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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Key Factors To Achieve High Google Ranking

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If you have been wondering how to further improve your visibility and exposure through Google and the other major search engines, here is some insider information that can help a great deal in this direction.

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This newly published online resource publishes 118 positive and negative SEO factors that may likely affect your Google ranking inside search engine page results. The factors are grouped into "on page" and "off page" (links coming from other sites, factors and those factors clearly supported within the recently reviewed Google patent are colored in green.

Remember that the fewer incoming links that you have, the more important on-page factors are.

The factors have been patiently gathered by Vaughn Aubuchon
who has been scouting and researching the thousands of educated guesses from SEO experts major SEO/webmaster forums.

Since this extremely useful resource does not rank the factors in any way, leaving it up to you to assess the importance level and effective potential of each, I have extracted for you the top 10 factors I think you should address, and I have ordered them for you by importance.

  1. Keyword in URL and domain name
    Nonetheless many traditional search engine marketers experts have been very reluctant in admitting and acknowledging this factor, it is almost self-evident that it does have tangible influence in boosting relevance in Google search engine results. Keywords in URL indicate that relevant keywords are used in the actual file name of the page published. The same applies to the overall domain name of the site. The more "tuned" to the effective content it provides, the better.
  2. Keyword in title tag
    Page title remains one of the highest ranking factors. Nothing new under the sun, but do pay attention to how you build your titles in order to make this truly effective.

  3. Freshness of Pages
    Google likes newer content.

  4. Freshness - Amount of Content Change
    Do you have a lot of old content and only a few new pages appearing every now and then or do you have lots of new content coming out constantly with a balanced number of aging pages? Google likes the latter.

  5. Frequency of Updates
    The more frequently you update and change your content (up to a limit - then it turns into a negative factor) the better it is. Though this is my own speculation, I would expect news sites that update their home page multiple times per day (up to those who do it every hour) to be the best ranked.
  6. Popularity ("backlinks")
    This is the total number of web links pointing to your site from other ones. To measure yourself this go to Yahoo Search and type: or or check one of these other options.
  7. Anchor text for inbound links
    This is one of the most effective factors affecting your ranking inside Google page results. The key here is to have other sites link to you by using as anchor text to the link pointing to you, the specific keywords for which you want to increase reach and visibility. For example if I wanted this very site ( to get a boost in Google search results for queries relating to "communication tools", I would need to have a significant number of web sites linking to mine while using the words "communication tools" as the text link.
  8. Traffic trend
    It is speculated that via the Google Toolbar, which has a multi-million user installed base, Google tracks stat data for traffic trends on individual sites being able therefore to have an "overview" of how any site is performing. This data should be similar, in its advantages and limitations to the data published by Alexa (now owned by which also provides general traffic trend data for any site on the Internet (also in this case the data is gathered by collecting behavioral data from people utilizing selected toolbars).
  9. User behavior (bookmark, time spent, how they left) Google is likely able to track individual behavior on many sites for several millions Internet users. Based on this statistical data, Google would consider bookmarking of the site by visitors, time spent on the site, method of leaving the site and several other ones as relevant factors in evaluating site credibility.
  10. Give it time
    As Google gives critical value to the "age" of your site (spammers don't generally last very long) in establishing its rank and "credibility", one good general rule is to give enough time for a site to establish itself. Those looking for fast and spectacular results may get easily disappointed, but if you work around some of the key points above in a systematic and consistent way, results do come indeed.

There are 98 more factors you can check out in this great research job published three days ago.

Go check them out.

As a last note remember also that the best and fastest way to get inside the Google index is to join the Google Adwords or Adsense program, which makes it possible for your site to be spidered by Google within minutes. "Your site will be checked initially with an algo or human "smell test". If you smell good, you're in."

If that is not possible the only other solution (though this may take up to a few months) is to be linked by another site, possibly one with a good Google standing and Page Rank. Remember indeed that you MUST have at least one incoming link (backlink) from some website somewhere, that Google is aware of, also to REMAIN in the index.

Thanks to Vaughn Aubuchon for this excellent one-page summary, a content and delivery format which I myself find extremely effective.

