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October 2004

  • The Personal RSS NewsReader: Project DU And RSS Publishing Possible Future Evolution

      Project DU Reader is a new RSS newsreader, with some innovative ideas and a cross-platform promise: Win, Mac and Linux. While Project DU Reader is presently available only for PC/Windows, the Mac version will be out in a matter of days (while the Linux one is...
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    Robin Good -- October 31

    Cooperative Interaction Inside Immersive Virtual Environments

      Roland Piquepaille reports: ""Tele-immersion is a technology which allows cooperative interaction between groups of distant people working in the same virtual environment. It involves three real-time steps: 1) taking images of a subject with 48 cameras, 2) transmitting the images over a network, and 3) implanting...
    read more | cat.: | Link Roland Piquepaille -- October 30

    Optimize Adwords Titles: Dynamic Headlines

      Relevancy is the key to the success of all advertising. The Google AdWords advertising program allows small and medium sized advertisers to reach a very large and diverse audience made up of the users of the Google search engine, and by the millions of visitors to...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good Recommends -- October 30

    Browser Usability Reinvented: Newcomer iRider Beats Firefox Extensions

      Several months ago I changed from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox as my default browser. I asked around a bit before making my choice and really felt attracted to the open design of the program and the huge, though somewhat geeky community that is so vigorously...
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    Robin Good -- October 29

  • What Is Web Accessibility?

      "Accessibility is about building web pages that can be navigated and read by everyone, regardless of disability, location, experience or technology." (Tim Berners-Lee Founder of the World Wide Web Director of W3C) Here is a new innovative mini-resource about accessibility its role, its laws and its...
    read more | cat.: | Link Max Design - [via] -- October 29

    Watch The World From The Sky: KeyHole

      I am really impressed. I have just downloaded, installed and tested out for a few minutes Google's new acquisition which is getting headlines everywhere. KeyHole, this is the name of this Windows-only software, is a powerful image navigation device leveraging a world-over scenery of satellite imagery...
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    Robin Good -- October 29

    Enterprise Newsmastering Examples: Myst Technologies

      Bill French, co-founder of MyST Technology Partners just sent me an email referencing my recent article covering good examples of RSS newsmastering applications and where he gently shows me their progress as validation of the emerging NewsMater role. Bill French writes:"This Edu RSS item caught my...
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    Bill French - Myst Technology Partners -- October 28

    The Blogs' Long Tail: Blogs And RSS Profit Potential

      This excellent report from Morgan Stanley's analysts Mary Meeker, Brian Pitz and Brian Fitzgerald is an absolute must-read for anyone involved with building or maintaining a profitable and forward-looking online publishing business. The three research analysts at MS have done an abolsutely excellent job at understanding, evaluating,...
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    Morgan Stanley -- October 27

    Rip Mix Feed: Learning Objects And Their Future

      Thanks to Stephen Downes who has been promptly pointing at this very interesting resource brought together by Brian Lamb and Alan Levine. I truly like their open-ended approach to popularizing these new concepts and ideas as they start to emerge in the academic world. Unless you have...
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    UBC - Various Authors - [via Stephen Downes] -- October 27

    The News According To Us: WikiNews
      Boing Boing's Cory Doctorow reports on what appears to really be a super major news items for anyone seriously interested in seeing how independent newsmakers are about to create a world-wide independent news clearinghouse. Called wikinews this new project is set to become a free alternative...
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    Robin Good - Boing Boing -- October 26

    How To Create Buzz-Targeted RSS-Based Niche News Sites

      Creating profitable buzz-targeted niche news sites (shooting stars sites) is an additional route expert newsmasters and RSS news geeks can take to further diversify and extend their income streams. Leaving to you the breadth and range of possible topics that can be covered by this approach,...
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    Robin Good Reports -- October 26

