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September 2004

  • Who Is Francis Good?

      Some of you may have started noticing the sudden and unheralded appearance of a new signature in the posts that populate this site: Francis Good. Francis is the newest teammate to join the communication and publishing efforts that spin off around the Robin Good brand. Francis Good...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good -- September 30

    RSS Convergence - Next Stop The Enterprise

      The announcement this week that Newsgator (an RSS news aggregator) and Six Apart (a blog/personal publishing systems provider) are developing plug-ins that enable the seamless integration of news items from the former into the MovableType (server-based) and TypePad (web-hosted) blog platforms of the latter is a...
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    Robin Good -- September 30

    How To Monetize Your Custom RSS News Feeds: Amazon Burner

      Feedburner has done it again. The great guys behind the orange burning RSS flame are really doing some excellent work to make RSS more usable, spliceable, trackable, good-looking, and even now even profitable. The latest addition to the great family of RSS Feedburner services is the...
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    Robin Good -- September 29

    Blogging Communities And The Knowledge Enterprise

      If you're an information/knowledge professional providing research and analysis services, it's likely that you'll be part of a network of fellow professionals, whether you're all employed within the same organization, or as part of an extended network of individuals, supporting each other with specialisms on particular...
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    Robin Good -- September 29

  • Online Content Marketing: How To Build A Niched Web Hub

      Among the key strategies needed to achieve online popularity and reach is link popularity. Most expert advice from so-called SEO/SEM experts has focused on obtaining targeted links from as many sites as possible regardless of theme or topic. More advanced linking strategies exist that not only...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good - [via Marjolein Hoekstra] -- September 29

    Online Research Process From End-To-End: Net Snippets

      As any researcher will tell you, research is a process. However, it is rarely a seamless, end-to-end flow of integrated tasks and one of the key skills of information professionals is to be able to provide neatly distilled, easy-to-digest products for the end-user, without necessarily inundating...
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    Robin Good -- September 28

    Why Should I Syndicate My Content On RSS?

      I think I have explained and re-iterated in many different ways why syndicating your content in RSS is so very important. In case you didn't hear my previous calls, here Yahoo's own official voice on the subject. See what Yahoo itself says about the value of...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good - Yahoo -- September 28

    Communication Agents Help Turn The Tables On Big Pharma

      ..."But it was really the internet that allowed public health activists to do an end run around GSK's and the medical authorities' denials of the drug's risks. An explosion of websites dedicated to vivid accounts of antidepressant reactions told these campaigners about hundreds of thousands affected...
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    Chris Gupta -- September 28

    3D Immersive Virtual Spaces: Future Or Hype?

      Second Life, is the latest 3D digital world imagined, created and owned by its own inhabitants. In it you can chat, play games, build houses and meet with other people. In second Life you can have your own land on which you can literally "build" any...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good -- September 27

    3D Virtual Spaces For Learning And Collaboration

      Though the majority of you may likely resist the ideas that follow, I do believe that, in an increasingly apparent way, this will be the future of online collaboration, learning and cyberprofessional work: online real estate and fully immersive 3D environments, digital 3D worlds in which...
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    Robin Good -- September 27

    How To Create Web Information Maps

      A Well designed web site information map must visually convey the structural and functional information about a Web site. The creation of Web site information maps is one of the key activities of the effective information architect. In dissecting content, page types, user navigation paths and...
    read more | cat.: | Link Jason Withrow - Boxes and Arrows -- September 26

    FireFox On USB: Full Browser On A Key

      With the rapid popularity gained by USB keyrings and other portable miniaturized memory storage devices, the ability to be able to install a functional copy of your preferred browser has become not only a natural need but an opportunity to extend the usefulness of your portable...
    read more | cat.: | Link John T. Haller -- September 26

    Art For Money, Money For Art

      "Publishers are dinosaurs running out of oxygen. Everyone seems to think that art comes from publishers, and if publishers are finding things hard, well let's all chip in (with an Internet tax) and divvy the money up among the publishers according to their output. Forget the publishers...
    read more | cat.: | Link Crosbie Fitch -- September 25

