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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Vaccines Dangers: What Mainstream Media Didn't Tell You

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Vaccines are supposed to be the solution to all the most popular diseases and in many cases they can be considered helpful. However, vaccines have always generated great controversies, since the procedures that are adopted to prepare them are mostly unknown to the many.

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Recent and old studies brought to the light the connection between vaccines and certain diseases that affect humans, such as mental retardation, dyslexia, immune deficiency and many others. The point of the whole situation is that by debilitating certain viruses through vaccines (whose "ingredients" include foreign tissues and other chemicals), our immune system loses its strength, thus making ourselves weaker and sometimes permanently damaging some of our own organs and body parts.

The following article, written by Ingri Cassel, has been extracted from the website Vaccination Liberation, whose aim is to collect all the useful information that is related to vaccines and their effects on the human body.

Vaccination Liberation: Basic Facts To Know About Vaccinations

by Ingri Cassel


1. Vaccines are toxic.

  • Vaccines contain substances poisonous to humans (i.e. mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, etc.) Vaccine package inserts contain this and other information required by law to be disclosed to the public. Although these inserts are produced for consumers, doctors do not make them available to their patients.
  • Vaccines are grown on and contain foreign tissue and altered genetic material of both human and animal origin.

2. Immunization (the act of injecting vaccines) depresses and disables brain and immune function.

Honest, unbiased scientific investigation has shown vaccinations to be a causative factor in many illnesses including:

3. The high rate of adverse vaccine reactions is being ignored and denied by conventional medicine.

  • Prior to 1990, doctors were not legally required to report adverse reactions to the Center for Disease Control (CDC).
  • Adverse reactions are considered "normal", are ignored or diagnosed as other diseases. Even with this poor system, reported damage is substantial.
  • Despite their current legal obligation, less than 10% of doctors report the damage they witness to the CDC.
  • Throughout history, many prominent medical and non-medical health professionals around the world have voiced their vehement opposition to vaccination calling it scientific fraud.

4. Mass Vaccination Programs systematically and recklessly endanger the public while disregarding our rights.

  • Since vaccination breaks the skin, it is technically a surgery. All surgeries by law require informed consent. Informed consent is rarely attained before vaccines are administered.
  • Doctors vaccinate the unwitting and uninformed. The vaccine manufacturers' package inserts which contain biased industry claims and the bare minimum required by law to reveal are not routinely made available to consumers so that they can make a more informed choice.
  • Double-talk and unethical enforcement such as threats, intimidation and coercion are used to ensure vaccination compliance.

5. There is no proof that vaccinations are safe or effective.

  • There are no control group studies. Authorities consider that "to not vaccinate" is unethical and have refused to study unvaccinated volunteers. If control studies were done according ' to honest science, vaccination would be outlawed.
  • Studies which have been done are not designed to eliminate the examiners bias. Authorities who compile and report disease statistics work closely with and have a vested interest in companies which produce the vaccines. In other industries, this kind of bias is not tolerated. Injuries and deaths in these studies are attributed to anything but vaccination to skew the results and make it appear that vaccines have some merit.

6. Laws allow drug companies to violate the public trust.

  • In private vaccine damage suits, information is revealed condemning vaccines as deadly.
  • Vaccine manufacturers use "gag orders" as a leverage tool in vaccine damage legal settlements to restrict the plaintiff from disclosing to the public the truth about the dangerous nature of vaccines. Our government has allowed these unethical tactics to be used which jeopardize public welfare.

7. The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1987 is a pacifier.

  • This compensation program pretends to acknowledge the existence of vaccine damage by making "right" the wrongs done. Nothing in this Act attempts to avert these adverse events from happening in the future.
  • This Act is the result of vaccine producers pressuring the government to "immunize" them from private lawsuits which can run an average of $4 million per case.
  • The fund is made up of tax added into the cost to the consumer of each vaccine, thereby making vaccine consumers pay for one another's and perhaps their own injury; the vaccine manufacturers have made themselves quite "immune" from accountability. In recent years it has become even more difficult to be compensated through this program due to the parameters for determining vaccine damage changing and coroners now ruling out vaccine damage and charging the parents with Shaken Baby Syndrome.

8. The uninterest of private insurance companies.

Private insurance companies, which do the best liability studies, have totally abandoned coverage for damage to life and property due to:

  • Acts of God
  • Nuclear war and nuclear power plant accidents
  • Vaccination

9. Vaccination is not emergency medicine.

It is claimed that vaccines avert a possible future risk and yet people are pressured to decide on the spot. A doctor's use of fear and intimidation to force compliance is not ethical. Vaccines are drugs with
potential serious adverse reactions. Time and forethought should be given before a decision is made.

10. There is no law enforcing vaccination for babies or anyone else.

  • Vaccination is linked with school attendance but is not compulsory. Exemptions from vaccinations, although restricted and monitored, are part of every state public health law and can be expanded by public pressure.
  • Departments of Health, Education and the American Medical Association personnel profit from the sale of vaccines. They keep the existence of and details about exemptions relatively unknown.

The Rockefeller Foundation has been the pre-eminent advocate of population reduction since at least the early 1970s, so why is the Rockefeller Foundation 'so concerned' about HPV deaths?

Originally published by Ingri Cassel on May 29th, 2007 with the title "Vaccination Liberation: Basic Facts To Know About Vaccinations" on Vaccination Liberation.

About the author

Ingri Cassel (a.k.a. Mrs. Don Harkins) grew up in a home where medical orthodoxy was questioned. The daughter of Walene James ("Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth," 1995), Ingri is president and co-founder of the North Idaho Chapter of Vaccination Liberation which fights for informed choice and freedom. Ingri works in the health information field, specializing in nutrition and herbal remedies. Contact her at The Idaho Observer.

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Reference: Vaccination Liberation [ Read more ]
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