    Distributed Identity Management On The Web? Sxip

      Distributed Identity Management On The Web? "The right identity management solution for the web will address the needs of all the participants involved. Websites of all sizes should be able to participate freely, and no one organization should have too much control. That is, users should...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good Recommends - [via Stephen Downes] -- October 26

    Podcasting for Windows Media
      The ever resourceful digital media blogger, Jake Ludington, has written a highly informative and user-friendly guide on how to transfer and use digital audio files from iPodder to any Windows-based media player and has published the screenshot-filled tutorial on his site Mediablab. Since the whole Podcasting phenomenum...
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    Robin Good -- October 25

    How To Backup Social Bookmarks: Gets Foxy

      Foxylicious is a free Mozilla Firefox extension developed by Dietrich Ayala that integrates your bookmarks into your Firefox browser's bookmarks. In doing so, it dispels a worry that many may have in using online bookmark managers - that due to connectivity problems they may not...
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    Robin Good -- October 25

    Rearchitect Security: It's A Jungle Out There!

      In his latest Alertbox column published just a few minutes ago, Jakob Nielsen acknowledges finally the dire state of the Internet and the urban jungle it has become. Security issues are rampant and if you are to judge by the number of security reports, patches and...
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    Robin Good -- October 25

    Bloggers New Frontier: Paid Assignment

      True bloggers can't be bought. This is my personal take on this hot topic as it comes spinning off. Marc Canter reports that he has been working at a new program which will pay bloggers to blog about specific products and services. While I would...
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    Robin Good -- October 25

    Monitor Key News Sources Via IM: Microsoft Alerts

      Get a real-time fix of Robin Good Latest News in four new different and tasty flavours: via MSN® Messenger Microsoft Windows® Messenger your e-mail inbox or to a supported wireless mobile device or cell phone. ...
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    Robin Good -- October 24

    Best VNC-Based Screen Sharing Solutions: Slashdot Reports

      If you are into online software technologies, screen-sharing, remote control and do not get annoyed by learning a bit more about what is possible out there, you will be certainly interested in checking out a recent Slashdot post that covered the best VNC-based screen sharing tools....
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    Robin Good - Slashdot -- October 23

    Automatic Site-To-RSS Feed Creation: FeedFire

      FeedFire is a breakthrough new service that allows anyone to create automatically a RSS news feed for any Web site that does not have one. You simply register at FeedFire, input the URL of the page and FeedFire dos the rest for you in the fraction of...
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    Robin Good Recommends -- October 23

    Advertising And Weblogs: Can The Two Marry?

      How do I feel about advertising on weblogs? As I have commented to Jason Kottke "The revolution will be commercialized" the key issues may not really be those we see discussed over and over. Here is my personal take about the commercialization of weblogs and why...
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    Robin Good -- October 22

    The Commercialization of Weblogs

      Jason Kottke takes up the issue of advertising inside blogs and the apparent commercialization of a publishing movement that had initially appeared as being not only advertising-free, but in many ways also openly against traditional, intrusive ad practices. He writes: Lots of interesting observations to be made about...
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    Robin Good -- October 22

    Private And Confidential

      Steve Outing reports in the Poynter Institute e-Media Tidbits newsletter that his friend Chris Sherman, search engine expert (editor of SearchEngineWatch and author of the upcoming book Google Power) has shared with him a confidential story that is quite surprising. Chris Sherman told him to try out...
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    Steve Outing - e-Media Tidbits -- October 21

    Publisher-Driven Ad Selection: When?

