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Monday, August 22, 2005

P2P Mobile Broadcasting Future Is Called Roadcasting

Imagine being able to broadcast and receive digital information from your Wi-Fi enabled car, cell phone, handheld computer or MP3 player as you move around your environment. Everyone participates in a dynamic, decentralized network of individuals sharing information with anyone within a 30 mile radius. Sound far fetched? Not so.

"Roadcasting is collaborative, mobile radio. It is a system, currently in prototype state, that allows anyone to have their own radio station, broadcasted among wirelessly capable devices, some in cars, in an ad-hoc wireless network. The system can become aware of individual preferences and is able to choose songs and podcasts that people want to hear, on their own devices and car stereos and in devices and car stereos around them.

Roadcasting provides a set of methods to transform radio into a community-driven interactive medium. Using collaborative filtering technologies, it enables rich passive and interactive experiences for 'DJs' and listeners in a way that has not previously been possible.

Roadcasting matches you to radio stations that play the content that you want to hear."

Check out for a glimpse into the future of P2P. - [ Read more ]
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