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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Ultimate Guide To Editorial Content Types and Formats

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I am often surprised when hear from web publishers, journalists and small web entrepreneurs about their frustration with finding ways to create valuable content that it is not just another article or blog post.

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Although there are more than 100 types of content that one can actually create, we dilute most of our energy and resources in producing what most others do, news and light article content, without ever considering that there exist a ton of other content alternatives that could be utilized.

This is why I have decided to create this catalogue of content types. To remind writers and editors, that there are a tens of alternative opportunities for creating valuable content and that it is only up to me and you to pick them up and use them.

While there have been other attempts at listing and cataloging formats and types of content that can be published online (which I have listed and referenced at the end of this article), I have tried to improve upon them, not just by extending the number of formats covered (over 100), but also by identifying relevant examples, and where possible, appropriate tools, that can be useful to create that specific type of content.

If you would like to help, feel free to contribute suggestions for additional relevant content types I may have overlooked, as well as for appropriate real-world examples and software tools / web apps that can be of aid in creating these.

The catalog is divided in 11 different general content categories to facilitate browsing and finding relevant alternatives and options for most content types.

Here all the details:


Synthesis - Reference


Df - Definitions

Curated collection of the most relevant and diverse definitions of a specific subject, issue or topic

Example: What Is Content Curation: Definition

Relevant tools: Bundlr

Ck - Checklist

List of items, tools or resources to check to do something or to achieve a specific goal


Relevant tools:

Ap - Action Plans

List of steps to be taken to do or to achieve a specific goal

Relevant tools:

Gl - Glossary

Alphabetical list of terms or words relating to a specific subject, text, or dialect, with clear descriptions

Relevant tools:

Di - Directory

Listing of resources, tools, companies, events or individuals for a specific use / application and organized around specific criteria (location, age, features, etc.)

Relevant tools:

Lb - Links Bundle

Collection of web links to specific online resources that can be shared with just one link

Relevant tools:

Pl - People List

List of individuals characterized by unique traits, skills, abilities - Who's Who - Expert List - Who To Follow

Relevant tools:

Ca - Catalog

Comprehensive list of items, classified and organized around a specific topic

Relevant tools:

Ct - Comparison Table

Tabular data organized to facilitate comparison between one or more items

Relevant tools:

Cc - Collection of Collections

Collection of existing collections threaded together by a unique theme

Example: Museum of Museums

Relevant tools: Acrobat


News & Stories


Ns - News Story

Reporting of a news story already covered by others

Relevant tools:

Nh - Newshub

Web page automatically aggregating news and stories coming from different sources

Example: AllTop

Relevant tools:

Nc - Curated Newspage

Web page aggregating and curating the most relevant news on a specific topic or for a specific audience

Example: Techmeme

Relevant tools:

Sc - Scoop

Break a story first by reporting or writing on something that has not been reported about by others

Relevant tools: Medium

Tr - Tool Review

Written review of a new product or service providing information on its use, features, pros and cons

Op - Personal Opinion

Article expressing the author opinion on a topic, issue, person or event.

Relevant tools:

Ps - Personal Story

Personal recount of something that happened

Relevant tools:

Ol - Open Letter

Communication directed at a specific subject, person or organization and advocating a specific solution or course of action

Example: Open Letters - Examples (Wikipedia)

Bo - Best of

List of information items, resources or tools ranked

Example: Best Free Video Conferencing Tools 2014

Relevant tools:

Eg - Evergreen

Archived content that is still relevant today as it was
when it was first published

Relevant tools: Google Analytics (to find it)

Cu - Curated Story

In-depth analysis of a specific resource, content or story enriched by personal insight, explanations, quotes, annotations and relevant links

Example: Maria Popova Brainpickings

Relevant tools:

Ac - Articles Collection

Collection of selected best articles from one or more sources on a specific topic

Relevant tools:




Da - Data Analysis

Written report focussing on the inspection, cleanup, transformation and modeling of (statistical) data with the goal of discovering useful information, patterns and trends


Relevant tools:

Cs - Case Study

Analysis of a particular person, group, or situation over a period of time


Lf - LongForm Article

In-depth news, analysis, report or opinion content articles exceeding 2000 words. Long-form articles take often the form of creative nonfiction or storytelling / narrative journalism


Relevant tools for research:

Sf - SnowFallen

Long-format content augmented by video clips, animations, interactive maps and other multimedia elements


Relevant tools:

Rr - Research Report

Report based on research results or reviews providing a general overview on a specific topic and some useful tips

Relevant tools:

Wp - White Paper

Authoritative report or guide helping readers to understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision


Ir - Investigative Report

A deep investigative research effort around a single topic of interest, often involving crime, political corruption, or corporate wrongdoing (Wkpd)