      Dave Morgan at ClickZ writes about the need to move from ad-targeting to a more consumer-centric, ad-filtering mentality. "Ad targeting helps publishers improve inventory revenue yield, enabling them to sell more ads for more money. It helps advertisers improve campaign effectiveness, enabling them to deliver more appropriate...
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    Robin Good -- October 21

    Best New Tools For PowerPoint Presenters: Lindstrom Reports From PPTLive

      Mother Nature is not the only one capable of madcap experiments with new life forms. The progression of Microsoft PowerPoint from a lowly, black & white-only electronic presentation tool to a ubiquitous, media-rich facilitator of tens of millions of presentations per day is one of the...
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    Robert L. Lindstrom -- October 21

    Browser-Based Research Tools: Marcus P. Zillman Reports

      Marcus P. Zillman has a new (finally) annotated research report listing a good number of research-oriented browser-based tools. Marcus is an exellent scout with a number of artificial bots working for him on most any topic he wishes to. This time, he has chosen, like in so...
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    Robin Good Recommends -- October 20

    Use Google To Promote Your Non-Profit Online: Google Grants

      Just like the short text ads appearing next to this article, your non-profit organization too can gain exposure, reach and visibility through the exceptionally affordable Google Grants online public awareness program. Though it is over a month that Google has put this new service into public beta,...
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    Robin Good Recommends -- October 20

    Fear Of Weblogging: Executives, Your Time Is Up!

      Robert Scoble, chief Microsoft blogging evangelist has really some great stuff on his blog. I must acknowledge this. His passion, open and direct reporting of the events and issues that touch him most directly, the frankness and smart questioning he uses with his interviewees, his unstoppable...
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    Robert Scoble -- October 19

    US Voters Mix & Share Their Ad-Compilation: P2P Politics

      The idea is simple: Send a message to a friend that includes your personally selected set of ads about the American political campaign. Through a simple peer-to-peer (P2P) setup, individuals become the effective evangelists and promoters of whichever campaign they want to support. They have access, selection...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good - [via Sepp Hasslberger] -- October 19

    Blog Trends And Statistics: Technorati Reports

      David Sifry reports extensively and effectively on the numbers making up the blogosphere in the last two years through a number of self-explanatory charts. The latest section published by Technorati's chief officer is part 4 of a series on the growth of the Blogosphere, its impact on...
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    David Sifry -- October 18

    The New Music Niche Markets : The Long Tail

      "Forget squeezing millions from a few megahits at the top of the charts. The future of entertainment is in the millions of niche markets at the shallow end of the bitstream." If you haven't read it in print, in the last issue of Wired magazine, get a...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good - Wired -- October 18

    Free Collaborative Web Page With RSS: Scrivlet

      Scrivlet is a new, easy-to-use, collaborative Web-based editor, that allows anyone to post text online and to have others come by and contribute easily to it. Scrivlet produces an RSS feed for any Web page created, is compatible with all major browsers (no Safari, Konqueror or old...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good Recommends -- October 17

    Information Architecture WiKi: A Wilderness With Signposts

      IAwiki is a WiKi and in this particular case, it's a collaborative knowledge base for the topic of 'Information Architecture'. IAwiki is much more than that though. It's certainly a knowledge base, but not exclusively for Information Architects. Anyone involved in any aspect of the creation...
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    Robin Good -- October 17

    The Individual Is The News Authority

      Patrick Spain, founder of HighBeam Research an online research service for individuals, and co-founder/former chairman/CEO of Hoover's (online provider of company information), has some really great statements cropping in a larger post he recently made on the ContextNext guest series, hosted by Rafat Ali on Mr....
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    Robin Good -- October 16

    Google Desktop Search Ignores Firefox: Slogger To The Rescue

      The Google Desktop Search application is, for all of its truly outstanding features, lacking in one particular area. Although it can search through every website you ever visit, taking the logs and adding them to your total searchable index as cached pages, it can only do...
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    Robin Good -- October 15

    P2P+RSS Are The Future Of TV Broadcasting

      Mark Pesce has recently published a lengthy, punchy, strong piece anticipating a take over of what used to be major broadcast media by the unstoppable emerging forces of P2P network distribution, personal syndication, and low-cost transmission technologies. Professor Pesce, now happily emigrated to Australia to coordinate...
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    Robin Good -- October 15

