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Monday, October 13, 2008

Convert Web Pages Content Into RSS Feeds: Web Page To RSS Converters - Sharewood Guide

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How can you convert the contents of a web page into RSS? How do you generate a RSS feed for a website, search result page or news source that doesn't have one? Can you do this without spending any money and without having any technical HTML skill?

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In this new Sharewood Guide I have collected the best free tools to convert any web page to RSS.

Web page to RSS converters are free tools, usually web-based, that anyone can use to keep changes of any site which doesn't offer a RSS feed for its readers.

RSS feeds are very intuitive and easy-to-use: to create a feed just grab the desired page's URL, paste it into the box, and click generate. Some of these tools, will also offer advanced options to let you refine which of the items present on a specific web page need to be included in your newly generated RSS feed.

Here the best web page to RSS converters I have found out there (if you know of other ones, please help me out by adding them in the comment area at the end):


Convert Web Pages Contents Into RSS Tool List

  1. Dapper

    Dapper is a free service that lets you convert any web page content (from YouTube search results to blog posts) into a RSS feed in seconds. Just provide a URL (ore more), select and divide in multiple fields the content that you want to be included in your feed (e.g. titles, descriptions, images...), decide the output format and save your feed. You will need to be registered to create as many feeds as you want. Free.

  2. Yahoo! Pipes

    Yahoo! Pipes is a RSS feed mixer that mashes content from the web together into new interactive creations. It lets you drag and drop different information feeds, such as the latest news items from your favorite news sources, or search queries, or anything else you want, and combine them through a series of filters into "pipes".The service is completely free to use; a Yahoo! account is required.

  3. Feed43

    Feed43 is an online service that converts standard web pages or XML documents to RSS feeds. In order to create a new feed, simply identify the web page from which to generate a RSS feed, define the search patterns to help the system locate the news source, and generate the feed. The service is free to use, no registration is needed.

  4. RSSxl

    RSSxl is an easy-to-use web page to RSS converter, that allows you to convert any page to a normal RSS feed. After you provide the URL of the site, you just have to identify the news items' start and end points by pointing to them with some HTML or string keywords. Then you can click generate, and get your new RSS news feed to keep updated with that page's changes. Free.

  5. Web2RSS

    Web2RSS is a web-based app that automatically turns any website into a RSS news feed. Pasting the site's URL is enough to let Web2RSS convert the content and export it in RSS format, without doing anything. If you want to make it even more precise, you can either match or exclude parts of the page using HTML or string expressions present on the page. Free to use, no registration is needed.

  6. RSS Wizard

    RSS Wizard is a software for Windows machines than can generate the RSS feed out of any web page without having to edit it first. To create a feed, you have to start the program, paste a URL, provide a start and end string to make the software recognize where the news begin and end, and click OK to create the feed. Free to try, $29.05 to buy.

  7. Feedity

    Feedity is an only feed builder that creates a RSS feed out of any website. Feedity is very easy-to-use and lets you get your feed in two steps: enter the URL of the desired website, help the service identify the news source on the page by pointing to some reference points (in simple or advanced mode), and click generate to retrieve your feed. Free to use, doesn't require any registration.

  8. Feedmarklet ***DEAD

    Feedmarklet gives you the ability to create your own RSS feed instantly through a browser bookmarklet, with no sign up required. After you insert a name for your feed, you can start adding content to it easily: find a link you want to keep an eye on and click on the bookmarklet button in your browser to immediately add the page you are on to your feed. By doing this, you can mix multiple sources into a single feed with one click. Free.

  9. FeedFire

    FeedFire is an HTML-to-RSS service allowing anyone to automatically create a RSS news feed for any website that does not have one. You simply register at FeedFire, input the URL of the page and it'll do the rest for you in a matter of seconds. The service offers both free and paid feeds, which you can discover by signing up to the service.

  10. FeedYes

    FeedYes is a completely automatic tool for creating RSS feeds out of HTML web pages. Three steps are involved in the process: provide the URL of the page out of which you want to create a feed; indicate among the dynamic links found by FeedYes, which one is the first that refers to the news section; select the last item that closes the news section. Then, after a preview is shown, you can proceed and save your feed, or further refine it. Free.

  11. PonyFish

    Ponyfish is a web-based tool that allows you to create your own RSS feeds from almost any web page. All you have to do is point Ponyfish to the web page you want to create a feed from, then select at least two links that you will want to see in your feed (this indicates to the system which links are news sources) and finally copy your new RSS feed URL. Free to use, no registration needed.

  12. Page2RSS

    Page2RSS is a completely web-based and automatic service which converts web pages to RSS feeds. You can just paste a page URL, and Page2RSS will instantly give you back a preview of the new RSS feed you just created, with the possibility of subscribing to it with the major RSS readers available. You can also use a toolbar button to create feeds for all the pages that you are currently viewing. Free to use, doesn't require any registration.

  13. RSSpect

    RSSpect is a service that lets you add RSS feeds to any web page. RSSpect offers three kinds of feeds, so you can add a RSS feed to literally anything you find online: "AnySite feeds" allows you to create update feeds from any website or any document online, even those that you don't control; "MySite feeds" allows you to generate advanced RSS feeds from your own website content, automatically. "Podcast feeds" are specially-designed RSS feeds to be used with iTunes. Free to use.

  14. CaRP

    CaRP is a PHP script that lets you generate RSS feeds for your web page. CaRP comes in two different versions: LE (basic) and Evolution (enhanced). The LE version allows no control on the appearance of your feeds, while the Evolution version comes with sixteen free bonus plugins to let you customize your RSS-generating experience: auto-update feeds, add images, embed videos, select which part of the text you want to show, sort your feeds, and much more. CaRP LE is free and CaRP Evolution is priced at $47. Registration required for both.

Originally written by Nico Canali De Rossi for MasterNewMedia and first published on October 13th 2008 as "Convert Web Pages Content Into RSS Feeds: Web Page To RSS Converters - Sharewood Guide"

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