video

Source data: Google Analytics


Video Audience

  1. Video Views on YouTube: 2,645,778

  2. Video Views on Qik: 1,116,730



Google PageRank

Here below the MasterNewMedia PageRank calculated with PR Checker:

PageRank is a numeric value that represents how important a page is on the web. Google figures that when one page links to another page, it is effectively casting a vote for the other page. The more votes that are cast for a page, the more important the page must be.

If you want learn more about PageRank here are some relevant articles:

Alexa Rank


The traffic rank is based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users and data obtained from other, diverse traffic data sources, and is a combined measure of page views and users (reach).

Source data: Alexa

Technorati Authority



Source data: Technorati


Link Popularity

Google Inbound Links

  • MasterNewMedia English: 2.520
  • MasterNewMedia Italian: 1.230
  • MasterNewMedia Latino: 250
  • MasterNewMedia Brazilian: 155

Source data: Google

Yahoo! Inbound Links

  • MasterNewMedia English: 130,251
  • MasterNewMedia Italian: 33,282
  • MasterNewMedia Latino: 7,486

Source data: Yahoo!


Social Popularity

Social News And Social Networks

  • Bookmarks at Delicious: 1.138
  • Pages posted on Digg: 133
  • Pages posted on Reddit: 20
  • References from Yahoo! Answers: 111
  • Comments on StumbleUpon: 8
  • Inbound links from Wikipedia: 32

Source data: Quarkbase




Source data: TwitterCounter


Citations, Mentions and Trackbacks


Source data: Technorati


Source data: BlogPulse


MasterNewMedia RSS Feed Stats



Source data: FeedAnalysis

When not specified differently the data shown refers exclusively to MasterNewMedia International edition and not the additional language editions in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Edited and prepared by Max Badolati for MasterNewMedia and first published on December 4th 2008 as "MasterNewMedia Web Traffic and Audience Metrics: November 2008".

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