One-page summaries and in-depth one page references are great both for the reader, in terms of value and depth, as well as for the publisher in terms of quality and quantity of targeted traffic that it can drive over very extended periods of time.

Here are a few other great Internet-related one-page summaries from the same author. Recommended.

Readers' Comments    
2009-07-17 13:29:14

website optimisation company

I 100 agree however SEO required professional approach.

2009-06-05 21:19:33


SEO has become so important to web marketing, companies need to be upto date with everything software updates new search engines good quality LINKS AND MORE

2009-04-26 15:54:32

Seb Brantigan

Good stuff. Have tried most of this and added around 40 backlinks and got #2 in MSN Search for the phrase "how to profit with Google Adwords" out of 1,400,000. Click below for proof:


I'm also ranking in the top 10 for other Google Adwords related keywords. Thanks for the advice.


2008-10-24 20:40:42


Thanks for pointing us towards a very important resource. In my experience, having the domain name contain some reference to the topic is crucial in Google website positioning. A good meta tag description is also important in website building as even if Google does not rank based on it, if it is unattractive or off-topic people won't click -on your listing even if it is on Google's first page for the relevant keywords. The objective afterall is not just improved Google position, but increased relevant traffic.

2008-05-14 17:43:48

SEO Checklist

Right! Proof of updates being used in the algorithms is found at Yahoo Search in the Options Advanced Search menu. I own more that one site and I do SEO. I have tested updates to see that it improves my rank, but the main factor, as you know, in rank is old and new backlinks.

2008-02-20 02:39:22

angus cooney

I have did a few sites and they have all ended up ranked NO 1 in google.

search in what you think someone would write to find a site like yours, the first one that comes up, right click and view source, look at the meta tags copy paste, but do it with a few different google tags to find sites like yours, and mix the tags up.

It has been working for me, google now gives you an html code to put on your server and verifies your site to them its just a number save as html and upload it. another thing I do is add tags like the meta tags to the photo files before putting them up.

Don't know if it helps, but I have been getting sites up in no 1 position doing it, I always buy a domain name with the right titles that would be searched for. Even if its not .com getting .net is just as good and important.

angus cooney New Jersey

2007-06-10 10:00:06

Cheap Domain Names

great post!.
i notice also that the most important ranking factor at google are the home page optimization.
if you don't rank at all in google just play with this until you get some results and keep building links and your be more than fine :-)

2007-03-03 16:23:37


I wouldn't emphasize having keywords in the domain name either as Christian Watson already explained. I've done it myself a few times and Google completely ignores it. A factor not mentioned here is domain name registration period. Most spam websites register a domain name for one year... Check

2007-01-12 06:20:08

Game Warden

Thanks for Vaughn Aubuchon's resource: as a webmaster I have applied the suggestions to the new African and travel website - although in its infant stages by following his advice I hope to see its Google page rank climb.

2006-01-30 12:09:50

Custom Web Design

Yes This is true that if you will acheived top position in search engine then you must have no of backward links and best page optimize.

2005-12-27 04:56:10



2005-10-15 05:59:01



2005-10-15 05:56:54




2005-09-06 10:27:50


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2005-08-30 09:38:37


This is a real tight list, have not been using anchor text at all well to date. thanks for the quick 1 pager.

2005-08-03 03:19:57

Speculative or not, I think it's pretty right on.

Thanks for the compilation.

2005-07-30 08:20:54

This may be the most speculative article on SEO I've ever read. 'It seems self evident that...', 'I would guess...', 'It is speculated that...'. Right. So it's all guesswork then. Can you quote any studies or other evidence that proves the validity of these claims?

2005-07-29 00:39:11

Steamboat Springs

In my experience the right 2-3 keywords in a domain can make a big difference and it is not uncommon to see sites with little else going for them rnak first. Once into really comptitive terms it is less of an advantage but it still helps.

2005-07-28 17:30:21

Christian Watson

Robin, I'm surprised that you put so much emphasis on having keywords in the domain name. This technique has been so overused/misused in the past that I would be surprised if Google put as much emphasis as you suggest on this factor.

Even if they did, there are so many other reasons to come up with a "good" domain name rather than one that is simply keyword rich, that I would recommend webmasters not to go down this route.

posted by Robin Good on Tuesday, July 26 2005, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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