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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Internet Calls + Voice XML = Skype Creates New Market Opportunity For Voice Services

With the combination of Internet calls and VoiceXML, a new era of innovation is coming to the telephone.

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Skype has jut announced its partnership with three voice application development companies opening a new huge market for voice-based services and applications delivered through the Skype platform:

  • Sport information

  • Training

  • Just-in-time help

  • Voice auctioning

  • News

  • Language learning

  • Recording and conferencing services

are just but a few of the many possible applications.

The market is open to anyone willing to invest enough time and resources to develop alongside one of the three elected Skype partners a possible application.



The partnership leverages the multi-thousand network of developers that the three voice-development Skype partners have with the 52,000,000+ Skype callers out there today. Voice application developers themselves will share in the revenue generated by calls to their applications.

The three companies that Skype has selected as its voice partners are Tellme Networks, Voxpilot and Voxeo.

On the other hand online publishers can now create and test their enhanced voice applications via Skype at next to zero cost, as the development partners provide commercial hosting and technical support for those developing new applications.

Publishers define themselves the per minute charge for their Skype-based voice-based services. The call revenue generated is split three ways:

  • Skype keeps 30% for promoting your service and connecting callers.
  • Your chosen Platform Partner keeps a share for enabling your service.
  • The publisher receives the remaining.
  •

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