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Thursday, November 20, 2008

From Communication Consultant To Independent Media Publisher: My Reasons For Moving From Secure Work To Risky Blogging - Robin Good Video

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Why, after having worked for many years for several large international organizations did I decide to jump into the online independent publishing frenzy and make it my full-time activity?


In this short video, I share with you the basic reasons and motivations that have led me to seriously consider abandoning my well paid corporate communication consultant job and to start an independent web publishing career.

What were the reasons and triggers that sparked my decision?


Why Did I Leave My Former Job To Become An Online Independent Publisher

Duration: 6'

Full English Text Transcription

Hi, this is Robin Good for MasterNewMedia, and I am going to answer one more of your questions.

This one today reads: "With your background in... corporate marketing - well... I didn't know I had a background in corporate marketing - when did you first decide to become a web publisher... what went through your head when you were decideing to leave your cushy executive job for this endeavor... an endeavor that was fraught with uncertainty?"

Working for Security or Working for Satisfaction - That Is The Question

Well good question anyhow. I wasn't an executive corporate manager... but I was certainly helping and working and making life easier for lots of those executives out there, whether in advertising agencies or international organizations that supposedly 'helped' people in the second and third world better manage their lives and their future.

Yes, I did indeed abandon the corporate commercial world of work for an I-can't-tell-for-sure-if-we-are-going-to-be-here-tomorrow-or-not type of world.

I know that those of you who have a solid seat in a company right now, are also thinking the same right now. But until yesterday it hasn't been so.

So this type of work which involves putting everything at risk and just counting on yourself and producing your own content and having nobody checking on you but yourself, came out of the desire to have more opportunity to do more of something that I really liked. I mean that is what it really ends up being.

I guess this is a common desire that is gradually numbed, suppressed, and pushed... and pushed... and pushed down underground until you forget about it.

But for most people the idea that there is something that they like to do that is separate from the work has a very strong presence.

Well my idea... my idea was to take something that I liked and something that allowed me to survive and make it the same thing.

The Infinite Loop

Why have a job for a company that I didn't care for... to make money doing things that I didn't enjoy.... to then save money to do something that I really liked?

You could get trapped in this loop for years and years and years. It never ends. You are always needing more money to pay for this or that, and you never really have enough time to really get to do what you like.

So it stemmed from this native desire to do what I really wanted. And from the coincidental missing satisfaction from the work I was doing commercially.

It didn't matter how much money or prestige - international, widespread, or promoted - the work was after a while (at least for me) not enough.

Beyond The Money

You want something beyond the money.

Especially when you see so much money being wasted. So many decisions being taken not on terms of objective value but because whoever is paying likes it to be more that way instead of the other way. There is no value being created in many cases.

The moment that I saw that there was an opportunity to monetize my content online and to then write about the things that I really liked - sharing with others, helping them find out the same things I knew and use them for their own communication efforts, I went for it.

...and well, that by itself was much more rewarding, both intellectually and personally, than doing work for others who were just handing out orders.

Definitely a lot more rewarding.

The Change Your Life Trigger - Learn To Recognize It

So the trigger was getting annoyed to the point that you get enraged with your clients about what they ask you to do and about your condition as their slave in executing and prostituting your talent to do something that you think is badly done, or is useless or is wasting lots of money.

And so if there is a way, like there is now effectively, (and I am certainly a testament to that) where you can help other people research, write, create stuff, software tools in the field you like. I mean make this available to other people and even make money on this, you can work basically from anywhere you want, how can you not choose to go in that direction?

I mean... it's hard (not to).

Maybe you are scared about the internet and writing and the technical stuff but that is what made me choose to abandon that world for a world that is more risky.

Because the advantages in terms of... personal freedom, personal expression, the ability to lead the life that I like, to work the times that I want, and to realize and execute things that I would never be able to do if I was working for a major corporation... is worth for me all of the risks that I am running.

Thank you for asking this question. Ciao!

Do you have more questions you want me to answer? Post them here below inside the comments area.

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Originally shot and recorded by Robin Good for MasterNewMedia and first published on November 20th 2008 as "From Communication Consultant To Independent Media Publisher: My Reasons For Moving From Secure Work To Risky Blogging - Robin Good Video"

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