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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Content Monetization: How To Make Money With Your Blog Content

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Nonetheless many discount blogs and small independent news sites as possible instruments for content monetization, most such critics are stuck into an old and intellectualized notion of what blogs and one-person web sites should be about.

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There is no law or tacit agreement among online publishers whereby bloggers should limit themselves to short, shallow commentary, or where they utilize their blog only as an instrument to report about their personal lives and communicate with their friends. If they want to do so, that's fine, but they should not moralize others for not following in a religious fashion their own traces.

If you want to become independent of your traditional work slavery, if you want to get out of the alienating 9-to-5 of your present job, if you want to devote the greatest part of your time to study, research and write about what interests you the most, while paying not just your coffee and hosting expenses with it, there are definitely more than one way to achieve this online.

They keys to them are your dedication to this, your ability to focus and follow a specific field (and not everything that appeals to you), and the quality and depth of your writing.

While your blog friends may tell you differently, the fact that most of them make only a few dollars a month is only due to them choosing to be too self-referential, parochial in scope, purist and idealist in spirit (but rarely in the facts), too shallow in their content, too broad in the focus, and often very distant from understanding that a blog is not a religious format transmitted by God to some elects, but only a technology platform that allows just about anyone to publish online without needing to be a technical-savvy person.

What you can do with it and how you do it, it is all up to you. Judges should not be other would-be bloggers, but the actual visitors and readers, the advertisers and anyone else that without improperly crowning herself with judgmental powers nobody awarded them, that uses blog and independent news sites to learn and keep himself on top of things instead of being pontificated about moral and ethical issues of how blogging should be.

Taking such a stance, will always get you easily ostracized by old school blog purists and other (would-be)-intellectuals, but the fact of the matter is that you should not pay attention to these critics as they do not represent in any tangible way the public you will be addressing and the economic success you may be able to extract from your hard work.

In this light, I and the other editors in this virtual newsroom have decided to bring to an end our weekly Sharewood Picnic, which nonetheless its streak of new media scoops and growing popularity is now increasingly copied and fails to satisfy one of the key criteria I have indicated as being necessary for any kind of online success: focus.

What replaces them is a more focused and coherent weekly mini-guide devoted each week to a specific theme, and not just to all the new and interesting tools that have caught our eyes. At the pace new technology is moving today, we can't follow all the new releases anymore, and the only way I can keep this daily magazine relevant to my readers is to give them more of what they come here for: focused information, news, resources and tools that empower them to become their own bosses.

Monetizing online content and learning what tools and services can lend you a helping hand when you will decide to go from blog fun to independent news publishing is the "focus theme" we present in this content monetization mini-guide.

While in this first release here, we offer you only ten new services to check out, this content monetization mini-guide will collect over the coming weeks and months additional resources and tools which we will keep adding as we discover and learn about them.

Online Content Monetization: Tools and Services To Make Money With Your Blog Content

  1. ClipSyndicate


    ClipSyndicate enables broadcasters and other video content producers to insert advertisements in their videos. ClipSyndicate syndicates video clips to thousands of vertical web sites looking for specific content of interest for their end-users. As a result, broadcasters can further monetize their clips, web publishers have a new source for fresh, relevant content, and advertisers have access to a highly targeted audience.

  2. Google AdSense for Feeds
    Google AdSense for feeds is a program that enables publishers to place relevant ads in the feeds they syndicate. Google technology understands the nuances of language, and places ads that are closely matched (or "targeted") to the content next to which they appear. If you are a current AdSense publisher and your feed has more than 100 active subscribers, you may qualify for participation in AdSense for feeds. Free sign up.

  3. TrendyFriendy
    TrendyFriendy is an online web-community, which has been created for people who want to open a blog and find new friends. As an additional feature the community provides a possibility to earn money with Google AdSense. If you want to earn money, keep in mind that the rating depends on posts written exactly by you, which have been rated by other users. Your rating directly defines your participation in ad rotation on whole site. For participating in ad rotation an obligatory condition is having an own Google AdSense account. Free sign up.

  4. HubPages
    HubPages is a online space to share your advice, reviews, useful tips, opinions and insights with others. Set up an account and create your Hubs (your own web articles); you will then share the rewards when visitors click on your Hubs' ads. That is because Hubpages lets you link affiliate IDs from eBay, Amazon and Google (with more partners in the works), so that your Hub can display ads and products like any professional web site or magazine. Free sign up.

  5. AdsBlackList
    AdsBlackList is a service that enables you to maximize your AdSense revenue. It provides you with list of most commonly filtered websites whose webmasters use AdWords to attract visitors for low price click, so that they can convert it to high price click on their own MFA (Made for AdSense) or Low Cost per Click site. If you want to stop these type of actions going on through your sites, all you need to do is to paste a list generated by AdsBlackList to your AdSense Setup in the Competitive Ad Filter list. Your revenue should substantially increase. Free sign up.

  6. Bloglinkr
    Bloglinkr is a service that allows publishers to display relevant ads on their sites and all of the advertisers on Bloglinkr are other blogs. You select the categories that you want your readers to see, and your readers will see links to blogs in the categories you've selected. You'll get paid for each click. Additionally, you'll get paid also when people click ads on blogs that you've referred to Bloglinkr. Sign up to receive a free invitation to join the program.

  7. nbbc
    nbbc is a marketplace connecting businesses that have video content to businesses that want video content, and enables all parties to profit from the exchange. Content owners place content on the nbbc platform and video is paired with advertisements. Web publishers access content and pick what they are interested in: whenever end users view content, the advertising revenue is shared between video producers and publishers. Free sign up.

  8. Grooveshark
    Grooveshark is an online service that rewards you for sharing, reviewing, and discovering new music. Grooveshark is a web-based application for sharing music within a community of music lovers. Grooveshark distributes DRM-free MP3s across a mostly p2p network. Grooveshark is currently in private beta and you need to apply for an invitation. Free sign up.

  9. Coinlogic
    Coinlogic provides bloggers, artists, musicians, authors, programmers, and anyone else with a web presence the ability to easily generate revenue from original content. Currently, this micro-commerce service is in private beta and you will need to leave your email address to receive an official invitation to join the program. Free sign up.

  10. Quantcast
    Quantcast is an open internet ratings service for advertisement. Advertisers can find reports on the audiences of millions of web sites. Publishers can ensure their sites are represented accurately by tagging them for direct measurement. Once you sign up, enter your domain name and paste your personalized JavaScript tag into each of your site's pages. Quantcast will start measuring your traffic immediately, and you'll see new traffic statistics in your profile. The service is free.

This mini-guide has been originally written by and Livia Iacolare and first published on MasterNewMedia as:
Content Monetization: How To Make Money With Your Blog Content

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2008-07-31 12:10:42

nyari duit di internet

thanks for your sharing

nice info

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thanks for sharing. this list is really good. i know some of them but the others not. now i will make more money i think.

2007-11-12 11:37:56


Bel post Robin, peccato che non ti posso pagare con


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This is a new way to monetize your site:

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Grande Robin, leggo i tuoi articoli e seguo i tuoi consigli dal 2005 e funzionano anche se non bene come a te (nn per il blog su menzionato ma per altri più targettizzati ;) ). Avrei pagato per essere Roma al tuo speech ma l'ho visto su radio radicale. ciao Luca

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