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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Digital Media Trends: The Future Guide To The Best Predictions For 2011

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What are the key new media, communication and social technology trends that are going to affect you the most during 2011?

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In the coming weeks, me and the MasterNewMedia editorial team, will devote a large amount of resources and time to identify, collect, and organize the most interesting, relevant and insightful media and technology predictions for 2011, in a series of future guides dedicated each one to a specific topic.

In this first Future Guide to the Best Predictions for 2011, I have personally spent some time to pick what I have found to be some of the most interesting "general" digital media predictions made. These include the thoughts, ideas and vision of people like John Battelle and Richard McManus as well as the ones of a few other prestigious editors from Mashable, Techcrunch and eMarketer.

If you are looking to see beyond the surface and the obvious and get a glimpse of which are the key changes that are already under way and which will make a difference in 2011, expect this guide to provide you with some good foundations.

Digital Media Trends: The Future Guide to The Best Predictions for 2011

1) Techradar: New Technologies


What will be the new technologies that will shape 2011? Is 3D eally going to be massive this year? Will cloud-based applications become mainstream (think of Google OS)? Are we going to see more and more iPad rivals boosting the tablet market? Gary Marshall of gaze and reports from his crystal ball.

by Gary Marshall - December 13th, 2010


2) Techcrunch: Key Technologies


Techcrunch co-editor Erik Schonfeld shares a sneak peek of the future trends which will shape the Internet in 2011: social media, mobile apps, touch computing, geolocalization, cloud computing will keep propelling the technology world forward by becoming more and more part of our everyday lives.

by Erick Schonfeld - January 2nd, 2011


3) eMarketer: Digital Media Trends

Duration: 59' 16'' - Click the image to open the video recording of the webinar in a separate window

A recording of the comprehensive eMarketer webinar hosted by top analysts Noah Elkin, Debra Aho Williamson and David Hellerman on the future 2011 trends for social media marketing, online advertising, privacy and mobile commerce.

by Daniel Caridi - December 17th, 2010


4) John Battelle: Search, Media and Technology


Federated Media John Battelle has published his predictions on the online landscape where he spans from "Voice will become a critical interface for computing" to "The tablet market will have a year of incoherence". If you want to see what one of the most respected voices in the tech world sees in the future of the Internet, you might want to check out this article.

by John Battelle - January 3rd 2011


5) Richard MacManus: Web Development


Richard MacManus of ReadWriteWeb shares his own 2011 predictions for the tech world. For what he sees the Internet will be no longer restricted to your computer or mobile, by becoming more and more integrated in tablets, cars, eBook readers, TV sets, thanks also to "new" HTML5 technologies.

by Richard MacManus - December 27th, 2010


6) Mashable: Online Data


On 2010 there has been greater and greater focus on data, especially regarding social media and marketing. So what is at the horizon in 2011? Josh Jones-Dilworth foresees a new breed of professionals, services and start-ups that will jump on the online data bandwagon to help you and me to sort, organize and make sense of the information we share on the internet.

by Josh Jones-Dilworth - December 20th, 2010


7) ReadWriteWeb: Cloud Computing


Cloud computing blogger Chirag Mehta and analyst R "Ray" Wang share a list (Part 1 - Part 2) of their cloud computing predictions for 2011. The pair sees public cloud adoption stalling temporarily, the spread of the app store model in the enterprise, the convergence of Development-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service and an overall simplification of the technology landscape as some of the most important trends in cloud computing in 2011.

by Klint Finley - December 27th, 2010


8) Mashable: Small Businesses


A general overview of small business trends by Mashable editor Erica Swallow. What is waiting for entrepreneurs around the corner next year? Erica foresees small businesses will strive to get a solid online presence, jump on the social shopping bandwagon, engage in mobile marketing, leverage social media more than ever and start utilizing cloud computing solutions.

by Erica Swallow - December 21st, 2010


9) Mashable: Startups - Entrepreneurship


In this article you will find an exploration of five startup markets that will grow in significance in 2011. Some of these specialized categories are ripe for disruption and innovation, while others have already produced early leaders that will be difficult to best. Regardless, the startups iterating in these newly invented product categories will capture our imagination in the year ahead and transform the way we use technology in our daily lives.

by Jennifer Van Grove - December 31st, 2010

Originally prepared by , Daniele Bazzano and Elia Lombardi for MasterNewMedia, and first published on February 3rd, 2011 as "Digital Media Trends: The Future Guide To The Best Predictions For 2011".

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