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Saturday, October 8, 2005

Keyword Marketing Strategies Using WordTracker Research Guide

Keyword research using Wordtracker can be the cornerstone of an effective online marketing strategy, and a recently-released ebook details how to best use the software to its full potential.

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Compiled from articles by several online marketing experts including Robin Good, the guide discusses how the unique and valuable Wordtracker tools allow identification of useful keyword combinations and keyphrases, as well as the assessment of the online competitiveness of each one on the major search engines and directories.



Using this guide can give a good frame of reference for writing effective promotional copy and designing an advertising campaign.

The guide uses a fictional company attempting to break into the vegetarian dog food market, and each expert offers their position on how to use different aspects of Wordtracker to achieve the best results.

Chris Sherman
of SearchEngineWatch described the guide excellently, discussing how it details using Wordtracker to best select keywords to convert visitors to buyers, how to make an emotional connection with visitors and how to determine the size of the market.

The guide contains advice on how to determine what type of language the customer would use when searching for your product, not the language of professional marketers. This is in conjunction with information on improving ineffective campaigns using Wordtracker's top 1000 words. It also details how to design a campaign that is diverse enough to bring in multiple types of customers, while creating a niche overlooked by similar companies.

The ebook is basically an advertisement for Wordtracker, but it is still a great resource for anyone seeking to create an effective online marketing strategy.

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