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from March 3, 2005 to August 20, 2003

Robin Good own consumer feedback. Best compliments and official reprimands to Robin Good's own online suppliers. Stories of companies that get the Cluetrain and of others that don't.

Internet television: ready for prime time? Are telcos-recycled-as IPTV-providers capable of providing a valuable and positively memorable user experience? This past Sunday I have been able, for the first time, to see a live sport event in the full glory of my 15.4-inch laptop wide-screen while connected ... read more

Robin Good - March 3, 2005

Here is a great opportunity to have a good laugh while exploring and searching the shortest route home with some truly smart interactive maps, a great service provided by the company which will soon break Google to pieces. Photo credit: Lucian Binder ... read more

Robin Good - [via Francesco Cascioli - Ilpalo] - February 14, 2005
eWeek, one of Ziff-Davis online portals devoted to computers and information techynologies, has just covered with several articles RSS and its potential across enterprise and individual users, but the excitement and unfamiliarity with the topic has made the "professional" journalist stumble on RSS and one of ... read more

Robin Good - eWeek - September 20, 2004

If you are a Hitbox Professional user and have been scratching your head over what was happening with your Web site traffic, breathe again. Your site is still doing great. On the other hand you may want to read the details of what is really happening ... read more

Robin Good - April 25, 2004
Many people think that I am sold out on Groove. But if you read my rich literature on the subject you will see that things are not really so. In my personal reporting about this extraordinary technology I have kept throughout a good balance in highlighting ... read more

Robin Good - April 11, 2004
Excited by yesterday announcement by Macromedia I headed off to their main promotion page and immediately signed up for the free trial promising one free month use of Macromedia Breeze web conferencing technology. But, for whatever reason not apparent to me, it looks like Macromedia is ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - March 4, 2004



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