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Sunday, November 16, 2008

From News Publishing To Newsmastering: Learn, Understand And Experiment How To Create Your Own Newsradars - Sharewood Guide

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In news publishing, newsmastering is the content production process, first evangelized by Robin Good in 2004, that involves collecting, filtering and selecting topic-specific news stories, resources, tools from all of the relevant content sources out there while delivering the resulting highly focused news channels, the so-called newsradars, across multiple media such as the Web, RSS feeds, or email-based newsletters.

Photo credit: Alberto Perez Veiga mashed up by Robin Good

When newsmastering works, you can save yourself a great deal of time otherwise spent browsing tens of web sites, or RSS feeds lists, on your specific topic of interest.

The newsmaster is a news publisher who acts as a news DJ, picking, selecting and offering the very best and most relevant content items on the selected theme-topic.

In this guide I have personally brought together for you the full selection of Robin's best articles on newsmastering to help you make greater sense of what becoming a news DJ and creating a newsradar is all about.

This is the high-quality, non-automated, news gathering and republishing approach which could change completely the way you keep yourself updated while generating a publishable stream of highly focused news. Something that could prove to be very valuable for those many passionately interested in your topics of interest.

Intro by Robin Good


Newsmastering: A General Overview


Newsmastering Tools and Services

  1. The First RSS Newsmastering Engine For Search Professionals: MySyndicaat


    Targeted at "professionals" researchers, information librarians, competitive intelligence analysts, information scouts and specialized news editors, the new technology makes it finally rather straightforward to create topic-specific newsradars (news feeds) on just about any selected theme.

  2. From RSS Reader To Direct Online Publisher: Newsmastering Away With Blogbridge


    Making use of a good RSS feed reader is essential to the daily routine of most bloggers. Feeds give you a way to quickly seek out the latest hot news for your niche audience from across the web. Wouldn't it be nice, though, to be able to read your feeds and publish your blog posts from a single application?

  3. Beyond NewsMastering: Yahoo! Pipes Is The Internet RSS Remixer - Overview And Reports


    Yahoo! Pipes, is essentially a very powerful RSS feed remixer, which goes well and beyond the original newsmastering concept I described a few years ago. Potentially, Yahoo! Pipes is a highly disruptive visual programming environment that puts in the hands of many people the ability to create web mashups and web-based applications that combine data from different sources with much greater ease and effectiveness.


Robin Good Shares His Top100 News Sources For Free

Do you want to access Robin Good news feeds lists? This may be a first initial step to become a newsmaster and provide your readers with niche-selected topics tailored to their needs.

To celebrate the recent partnership with The Federated Media Network, Robin is giving away his Top100 news sources list, the same one Robin and his newsroom use everyday to compile the MasterNewMedia daily breaking news selection.

To get this unique OPML file just spend two minutes of your time and share your feedback in a short survey about MasterNewMedia.

Originally prepared by and Daniele Bazzano for MasterNewMedia and first published on November 16th 2008 as "From News Publishing To Newsmastering: Learn, Understand And Experiment How To Create Your Own Newsradars - Sharewood Guide".

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