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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Love For Education - A Shifting Paradigm: My Video Presentation For LeWeb08

This is my own video on the future of education, that completes and extends what I was able to deliver this past Wednesday at LeWeb in Paris.

Photo credit: Giorgio Montersino

Here below you can see two videos. One is the original recording from my LeWeb presentation and the other one extends and completes what I did not say on stage.

I contend that we are about to see a deep change in how we look at education and learning in the coming years.

The deep changes we have been witnessing in the worlds of mass media, advertising, marketing and communication in general, and much of what we have been labeling under the 2.0 title needs to be harmonized with our educational approach to schooling inside society.

If we have come to appreciate the value of collaboration, sharing, co-creation, mashing up, bottom-up contributions and grassroots media creation, as well as those of listening to customers, of starting true conversations, of opening to critical feedback, and to suggestions from all your clients, we must also be able to see that these same principles and approaches can be transposed and utilized effectively in delivering a more valuable educational experience to our kids.

a) Teaching is not learning, b) What are the things we really need to learn, c) What is the context and resources in which a new educational paradigm can emerge, are the key issues that I bring forward in this video presentation.

I must thank once more LeWeb organizers Loic and Geraldine LeMeur for having provided me with this great opportunity.



Love of Education - A Shifting Paradigm

and here is the continuation of the first part I presented at LeWeb:

In the coming days I will publish an article that further explains and corroborates, via the use of several other video interviews I had recorded for this event, my full view on the future of education and what it is going to take to get to it.

I must acknowledge also, which I had no time to do on stage, that my ideas were strongly influenced and inspired by the extensive work done by Ivan Illich in the 70's, and by Seymour Papert in the '80s. I also utilized ideas developed by Stephen Downes to whom I owe great respect for the extensive research work on the future of education he has already done.

Further thanks go to Howard Rheingold, Nancy White, Gerd Leonhard, Jay Cross, Teemu Arina and George Siemens who have provided me with invaluable feedback and video material on this very topic and which I will shortly publish here on MasterNewMedia.

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