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Monday, April 13, 2009

How To Embed And Display RSS Feeds On Any Web Page: Best RSS-To-HTML Publishing Tools

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To display, embed or publish a RSS feed on your home page or blog post, there are a number of little known tools, scripts and web services that can solve your need in a matter of minutes. Here's a live example of an RSS feed embedded and displayed inside this very article:


As a matter of fact, to do this, all you need is just a technology capable of converting your selected RSS feed into something that can be easily pasted and copied into a blog post or inside the HTML template of your web site.

In this guide, I have pulled together all of the RSS-to-HTML tools that I have discovered out there and which allow you to easily display any RSS feed on any web page, or social media site, rapidly and easily.

Some of these RSS publishing tools are capable of generating fancy and highly customizable embeddable widgets, like the one displayed above, some others simply generate a piece of JavaScript, HTML or PHP code that you need to paste in the appropriate section of your site.

As always, I have also selected a few basic criteria and a full tools comparison table to allow you to easily compare and identify the ideal solution for your specific needs:

  • Technology type: JavaScript widget, PHP script, HTML embed, etc.
  • Customization: Personalize the look and feel.
  • Import OPML: Import an OPML file which contains multiple RSS feeds.
  • Social media integration: Embed on social media sites.
  • Pro starting price: First price level to access extra features.


Best RSS-To-HTML Publishing Tools Comparison Table

Best RSS-To-HTML Publishing Tools

  1. Grazr

    Grazr is a free tool that allows you to embed and display RSS feeds onto any web page or social media sites. Grazr creates a customizable JavaScript-based widget with RSS feeds URLs you copy and paste into the dedicated editor. You can also drag&drop feeds and update your widget very easily. OPML files importing is fully supported.

  2. Bitty Browser

    Bitty is a free embeddable browser that allows you to have a navigable window inside your own web site or any social media site. Bitty can display web sites, RSS feeds, podcasts, and more. If you want Bitty to display a RSS feed of your choice, just paste the URL (OPML files are also supported) inside the browser and then embed the code wherever you like. You can also customize some limited options on how the browser will be shown on web pages.

  3. Feedroll Pro

    Feedroll Pro is a web-based service you can use to build, display, and embed RSS feeds onto your web pages or social media sites. Just register to the site and purchase the service (first month is free) for $14.95/month. Feedroll Pro creates a JavaScript widget with RSS feeds (OPML importing is supported) and then provides you with a piece of code you can customize and embed wherever you like.

  4. Feedroll RSS Viewer

    Feedroll RSS Viewer is a free tool to create, embed and display a feed onto your web site or social media sites. Feedroll uses a customizable JavaScript-based widget to publish RSS feeds. OPML importing is not supported, and you can just select among a fixed range of news feeds, but not displaying a feed of your choice.

  5. Feedo Style

    Feedo Style is a web-based tool to create a widget out of an RSS feed. Once you input a single RSS feed of your choice, a JavaScript widget will be created and you can embed it on your blog or preferred social media site. If you want extensive customization features or have Feedo Style manage multiple feeds, you can purchase one of the advanced pricing plans, starting at $4.99/month. OPML importing never possible.

  6. Google Gadget Builder

    Google Gadget Builder is a free tool that allows you to create a gadget that will displayed on iGoogle homepages. You can freely customize your gadget to display RSS feeds and then also promote and monetize it via AdWords. No OPML importing features. Embedding is limiting to iGoogle homepages, so personal web pages or social media sites are excluded.

  7. Google Dynamic Feed Control Wizard

    Google provides a free service to embed a dynamic feed control on your web page and let your users see customized views of the feeds. You can freely customize the way the dynamic feed control should be displayed, and then simply copy and paste the Ajax-based code onto your web site or iGoogle homepage. No OPML importing feature or social media integration features supported.

  8. Blidgets

    Blidgets are free JavaScript widgets that display the content of an RSS feed, and can be embedded on any web page or social media site. Widgets can be completely customized. OPML importing not available. If you need advanced features like the video playing facility or display tabs inside your widget, you can upgrade to Blidget Pro for $3.99/widget.

  9. Feed Informer

    Feed Informer is a powerful tool to embed and display RSS feeds in any web page. Free to use, Feed Informer provides you with a customized feed digest in HTML, PHP, Flash, JavaScript, ASP, or JPG and PDF files. Social media integration is fully supported, as well as the possibility to import multiple feeds at once using an OPML file.

  10. WebRSS

    WebRSS is a free tool that allows you to display a RSS feed on your web site. RSS can be converted to HTML, PHP, ASP, or JavaScript widgets and easily customized to match the look and feel of the web site. Embedding on social media is not supported, and OPML files cannot be imported into WebRSS.

  11. Optimal Widget Generator

    Optimal Widget Generator is a very essential tool to build a widget that displays a RSS feed of your choice, and embed it on any web page. Completely free to use, Optimal Widget Generator can customize only the dimension of your widget but not the appearance. Widget can be embedded using IFRAME tag. OPML file importing is fully supported, but social media integration is not possible.

  12. Yourminis

    Yourminis provides a free, web-based tool to create a Flash widget out of a single RSS feed. You can then embed the widget on any web page or social media site copying and pasting a piece of code. You can freely customize appearance and dimensions of your widget, but not importing an OPML file.

  13. FeedForAll

    FeedForAll is a software available for Mac and Pc that lets you create, edit, and syndicate RSS feeds and podcast right from your machine. RSS feeds are displayed in HTML format and are easily customizable and embeddable on any web page or social media. OPML importing is not supported. FeedForAll costs $34.95 for a single license on both platforms.

  14. CaRP Evolution

    CaRP is a PHP script that lets you generate RSS feeds for your web page. CaRP comes in two different versions: LE (basic) and Evolution (enhanced). The LE version allows no control on the appearance of your feeds, while the Evolution version comes with sixteen free bonus plugins to let you customize your RSS-generating experience: auto-update feeds, add images, embed videos, select which part of the text you want to show, sort your feeds, and much more. CaRP LE is free and CaRP Evolution is priced at $47. Registration required for both.

  15. RSS2HTML

    RSS2HTML is a free tool that allows you to publish a RSS feed on your web site. Just customize the JavaScript widget RSS2HTML will create for you, paste the URL of a RSS feed of your choice, and then copy the code to your web pages. Embedding on social media sites or importing OPML files are not supported.

  16. RSSinclude

    RSSinclude is a free tool from that allows you to create a widget and display the content of a RSS feed inside it. Widget can be embedded with JavaScript code, PHP code or using an IFRAME tag on any web site or social media. OPML importing facility is not available but feed customization is supported.

  17. Free RSS to HTML PHP Script

    The free RSS to HTML PHP script is a tool from FeedForAll that allows you to embed a RSS feed inside a web page or social media site for viewing with a regular browser. The advantage of such solution is having pure, auto-updating HTML code which is indexed by search engines. Installation instructions included in the .ZIP file available for free download.

  18. Shyftr

    Shyftr is a brand new RSS-to-HTML tool that allows you to create, embed and display a RSS feed on a web page through a JavaScript-based widget. The widget is fully customizable and brandabale. Shyftr lets you also merge multiple RSS feeds into a customized one, which you can later syndicate or embed on your web site. OPML importing and social media integration are unsupported for the time being.

Originally prepared by and Daniele Bazzano for MasterNewMedia, and first published on April 13th, 2009 as "How To Embed And Display RSS Feeds On Any Web Page: Best RSS-To-HTML Publishing Tools".

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