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MasterNewMedia Interface Design Contest

Design Submission by Stefano Bianchi

Ref. site URL: N2o Studio | Creative Lab


Stefano Bianchi is an Italian 31 years old designer & Creative Director working in between France & Italy. He had formal education in graphic design & typography at: - I.S.I.A. / Istituto per le Industrie Artistiche - Urbino / Italy - Fachhoschule fur Gestaltung, Augsburg / Germany In Italy he worked at Diesel Jeans Creative Team ( communication department), in charge of developing concepts & graphics for the Diesel website then at Fabrica -Experimental Center for Communication of Benetton- graphics & photography department, in charge of creating & developing concepts for design, graphics/ photo projects with international team of creative people. Since 2001 he found in Paris, France N2o Studio a small but dynamic communication agency based in Paris which develops projects for Design & Photography, Corporate Communication & New Media projects. Showcase of selected works can be asked at:

    MasterNewMedia Home Page Proposal


    MasterNewMedia Individual Article Proposal


    Explanations: For this challenge we put our energies into a 'typographic' restyling : As the homepage is charged at 80 with text content, best solution in this case was not a creative re-display of all elements, just to give the impression of a radical changement but a better & cleaner organisation of all contents associated to images & ads to give reader improved readability and different approach to titles, articles and all texts in general. We also gave more impact on the title/ logo/ tagline taking example from daily newspapers covers. General menu is now more visible and form with the rest of the top elements a compact header. We used a multiple reading layers technique which improve content reading at its best without tiring eyes unusefully which are always in mouvement looking for something attractive in the space.




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