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Monday, June 8, 2009

Best Tools To Upload Your Video To Multiple Video-Sharing Sites - Mini-Guide

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Why upload your video to multiple video-sharing sites and not stick to YouTube to promote your clips? A video published by distributing it to multiple video sharing sites can help you gain valuable inbound links helping your website gain extra visibility on search engines pages results. To guide you in finding the best software tools and web-based services to upload your clips to multiple video sharing sites here is a detailed guide showcasing and comparing all of the tools available out there.


Obviously, uploading your video clips manually to a bunch of video sharing sites can be time-consuming, especially if you publish your video with any regularity. This is why in the last two years or so an increasing number of companies has been releasing tools and services to address this very need. From downloadable software to web-based services the options have increased in number and capabilities, with their cost ranging from free to advanced premium priced solutions.

The advantages of using automatic video uploading tools to distribute clips to multiple video sharing sites in an automated way, include also the ability to easily track the performance of your clips once uploaded, the one of being able to check immediately how many views, comments and ratings your videos get, as well as the one of monitoring how well and where your clips rank on major search engines. Remember that Google gives considerable relevance to video results when there's not relevant textual content to show for a specific query.

If you want to explore the best available solutions to upload your clips to multiple video sharing sites, here is a comparative table and a set of mini-reviews to help you choose the one that may best fit your needs.

These below, are the comparative criteria selected:

  • Distribution: Video-sharing sites where you can automatically upload your content
  • Analytics: Viewership information gathered from supported video-sharing sites
  • Upload: Publish to video-sharing sites accepting videos bigger than 300MB
  • Premium: Price and extra features of premium accounts for supported video-sharing sites
  • Migration: Export of your content from one video-sharing site to another site without download

Here all the details;


Best Tools To Upload Your Video To Multiple Video-Sharing Sites Comparison Table

YT=YouTube, GV=Google Video, BT=, MC=Metacafe, DM=Dailymotion, YV=Yahoo! Video, RV=Revver, VI=Viddler, VM=Vimeo, VE=Veoh


Best Tools To Upload Your Video To Multiple Video-Sharing Sites

  1. TubeMogul

    TubeMogul helps publishers upload and deliver online videos to multiple video-sharing sites. All major sites like YouTube, Google Video, Revver, BlipTV, Yahoo! Video, Dailymotion are supported (full list of supported video-sharing sites). TubeMogul also takes advantage of an analytics tool that tracks the traffic and views that your videos receive. With the latest update, the service can also provide detailed indications about which segments of your video are the most viewed. With free account you can upload 100 videos per month. Premium accounts start from $500/month and include advanced features like bigger file uploads (for the sites that support videos bigger than 300MB), the download of your own files, priority customer support, metadata export, the possibility to upload 500 videos per month, and more. TubeMogul currently does not support the direct transfer of videos across sites.

  2. Hey!Spread

    Hey!Spread is a web-based video distribution and tracking tool. You can upload your video and then submit it to multiple video-sharing sites in one shot. Sites supported are: all the major video-sharing ones like YouTube, Google Video,Revver, Yahoo! Video, Dailymotion, and others (full list of supported video-sharing sites). You can also send your videos to Facebook, MySpace and other venues like Sclipo, a social learning platform. Unlike TubeMogul, Hey!Spread does not support the upload of videos that are bigger than 300MB. A unique feature allows you to transfer videos from YouTube, Google Video orDailymotion directly to other video-sharing sites, without downloading the videos to your hard-disk and then re-uploading them. Also available is a tracking feature that helps monitoring the trends of your videos (even those you have not uploaded with Hey!Spread). The service is free to use, but to access extended features (like video tracking and video migration) you need to buy credits ($0.05 each) that you can spend for each option you choose.

  3. Vidmetrix

    Vidmetrix offers a free, web-based suite to upload, distribute and track your online videos on different sites. All main video repositories like YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo! Video,Dailymotion, Revver are supported (full list of supported video-sharing sites). Using the social video analytics feature you can also monitor views, comments and ratings of your video published across the Web. An API is also available to integrateVidmetrix tools into your own website. Bigger files upload is not supported, nor you can transfer your videos directly from a video site to another one.

