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Thursday, September 22, 2005

VoIP Recording: JaJah Does It Good

JaJah, one of the interesting alternatives to Skype has just released an integrated recording function offering the option to record any of voice call going through JaJah as a standard MP3 file.


JaJah supports an innovative feature set that makes it a promising alternative to Skype unmatched market leadership. To its merit, JaJah has introduced direct SMS messaging to mobile phones as well as call forwarding to any traditional phone number or to your Skype account.

Like Skype, JaJah is completely free to use for voice calls going from PC to PC while you can charge your personal JaJah account with your credit card or PayPal account to make inexpensive calls to any telephone number in the world. Rates are much lower than competitors, including Skype and you have the added options of being able to send SMS messages to just about anyone directly from your desktop.

To top the good news JaJah fully supports open standards like SIP/IAX and according to trusted sources JaJah should be nearing the release of its Mac version very soon (Linux is also on its way).



The new recording functionality, added just a few hours ago (you need to download the latest Beta release to use it), is very simple to use. Once you are inside a call with a buddy or even when calling a standard telephone line, a recording button appears inside the main JaJah interface pane.


At the end of the call JaJah prompts you for your preferred directory and filename to assign to the mp3 file containing the recording.

What JaJah still lacks is a full functoning real-time text chat functionality (is there, but it doesn't always work as expected), and a more streamlined interface.

Commands and procedures to do certain tasks (adding a buddy) are not as simple and straightforward as they should be. I still have issues in making direct calls to buddies without having to go through the search function.

The buddy list display may also initially confuse the novice user with multiple appearances of the same contact with different icons next to it. This is due to the fact that JaJah is capable of managing all of your Skype contacts (which it can import automatically) alongside your JaJah ones.

A few other bugs may also inconvenience new users by prompting them to fill their account to make a call to another JaJah user, or by confusing them with ambiguous input forms when trying to add new buddies. Most frustrating is a bug preventing users from being able to call other buddies showing as available and offering them only the option to message them. The workaround for those meeting this issue is to use the integrated search function and then to click on the relevant results. Alternatively you may have your call forwarding facility getting in the way. Open "set" - "advances" and make sure that "forward all incoming calls to" is NOT activated, otherwise you will not be able to call your jajah buddies.

I must say that JaJah is indeed an interesting tool for the power-user and early adopter wanting to have a feel for VoIP tools are to be going next. Some of the limitations I have listed above alongside a lack of cross-platform compatibility still prevent JaJah from being adopted en masse.

On the other hand its unique features (there are several more I am not listing here) alongside with message translation, SMS messaging and very low rates for international calls make already the existing JaJah a very attractive solution for many non-technical users as well.

Keep in mind that JaJah has also a mobile VoIP offering allowing anyone to use VoIP rates while calling from his cell phone. This is an unbeatable money saver for those needing to make frequent and expensive international phone calls from their mobile devices.

In essence, as soon as the JaJah UI gets a deep and well though-out overhaul, JaJah could become a notable player in this fast growing market attracting large number of users and paying subscribers.

For now I must suggest the good guys behind JaJah to look closer at their most aggressive competitor in this space (after Skype), for inspiration: the elegant and very promising Gizmo Project.

For more information about the latest JaJah release and features, please see my latest JaJah dispatch on

Reference: Kolabora [ Read more ]
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