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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Uncensored Video Reporting: Apache In Baghdad

Frontline journalism like the one done by The Guardian award-winning photographer / film-maker Sean Smith is become rarer and rarer as media censorship and control gets the most of the truly genuine news reporting you could see on your TV set.

Video credit: Sean Smith - (c) The Guardian - Duration: 9:44

Sean Smith spent two months embedded within US military troops fighting in Iraq while shooting his documentary.

Hearing and watching what the soldiers say and the reality within which they move is at times eye-opening even after so many years of daily news from Iraq. Listening to the unedited comments made by soldiers reveals much more than the stereotyped tragedy our mainstream networks show us.

The best and most powerful army in the world, gives little or no break to its soldiers, leaving them exhausted and under a sustained stress. There is no real break for most US soldiers deployed in the war zone, and maintaining perspective and cool nerves under such conditions would be pretty difficult even for someone deeply against violence.

Video credit: Sean Smith - (c) The Guardian - Duration: 4:45

In these two clips from Iraq you can see things you will not easily see broadcast on your network television news, not because of the atrocities they report, but because here you can see "real people" telling the story like they lived it.

And this is not a nice story to hear.

See more from Sean Smith Iraq footage here:,,1927660,00.html



Reference: The Guardian [ Read more ]
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