  4. SEnuke

    SEnuke is a Windows-only software you can use to boost your video content visibility inside search engines. The program automates the process of uploading your videos to multiple sharing sites without logging in individually to each one. Major video-sharing sites supported are: YouTube, Google Video,, Dailymotion, Yahoo! Video and Veoh (full list of supported video-sharing sites). You also get access to other 45 sites, including podcast and RSS directories, and social bookmarking services. Analytics or video migration features are not available. SEnuke is priced at $47/month.

  5. Video Post Robot

    To automatically upload and syndicate your video content across multiple sites, Video Post Robot offers a Windows-only software that will help you save time and effort. Major sites supported are: YouTube, Google Video,, Dailymotion and Yahoo! Video (full list of supported video-sharing sites). A feature allows you to release your videos at different times to achieve an extended visibility inside search engine rankings. Video Post Robot does not support analytics or video migration features at the moment. The software gives you a monthly trial for $1, and if you want to keep using Video Post Robot you will be charged $19.95 for each following month of use.

  6. Video Upload Pro

    Video Upload Pro is a software that allows you to manage your video content and upload your clips to many video sharing sites in one shot. Major video platforms supported are: YouTube, Google Video,, Yahoo! Video, Vimeo, Veoh plus other 12 sites (full list of supported video-sharing sites). Available only for Windows machines, Video Upload Pro does not have built-in analytics tools to track the performance of your uploaded clips. Video migration feature to transfer video directly across different sites is not available either. The software is priced at $95.

  7. Traffic Geyser

    Traffic Geyser automates the process of uploading videos to multiple sites right from your browser. The major video-sharing sites supported are: YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo! Video,Veoh, plus other 20 (full list of supported video sharing sites). Purchasing a premium membership account will give you access to other platforms like, Revver, Dailymotion, and many others. Analytics tool to track your clips or video migration facility à la Hey!Spread are not available. Traffic Geyser pro starting price will charge you $47/month to have 375 submission credits you can spend to distribute your video content.

  8. ContentBuzz

    ContentBuzz is a software that lets you upload your clips to many video-sharing, microblogging, social bookmarking, and blog sites as well as podcast and RSS directories. Major upload destinations supported: YouTube, Google Video,, Vimeo and other 48 sites (full list of supported video-sharing sites). After uploading your videos, ContentBuzz allows you to monitor the traffic and ranking that your clips receive on the web. No video migration feature available to transfer your content straight from one site to another. Content Buzz is priced at $29.97.

  9. VideoWildfire

    Video Wildfire is a software (for Windows only) that allows you to distribute your video across different sites, but only to video-sharing and social bookmarking services. Main supported sites are: YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Yahoo! Video, Viddler, Vimeo, and other 44 locations (full list of supported video-sharing sites). For $29.95 you also get stats tracking, and bigger file upload features. Video migration feature is not supported for the time being.

  10. Mpoint

    Unlike other services in this guide, Mpoint uploads and distributes your video, but also converts your clips and delivers the right file format to the platform you choose. The service takes care of scaling your clips and syndicate your videos to any platform or service (mobile device,iTunes, video-sharing site, etc). You can also integrate Mpoint with your existing advertising networks and include ads inside your videos. Watermarks to brand your clips are also supported. Video migration and tracking features are not available for the time being. Prices depend on the size of the videos you convert and syndicate, as Mpoint charges $2 for each GB served.

  11. Videooptimize

    Unlike similar competitors, Videooptimize does not upload your videos automatically to multiple video-sharing sites. The CEO of the company itself will do the job for you depending on your specific needs. Where your clips will be uploaded, how many videos you can upload, and whether you can upload videos bigger than 300MB depends on the campaign you choose. No tracking facilities or video migration tools are available from Videooptimize. Price depends on the type of campaign you start.

Originally prepared by and Daniele Bazzano for MasterNewMedia, and first published on June 8th, 2009 as "Best Tools To Upload Your Video To Multiple Video-Sharing Sites - Mini-Guide".

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