    Free Conversion To Acrobat PDF: PrimoPDF

      PDF or Portable Document Format, is a unique, cross-platform format that allows for precise representation of documents inside highly compressed files. By converting a document to PDF, the key advantage is the ability to preserve with high fidelity the original design, look and fonts of the...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good Recommends -- September 25

    Audio Video Blogging Is Here: Userplane A/V Blog

      A/V Blog by Userplane No words are needed. Just turn on your speakers, and click the play button on the above window. (If you are on a dial-up connection this may take quite a while). Impressed. It does work like expected and it is as easy as 1-2-3. Can I have...
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    Robin Good Recommends -- September 24

    Blogs For Workflow Management

      Should researchers and analysts worry about increasing demand for ever-diminishing returns? Is small really that beautiful and is less really more? Marydee Ojala, Editor of Online Magazine, has written a very thought-provoking piece, entitled "Information - Short and Sweet" in the latest issue (Vol. 28 No. 5...
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    Robin Good -- September 24

    Visualization - News Channels Are Heating Up

      News By Name is a free, non commercial news site with "up to the minute news headlines collected from multiple news channels. Incoming news is automatically scanned for 'names' allowing for charting, archiving and email alerts by name, showing you who's hot and who's last weeks...
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    Robin Good -- September 24

    The Future Of Online Collaboration: Good Interviews Chuck Digate

      Back I am with the Future of Online Collaboration / Web Conferencing interview series started last fall and to which I am going to add quite a few new contributions in the coming weeks. The first guest in this new series is Chuck Digate, CEO and President...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good -- September 24

    Online Collaboration: Convoq Shares Its Vision

      "Most people still experience online collaboration as a formal session where a bunch of people arrived at a predetermined time and passively view a scripted presentation. Those uses are important, but most of the collaboration that goes on in organizations is much more spontaneous and varied....
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good -- September 24

    Collaboration Technologies About To Hit Wall Street?

      The Financial Services industry has been worrying for some time now about online collaboration tools. Instant Messaging (IM), in particular, has been causing huge headaches for the IT and Compliance chiefs in the big banks and trading houses. Traders love using IM to do pre-trade chatting with...
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    Robin Good -- September 23

    RSS Applications - Online Calendars

      As an information professional, it's not that often you come across a tool that is both (a) extremely easy to use and (b) can create a whole range of simple, effective and ultimately indispensable new services for your users. If that tool also allows you to...
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    Robin Good -- September 23

    Presence Awareness Indicators - Where Are You Now?

      Researchers live and breathe the maxim "the right information, in the right place, at the right time". But how often do researchers, when finally packaging up their findings, know exactly what the "right time" and "right place" are for their customer? Are they sitting at their desks,...
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    Robin Good -- September 23

    RSS Top55 Reaches 90

      The RSS Top55 has reached today 90 listings representing the best selection of RSS search engines and blog directory submission sites available on the net today. If you are into getting some exposure and visibility for your online news reports this is the place to go...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good -- September 22

    Google Browser Coming

      As long anticipated in this very column, and as early as being discounted as "naive", I had humbly indicated my feeling that Google may had been working around the release of its own browser. Please review my own original posts on the topic (see bottom of this...
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    Robin Good -- September 22

    Meet Me In San Francisco

      As a few of you already know, I will be going to the US for a few days. I am accepting a generous invitation by Microsoft to review and provide feedback to one of their newest online technologies. This special event which will be lasting two...
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    Robin Good -- September 22

    Great Presentation Showcases Groove V3 Best Collaboration Features

      A lovely friend pointed me today to a Groove presentation which I hadn't seen before. This excellent audio-visual streaming presentation showcases Groove version 3 new key features and it provides visual examples of how the new features and facilities can be used. Groove v3 is really...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good Recommends -- September 21

    eWeek Stumbles On RSS

      eWeek, one of Ziff-Davis online portals devoted to computers and information techynologies, has just covered with several articles RSS and its potential across enterprise and individual users, but the excitement and unfamiliarity with the topic has made the "professional" journalist stumble on RSS and one of...
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    Robin Good - eWeek -- September 20