    Friends-Only P2P File Sharing Comes Of Age: Grouper

      Grouper is a P2P file sharing tool that allows private groups of people to easily distribute files among themselves with no limitation in file types and size, and with integrated IM (instant messaging) and security encryption. Grouper fills a gap left by the first wave of...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good recommends -- October 14

    Design With Emotion: Volvo Shows The Way

      Here is some truly innovative and beautifully designed "user experience" site for a luxurious and expensive car. The Volvo V50. The entry scene is set by the natural framing on a city street created by the window of a coffee bar. The photography, initial visual opening...
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    Robin Good Recommends -- October 14

    Google Launches Desktop Search
      News is just breaking about the launch today of Google Desktop Search. This is not a browser, but a desktop client application, which allows people to scan their computers for information in the same way they use Google to search the web. For the two news...
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    Robin Good -- October 14

    StumbleUpon: Recommend Rated Websites to Friends

      The recent addition of several new authors to the MasterNewMedia team urges us to look for research tools that allow us to: locate relevant hot tools and articles, take meaningful snapshots, archive, annotate and compile hyperlinks, report and share the results, and ultimately, assign and request...
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    Robin Good -- October 13

    What Is Podcasting: Chris Pirillo Finds Out

      Chris Pirillo has put together a great introduction to what podcasting is. If you have an audio enabled personal computer and are interested in the newest online trend you may really want to listen to this excellent 45-minute intro to podcasting. Podcasting is all the rage...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good Recommends -- October 13

    Corporate Document Management With RSS

      All organizations need to keep a record of policies, procedures, current prices, and other important information. This information needs to be easily and quickly available for employees, clients, or the public to refer to. In addition, companies need to advise these parties as changes are made....
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    Ellen Finkelstein -- October 13

    Microsoft Search Champs: My Personal Report

      I have finally pulled together my personal notes and some of the good shots taken last week at the Microsoft Search Champs event in Redmond. That was a hip, and absolutely fascinating happening with a unique group of very interesting people. I yet can't read the crystall...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good -- October 12

    Files Too Large To Email?

      Sending files as attachments to emails, especially using free webmail services, can be a problem when the attachment(s) are over 7MB. What if you wanted to email a file to a friend or colleague that was up to 1GB (yes, 1,000MB)? And you didn't have access...
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    Robin Good -- October 12

    MSN Search Champs: Robin Good Reports

      Introduction Microsoft generous effort to bring together a unique group of technology users, evangelists, reporters, entrepreneurs, developers and passionate bloggers for a 2-day collaborative review of the new and upcoming Microsoft Search engine tool(s) paid back handsomely to both the hosts and the highly diversified group of...
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    Robin Good -- October 12

    Webmail For File Storage

      As an independent publisher or NewsMaster, you may spend a fair amount of your time away from your desk. There may be times when you're out and about that you need access to a computer. If you don't own a WiFi-enabled laptop PC, or simply haven't...
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    Robin Good -- October 11

    User Registration Sucks

      In today's Alertbox issue, usability guru Jakob Nielsen, strikes positive chords when analyzing in detail the reasons that make newsletter subscription and access effective. I know I am not the first one to notice or complain about how annoying or counter effective user registration can be,...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good -- October 11

    RSS Feeds From Your Notes

      Webnote is a tool for taking notes on your computer. It allows you quickly to write something down during a meeting, class, or any other time that you have a web browser available. You start by creating a workspace and creating notes in the workspace. You...
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    Robin Good -- October 10

    Eric Rice's PodCast Interview With Robin Good

      Eric Rice, well-known blogger and founder of AudioBlog, now also hosts a radio show on the net. In his relatively recent and experimental audio broadcasting journey Eric is using Garageband to record his podcasts. While in San Francisco Eric visited Robin's party Friday night at...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good -- October 10

