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Friday, October 7, 2005

Anonymous Blogging: The EFF Tells How To Protect Yourself

Blogs are an incredible tool for information sharing, communicating ideas, or just putting thoughts out in the open.

But blogging is not a Teflon coating, there are dangers associated with these tools especially when the topic of your own blogging is the company you work for or its management or products.

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Many employees have been fired because of what they wrote in their blog, and some bloggers families would be shocked to read what their relatives have said in others.

Learning how to blog anonymously can protect you against these dangers. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has compiled a good list of actions that can help you mask your identity on the web.



The EFF article focuses largely on how to blog about your workplace without disclosing your identity. It stresses the importance of creating an effective pseudonym and the risk associated with mentioning details that could identify your specific company or position. It is also paramount to never blog while at work, as it is generally believed this not to be a job-related use of company resources, and further increases your risks of being vulnerable to attacks and identification.

There are a number of technologies listed that support blogging anonymously, including sites that provide blog space without taking your name, applications that hide IP addresses and ping servers that allow anonymity. It is vital to know how to password protect your blog, to register the domain name anonymously, and ensure search engines cannot find it. Knowing your legal rights is also of principal importance.

This piece is a great resource for bloggers interested in maintaining their privacy online.

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