    Collaboration Solutions For The Enterprise

      "Can't we make both collaboration and contributing to the corporate knowledge base easy? Because of overcomplicated metadata requirements and document management tools still in their infancy, some enterprises are making it more difficult for people to contribute knowledge. The business process gets defined by the...
    read more | cat.: | Link Matthew Clapp - CMS Watch - [via George Siemens] -- September 20

    Blog + Wiki = Web Collaborator

      Released today, Web Collaborator is a new online collaboration tool which allows online groups to work effectively around the same document. A wiki at its foundations, Web Collaborator has been designed with maximum ease-of-use in mind, and with an extra layer of security and control over...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good Recommends -- September 20

    How To Convert Any Documents Into Flash Or PDF: FlashPaper!

      FlashPaper is Macromedia solution to distributing and repurposing content with ease and cost-effectiveness. The $ 79 software tool, allows anyone to easily convert any printable document into either Web-ready Flash files or highly secure PDF documents. Flash and PDF are by themselves two of the most popular...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good Recommends -- September 19

    Future Directions For Libraries And Information Librarians

      Libraries and librarians are challenged with the most profound changes ever to affect their profession, focus and expected outputs. Their competitive advantage is unique, but it is their unfamiliarity with new approaches to information management that bogs them down to undynamic positions. Their skillset and professional...
    read more | cat.: | Link Content, Not Containers - OCLC -- September 18

    RSS Newsmastering Examples

      Searching and identifying key valuable sources and complex filtering formulas will be the outstanding job of the new information gatherers and publishers online: the NewsMasters. Searching and identifying key valuable sources and complex filtering formulas will be the outstanding job of the new information gatherers and publishers...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good -- September 17

    RSS Wave: Good Examples Of Newsmaster Sites

      As I have been introducing with increasing vigor the notion of a new professional role called the newsmaster, I have received many inquiries about how this fits into corporate information management strategies as well as into online entrepreneurial news business. The most frequent request has been the...
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    Robin Good -- September 17

    Intranet Design Trends For Large Organizations

      Shiv Singh writes an excellent article for Line56 about the trends that will drive most of the large organizations intranet implementations. If you are part of one, here some good food for thought. You may likely resist some of the points listed below, but fact is that...
    read more | cat.: | Link Shiv Singh -- September 16

    Common Fonts And Typefaces Across Browsers And Operating Systems

      Browser News is an online resource devoted exclusively to provide information about Internet browsers and related issues: HTML, compatibility, page load times, standards, and more. Authored by Chuck Upsdell, a Web site designer and engineer himself, Browser News is not a new site and its value comes...
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    Robin Good Recommends -- September 16

    To Achieve Personal Independence You Need To Be An Information Leader

      ... as institutions are turned inside out by technology, globalization, and rising public and client expectations of every sort, the refugees are disappearing. Every professional's job is now the front lines, and the skills of leadership must become central to everyone's conception of themselves as a...
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    Phil Agre - Dept. of Information Studies UCLA - [via OBN - via Francis Good] -- September 15

    The Myth Of The American Free Press: Into The Buzzsaw

      Though this is not a new book (2002), it is one of the best published reports of what goes under, behind and before, the news that Americans (and many others as a consequence) are offered on their TV and newspapers. If you are truly willing to go...
    read more | cat.: | Link Kristina Borjesson - INTO THE BUZZSAW -- September 15

    RSS News For Business And Marketing Applications
      RSS marketing - key questions to ask: 1) In your experience, what are the best marketing and business uses for RSS? Could you perhaps give us some practical examples? 2) But what are the greatest benefits of using RSS as a content delivery vehicle? 3) The number one...
    Link | cat.:
    Robin Good -- September 15

    RSS Wave: Good Ideas For Business And Marketing Applications

      Rok Hrastnik has recently engaged me in a short tour de force around some major questions on the future of email, RSS, and RSS possible uses for business and marketing goals. He is the man behind MarketingStudies, an online resource dedicated to explore many of the...
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    Robin Good -- September 15