    RSS Feeds By Audio - An Emerging Delivery Channel

      As an existing or budding NewsMaster, creating your own unique RSS newsfeeds from your personally evaluated and selected sources, the ultimate destination of your content is almost certainly going to be your subscribers' newsreaders or aggregators. Your subscribers have plenty to choose from. Some are web-based,...
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    Robin Good -- October 9

    Online Newspapers Around The World - A New Directory

      As an independent publisher and NewsMaster, having access to authoritative news sources is an essential resource. Although more and more news publishing entities around the world are offering some or all of their content online, it's always a judgement call as to which ones are authoritative...
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    Francis Good - - via [] -- October 8

    Contextual Advertising On Your Blogsite - Any Limits?
      How contextual should advertising be? Could there be instances when contextual ads are inappropriate, from an ethical viewpoint? If you were to write an article on your site about how fluoride in the public water supply might be causing obesity, would you be happy to allow...
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    Robin Good -- October 8

    Blog Advertising - Context Is King

      The potential for commercially-minded bloggers, independent publishers and NewsMasters to earn revenues from advertising on their sites has been the subject of a great deal of hypothesizing. Actual real-life examples are still few and far between. But, as Robin Good has previously stated: "These are critical, highly dynamic...
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    Robin Good -- October 6

    Google Print - Promote And Sell Your Book For Free

      Today Jeffrey Goldfarb and Bernhard Warner, European Media Correspondents at Reuters, report an interesting announcement about much criticized Amazon business partner and wanna-be competitor Google Print. In their article titled Google Launches Amazon-Style Book Search Business Goldfarb and Warner write that Google will demonstrate...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good -- October 6

    RSS NewsMastering - The Impact of Ten Years, Ten Trends

      On September 23, 2004 The Annenberg School Center for the Digital Future released its study "Ten Years, Ten Trends" outlining a decade of trends it's identified since it started studying online behavior. "After a decade of observing the evolution of the Internet, and four years of...
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    Robin Good -- October 5

    RSS & Atom Newsreader And More - Omea Reader 1.0

      The speed at which various web-based information management tools are converging is breathtaking. On an almost daily basis it seems, new composite tools are launched which combine and integrate the best features of any number of other recently launched products to help you to better manage...
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    Robin Good -- October 5

    Hotshots: The Members Of The MSN Search Champs Advisory Group

      Straight from Seattle, a randomly ordered list of all people invited to join the meeting of the MSN Search advisory group, nicknamed "Search Champs": Elizabeth Lane Lawley (mamamusings) Paul Aelen (Dutchcowboys - in Dutch) ...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good -- October 4

    News Splicing, Categorized Feeds And Instant Blogrolls: GBlog 2.0

      Jeff Kang of the GBlog development team just announced the release of version 2.0 of their GBlog blogging software. Its most remarkable features are categorized feeds instantly updated, expanding blogrolls sticky blog entries CSS layout templates that can be selected by readers FeedJam: built-in splicer traffic stats These features are well-showcased...
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    Robin Good -- October 3

    Expert Search - Made Easy With Soople

      It's not that often that you can come across a tool that is a) simple to use, b) cleverly designed and c) does something really useful. Soople is such a tool. It's an interface to the more powerful Search features that lie behind the beautifully minimalist...
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    Robin Good -- October 3

    Annotate And Collaborate On Webpages In Real-Time - Gibeo

      When you are working as part of a team on a research project, there are plenty of online collaboration tools you can use to share your discoveries in real-time with your colleagues. Screensharing technology allows you to take others on a tour of webpages as you...
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    Robin Good -- October 2

    RSS NewsMastering In The Enterprise - The End of The Information Professional As We Know It?

      In June 2004, the transcript of an interview with Robin Good, the concept creator of the NewsMaster, was published in 'Knowledge Management', the quarterly supplement to Information Today, Inc.'s 'The Information Advisor'. In the article, entitled "Not Enough New Roles and Titles? How About RSS NewsMaster?", Robin...
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    Robin Good -- October 1

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