Ta - Trend Analysis

Report analyzing collected data to extrapolate and identify key patterns and to predict, speculate and anticipate future lines of likely change

Relevant tools: Google Trends

Id - Industry Report

Comprehensive business information report, including research, trends and business growth data focusing on a specific industry sector


Relevant tools: Marketing Zakta




Fc - Fun Content

Humorous, ironic, funny content including jokes, short stories, photo-retouched images

Relevant tools:

Co - Comics

Ironic, funny graphic illustration or visual

Relevant tools: Pixton, Comic Life

Ca - Animated Characters

Animated video clip containing virtual characters that interpret
a scripted story

Example: GoAnimate Videos

Relevant tools: GoAnimate

Cn - Contest Competition

Intellectual non-physical competition to identify the best performer / most informed person in a specific area

Example: EmpireAvenue

Relevant tools: ContestGen

Ml - Movie List

Annotated compilation of movie titles on a specific topic / theme

Relevant tools: Collectorz Movie

Ap - Audio Playlist

Curated selection of audio tracks saved into a unique annotated sequence

Relevant tools:

Vp - Video Playlist

Curated selection of video tracks collected together into one

Relevant tools:




Ig - Image Gallery

Annotated gallery of selected images accompanied by informative captions

Relevant tools:

Pr - Slide Presentation

Deck of digital slides containing text and images

Relevant tools:

Vm - Visual Manifesto

Illustrated manifesto of a company, organization or tribe representing its ideals, dreams, mission, objectives, common traits

Example: Manifesto

Relevant tools:

Mm - Mindmap

Conceptual map illustrating a series of ideas, a collection of resources, a plan, strategy, or a sequence of steps to follow

Relevant tools:

In - Infographic

Information graphic synthesizing and highlighting key data, statistics, and other relevant info about a specific topic presented in a visually engaging way

Relevant tools:

Sf - Social Flag

Visual content which generally include inspiring text citations, designed to match a specific community peculiar traits, ideals, fears and dreams

Relevant tools:

Vg - Visual Magazine

Annotated collection of articles on a specific topic or theme

Relevant tools:

Tl - Timeline

Visual display of a sequence of events in chronological order

Relevant tools: Timeline Builders




Ft - Forum Thread

Threaded discussion or mini-forum on a specific issue-topic

Relevant tools:

Tc - Topical Chat

Chat page, twitter chat, or other real-time chatting venue on a specific issue-topic

Relevant tools:

Wb - Webinar

Seminar conducted completely over the Internet

Relevant tools:

Hg - Google Hangout

Collaborative live video event with multiple participants and hosts

Relevant tools: Google Hangouts

Ai - Audio Interview

Spoken interview with someone, recorded over telephone or Skype and edited for final publication

Relevant tools:

Vi - Video interview

Recorded online video interview

Relevant tools:

Ec - Live Event Coverage

Live written coverage of an event

Relevant tools:

Lv - Live Video

One-man program, event or ongoing live video broadcasted online

Relevant tools:




Mb - Mood Board

Visual collage consisting of images, text, graphics and other visual elements created with the purpose to more effectively communicate design concepts, atmospheres, general ideas


Relevant tools:

Ex - Examples, Models

Collection of selected real-world examples, models exemplifying a specific subject


Relevant tools: Pinterest

Am - Audio Mashup

Curated selection of excerpts and clips from longer audio tracks edited together into one

Examples: The Grey Album by Danger Mouse

Relevant tools:

Vc - Video Mashup

Curated selection of video excerpts and clips from longer videos edited together into one video


Relevant tools:

Sc - Screencast

Recording of computer screen actions, events and sounds designed to create demonstrations, tutorials or presentations

Relevant tools:

Vp - Video Presentation

Slide-based presentation with voice-over, saved as a video

Relevant tools: Slidetalk

Sd - Animated Story

Speeded-up animation sequence where a hand draws and illustrates with words and images a story

Relevant tools: Videoscribe

De - Demo Video

Live or recorded video demonstration of a tool, product or service

Relevant tools:

Pd - Podcast

Series of subscribable audio recorded programs downloadable as .mp3 files


Relevant tools:

It - Itinerary

Detailed plan for a journey providing specific route information, relevant resources and useful advice for travelers

Relevant tools:




En - Email Newsletter

Periodical email-based content delivery format designed to help organizations stay in touch with customers and fans

Relevant tools:

Ma - Manifesto

Published verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group, political party or government (wkpd)


Pr - Press Release

Official statement issued to news media outlets providing information on a particular matter

Example: Press Relase For Immediate Release

Relevant tools:

