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Monday, September 19, 2005

Personal Health Freedom: The End Of Your Rights

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Rather than being concerned on whether RSS will replace email or P2P going mainstream this year or next, here is something we should all be seriously worried about:

Business is taking over our personal and fundamental right to be able to choose our own health remedies.

Our ability to decide and select the way that we want to be cured is slowly but inexorably being taken away from us.

Mel Gibson from a scene in the documentary : [don't shoot me] -hey guys, these are only vitamins!

This new independent movie provides access to information you won't find on CNN and Fox and gives access to opinion and views you don't often hear on any mainstream media.

If you want to know what the real story about health freedom, vitamins and the world trade organizations behind the new legislative attacks to individual choice are all about, this documentary is a must-watch.

Though most of you have not yet realized this, your freedom to buy and legally consume vitamins, minerals and other health food supplements is coming to an end.

If it is OK for you that world organizations protecting international business interests dictate to you, your community and your entire nation what cure you should use to live a longer and better life, than feel free to move on to the next news item.

"Millions of people were cheated out of effective and non-toxic therapy... just cheated out of it. And all this to let them to buy an expensive and dangerous therapy that is only half as good... and that upsets me... I am angry about that!"
(Dr. Mathias Rath: excerpted from the movie)

"Codex is bad, it's bad for a lot of people and it is bad for the very people who needed it the most."

"Fear-mongers are also taking advantage of the fear of disease, and the solution that the fear-mongers give us are drugs. Yet drugs are the single most dangerous thing we can put in our mouths."
Robert Verkerk Ph.D. - Alliance for Natural Health


"There are some who say that this is a battle that cannot be: we are the David, they are the Goliath. But it is too important to clear this up and allow the multi-national corporations and the regulators to inform us what our freedoms should be. If we don't demand medical freedom of choice, we will loose it. It's critical that the people of the world come together so that we can protect our health freedom for our generation and those of the future."
Robert Verkerk Ph.D. - Alliance for Natural Health

"It's a sad fact that pharmaceuticals have become the dope of modern man. And make no mistake: we ARE addicted."

International award-winning filmmaker Kevin P. Miller of Well TV just announced the release of a new documentary about the threat to medical freedom of choice.

'We Become Silent: The Last Days of Health Freedom' details the ongoing attempts by multinational pharmaceutical interests and giant food companies -- in concert with the WTO, the WHO and others -- to limit the public's access to herbs, vitamins and other "non-conventional" health therapies.

'We Become Silent' is narrated by Dame Judi Dench, the noted UK actress who has won multiple Golden Globe awards, an Oscar, and a Tony for her on-stage work, in addition to dozens of other honors throughout her prestigious career.

Miller is not new to being the man behind hard-hitting movies trying to expose controversial facts not covered by mainstream media. Already during the 1990s, James Earl Jones narrated Miller's film, 'Let Truth Be The Bias'. This hard-hitting film exposed the government's role in a guns-drawn raid at the office of a noted holistic MD, and highlighted the U.S. government's complicity in suppressing the truth about the effectiveness of alternative/complementary medicines.

'Truth' and facts exposed in that movie did cause successful mobilized public support around the Dietary Supplement Health Education Act (DSHEA), which defended U.S. consumers' rights to health alternatives.

"I am releasing a 30-minute version of 'We Become Silent' because it is vital to engage the worldwide public about the dangers of CODEX ALIMENTARIUS. If we don't defend our health freedoms, they will be lost -- and nothing would make the drug companies happier than to have free rein over our health."

Consumer activists like Dr. Robert Verkerk of Alliance for Natural Health play a major role in the documentary, as do Julian Whitaker, MD, Dr. Carolyn Dean of Friends of Freedom International, Scott Tips of the National Health Federation, John Hammell of International Advocates for Health Freedom, and many of the best-known health freedom advocates from around the world.

'We Become Silent' is a powerful statement about the dominance of multinational corporations over personal freedoms, the WTO, Codex, and the challenges consumers face in trying to repel this monolith from their daily lives.

'We Become Silent' will air in the USA on WorldLink Television (25 million U.S. homes) and Well TV is aggressively courting UK, Canadian and European TV networks as well. It will be available for sale and distribution to health food stores, doctors, and consumers worldwide through the Internet.

This film was made possible by the generosity of the following individuals and organizations:

The Alliance for Natural Health, American Association for Health Freedom, Dr. Rath Health Foundation, International Advocates for Health Freedom, Julian Whitaker MD, Gerald Kessler, Friends of Freedom International, Rudi Loehwing, Alan P. Lindsay, The National Health Federation, The Coalition for Health Freedom, Natural Solutions Foundation, Nutritional Health Alliance, James Dale Davidson, Joseph Bassett Sr., Claudia D. Roscoe, Well TV, Whitaker Health Freedom Foundation.

We Become Silent
"The Last-Days of Health Freedom"

Narrated by Dame Judy Dench
Produced by Kevin Miller

"This broadcast-quality video exposes the grave dangers posed by European and global regulation (Codex Alimentarius) of medical freedom and how it is extending into the united States. Please encourage your friends, family and customers to view this video and participate in maintaining our health freedoms."

Buy the video

Duration: 30 mins.

Price: $24.965 + shipping

Watch the movie online now:

Quicktime version

Windows Media version

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