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Monday, October 24, 2005

Best RSS Search Engines And Directories To Submit to: The RSSTop55 Premium Is Out!

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The new, long-awaited version of the RSSTop55 Premium is finally available online.


The RSSTop55 Premium, Maximum ExpoRSSure, is a 60-page mini-guide that complements and augments the freely accessible public RSSTop55 clearinghouse I have been publishing online, in helping individuals and organizations find the most relevant RSS search engines and directories to which to submit their own news, research or corporate blog-based RSS feeds.

Submitting your RSS feed to major RSS search engines and directories is one of the best online marketing strategies you can use, as it allows people to find you through the very gateways used by others to search for the content they are looking for.

As a rapidly increasing number of content sources, new and old, migrate or add RSS as a key distribution channel, and as more people utilize RSS newsreaders and aggregators to keep themselves informed, the ability to maintain high exposure and visibility is gradually shifted from a complete attention to major search engines and overly-hyped content optimization techniques to an increasing awareness of RSS feed directories and search tools.

Just as you go to Google, Yahoo or MSN to search for issues, products and specific online authors, so too an increasing number of Internet users are using RSS search engines and directories (and now also Google, Yahoo and MSN have one) to scour fresher and more up-to-date content resources.
The new RSSTop55 Premium, Maximum ExpoRSSure provides you with three key items:

1) An up-to-date list of over 110 RSS search engines and directories ranked by popularity and reach. High up you will find the ones that will provide the most return in terms of visibility and exposure for your own RSS feed(s). This will save you tons of time, as by submitting only to the top 30-40 RSS search engines and directories you can get more than 90% of the extra exposure you would get by submitting your feed to all of them.
2) The original Excel spreadsheet file containing all data that I have collected about each RSS search engine and directory so that you can manipulate, edit, revise and update my own ranked list in any way you want. What I have done is to collect popularity data for each of the 110+ RSS search engines and directories from Google Page Rank, Alexa Traffic, Marketleap Link Popularity and from Delicious too. I have then normalized and converted these values into scores that I have given to each resource. By then sorting the list of all RSS search engines and directories as determined by the highest average popularity score I have obtained a pretty useful reference of which RSS search engines and directories are really the most useful to use in terms of returning high visibility and exposure to your RSS feeds.
3) A unique collection of specific mini-guides and essays I have written to help independent publishers, bloggers but also organizations and companies achieve greater exposure and visibility online. I have personally selected and brought together the most valuable content I have written on these topics in the recent past. Together with the ranked list this is my best written advice on how to effectively handle online marketing of your content in ways that can provide you with maximum return on investment, exposure and visibility.

The new updated RSSTop55 Premium is not free *unless you are an existing subscriber). Price has gone up a bit from the previous version ($ 5.55) while remaining very accessible for everyone. The new price has been set at $ 9.99.
Getting future releases of the RSSTop55 Premium for free is also a possibility within the reach of everyone. If you want to extend your opportunity to receive future upgrades to this unique mini-guide, please write a short testimonial about the new RSSTop55 Premium and send it to me via email, or post a short article on your blog pointing to it (and send me an email with a link to it). In either case I will be more than happy to extend your ability to receive new updates to the RSSTop55 Premium with no further expiration date.

With your written testimonial all future updates and new releases to this guide will be free no matter what amount of content I will be offering and no matter what the new price will be. Write in your testimonials and links to Robin.Good [at]
Existing subscribers get verything free
If you are already an existing official customer of the original RSSTop55 Premium version, you are fully entitled to get this new completely renewed version at absolutely no cost.

Just notify me at Robin.Good at while providing some proof or reference of your your original order.

Here are what some of you, early birds have said during the weekend as you have received your newly bought RSSTop55 Premium Edition:

First I want to THANK YOU for taking the time to do this for me.

I didn't know IF you would.

But indeed, you've outdone yourself. This was a PHENOMENAL update.

There were strategies in there and resources that I've only heard from you. I already own Jason's product (got it at launch) and agree that it is a good additional strategy.

This edition was so good that I really had to think about letting my competition know about it. However I did HIP one of my friends to it who runs a golf training site. So, I'm sure he's going to mosey over and buy it right now.

Again, THANKS for taking the time out to get this to me.

I appreciate you!

aka Dr. J

Got it! Hey no complaints from me. Great job!! I hope you sell thousands of them to compensate for all the work that went into this!!

Best regards,

Bob Schmidt

Author of The Geek's Guide to Internet Business Success

Hey Robin,

this is truly super!
I would have not expected so much good information for so little money. You have already outdone yourself with the freely accessible RSSTop55 and this Premium addition is not only great, but it is my best and most sincere way to say thank Y-O-U for all the "good" you share with everyone of us.

Thanks from the heart!

James Russell


On a Sunday ....
for someone living in Italy ....
moreover, living in Rome .....

you're LIGHTNING fast!!! ;-))))



Robin, I am so glad you got this finally out. I couldn't have waited no more. It just takes too much time to do all the RSS search engines and directories you have listed on your site, and you never know which are the really useful ones.

But now that I have opened your new Maximum ExpoRSSure, I have only to decide which RSS directories of the good ones I want to address first. Your ranking list is truly well done and it does show how much time you have spent working on this data to make it immediately useful for us non technical people.

Thanks for this great reference tool. Couldn't expect more for what you ask.

Rachel Salkow

It doesn't get any better than this.

Thanks for the goldmine of information!

I don't know if I could handle all the traffic I would get from implementing even a fraction of your suggestions!
Do you sleep at all?



Your intellect and articulation shines yet again. Most generous of you to share your unique insight into all things Marketing for the grand sum of $9.95.. I would happily have paid more!

Roseanne van Langenberg
Marketing Defined

Where's yours?

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