Sp - SocialMedia PR

Social-media optimized content published across multiple channels and directed mainly to news media outlets providing information on a particular matter

Example: Good example of a social media press release from ING


Relevant tools:

Pc - Press Clippings

Collection of digital cutouts from different media sources talking about a specific topic, issue, person or event

Relevant tools:

Mk - Media Kit

Curated selection of promotional and informative materials about an artist, company or service designed for the press


Relevant info:

Pf - Portfolio

Visual collection of works carried out by a professional or an author

Examples: Portfolio Examples

Relevant tools:

Sh - Social Hub

Curated hub / stream of social content from users talking and sharing information about a specific brand / organization

Relevant tools:




Cr - Crowdfunding Page

Page dedicated to showcase, illustrate and explain a project while providing good motives to readers to sponsor and contribute to it

Example: How to raise money from crowds: 11 crowdfunding platforms

Relevant tools: 6 Top Crowdfunding Websites: Which One Is Right For Your Project?

Sv - Survey

Series of specific questions designed to gather preferences, expectations and needs from a selected group of people

Example: Survey Examples

How-to: Basics of Survey and Question Design

Relevant tools:

Qz - Quiz

Challenge where one or more questions need to be answered

Pl - Poll

Simple survey consisting of only one or two questions accompanied by a selection of pre-selected answers. Those participating can generally see the poll results as soon as they have submitted their own preference

Example: Saturday Survey by Jane Heart

Relevant tools:

Ak - Ask the Experts

Curated selection of tips, advice or suggestions from experts, thought leaders in a specific area

Example: Quora

Relevant tools: POPexpert

Fa - FAQ

Curated selection of popular questions accompanied by relevant and exhaustive answers

Relevant tools: FAQ Builder (for WordPress), FAQ Builder (Win)

Qa - Question & Answers

Collection of questions and answers

Examples: Yahoo Answers

Relevant tools: Uservoice

Oc - Open Clinic

Live online event where people can submit questions about their problems and issues and receive just-in-time suggestions and advice

Relevant tools:

Rl - Reading List

Annotated sequence of selected articles about a specific topic or issue

Example: Content Curation Guide

Relevant tools:

Bl - Book List

Annotated compilation of movie titles on a specific topic / theme

Relevant tools: Collectorz




Rl - Resources List

Organized and annotated collection of useful resources on a specific topic

Examples: Vivere a Malta

Relevant tools:

Gu - Guide

Basic introductory instruction on a certain topic or tool

Relevant tools: iBooks Author

Ht - How-to

Short course illustrating steps to achieve a certain goal for beginners

Relevant tools: iBooks Author

Lg - Learning Guide

Reading list designed for a learning objective

Examples: Content Curation Guide

Relevant tools:

Tu - Tutorial

Medium-length format written instruction, often broken into chapters / classes, designed to achieve deep familiarity with a specific subject

Relevant tools:

Bp - Best Practices

Collection of most effective practices within a specific area

Example: UserOnboarding

Ss - Success Stories

Collection of positive stories from people who have been able to achieve something specific

Example: Nomadi Digitali Storie di Successo

Sd - SlideDoc

Visual document created using presentation software, where visuals and words unite to illustrate one clear point per page.


Relevant tools:

Eb - eBook

A long-form, page-based, book-like publication format, in a distributable digital format

Relevant tools:


Massive Open Online Course - online course aimed at unlimited participation and open access


Relevant tools:

Tk - Toolkit

Collection of different tools, contents, examples, templates and others instruments designed to help the user achieve a very specific goal

Relevant tools: Acrobat




Sb - Strategy board

Pre-designed canvas or template divided in sections that need to be filled out to prototype, define and simulate possible strategies and outcomes


Ca - Calculator, Estimator

Web-based simple calculation tool capable of calculating, estimating or reporting specific data about something

St - Script Tool

Hand-coded small software program capable of delivering a very specific service


Ce - Content Template

Ready-made content structure, providing questions / descriptions / or sample text to help author create quality content by answering questions, filling in the holes or replacing the original reference text.


Relevant tools: Smore

Dt - Design Theme

Ready-made editable web site design template


Bg - Buyer's Guide

Everything a potential buyer needs to know to make an informed choice before purchasing a specific kind of product

Relevant tools: SocialCompare

Tc - Tools

Organized catalog of tools designed for a specific application use


Relevant tools:

Jo - Job & Opportunities

Curated selection of job offers and opportunities in a specific sector

Relevant tools:

See also:


The Periodic Table of Content Marketing


The Content Grid v2


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Originally written and curated by Robin Good and first published on MasterNewMedia on Tuesday April 1st 2014 as The Ultimate Guide To Editorial Content Types and Formats.

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