    Mozilla Does RSS

      The Mozilla organization has just released a new update of both FireFox, the browser, andThunderbird, the email client, which now integrate a full blog/RSS reader/aggregator along with a number of new features. Mozilla FireFox is a standards-compliant, open-source, free browser which has a strong and rapidly increasing...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good -- September 14

    PowerPoint Six-Pack: Fundamentals To Effective Presentation Design And Delivery

      Six great presentation guidelines for any communication officer who needs to deliver information that is useful, easy-to-understand and memorable. One: Figure out what the audience needs to know, not what you want to say. Two: Design from summary to detail Three: Hide the details Four: Create FAQ slides Five: Nest information Six:...
    read more | cat.: | Link Kathy Jacobs - Lockergnome IT Professionals -- September 14

    About Robin Good: ConferencingNews Gets The Story

      //">ConferencingNews publishes today an interesting interview with me, for which they have patiently waited several months. In it I share some of my background, my career milestones and my present daily work routines. I talk about talk //">Kolabora, //">MasterNewMedia and how they have come about. I...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good - -- September 13

    Design Conventions: Why Standardizing Web Design Is Important

      Web site designers build components of a whole. This is really the essence of this valuable article by Jakob Nielsen preaching the relevance of more standardization in the design of Web sites, to facilitate the user in finding the information being seeked while not having to...
    read more | cat.: | Link Jaob Nielsen - Alertbox -- September 13

    RSS Blender: Mix And Match RSS Content To Amazon Books

      The team at Thinktank23 has once again come up with something worth pointing to. These are the same guys behind Waypath, its unique nifty set of tools, and behind Nav4 one very interesting piece of publishing software that allows rapid categorization of content, creation of taxonomies...
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    John Battelle - Searchblog [via Julian Hope] -- September 12

    Keyword Discovery Service For Your Google Adwords Campaigns: AdWordAccelerator

      AdWordAccelerator is an online service that provides a very convenient set of tools to identify the (cost-)effective keywords combinations to utilize with Google AdWords. Google AdWords is Google's own advertising program which allows any company to start advertising through the contextual text-ads appearing inside Google search...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good Recommends -- September 12

    Free Alternatives To Commercial Software Tools

      This is a good list of free tools that can easily replace commercial software applications we normally use. The software tools in this list are all free replacements for software that people commonly pirate, copy or steal through illegal means. My call: Do not pirate software...
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    Robin Good Recommends -- September 11

    Blinded Skies: Government To Close Access To Satellite Images

      Big Bro to close our eyes to (and from) the skies? A yet to approved Senate bill would provide the ability to the US Government to basically put off limits all of the images coming off from research and monitoring satellites. "Nondisclosure of Certain Products of Commercial...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good - Defensetech -- September 11

    P2P Networks And Evolved Financial Transaction Mechanisms: New Roots For New Media
      Vin Crosbie anticipates the need for two critical evolutionary steps in the digital media world as it transforms itself from a mass media model to a vastly distributed, grassroots model. Though my own time estimates would indicate a much shorter time frame that he indicates, I think...
    Link | cat.:
    Vin Crosbie - ClickZ -- September 10

    RSS To Jabber

      rss2jabber is a new application that gathers RDF/RSS/Atom newsfeeds and sends them to an IM client. It is possible to subscribe to multiple newsfeeds and to select the update frequency and maximum number of articles to be received at every update. To try rss2jabber you need a...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good Recommends -- September 10

    Best Research Articles On Information Architecture

      Peter Morville, author of one of the key reference books on Information Architecture, has published a rich and well-curated list of information architecture resources online. Given his experience, know-how and vision, you can count on this being a must print-out reference. Peter Morville' selected article list...
    read more | cat.: | Link Peter Morville - Semantic Studios -- September 9

    The Politics Of Mass Information

      "in the [attention based economy] of blogs, credit for discovering and filtering information is potent currency. Many blogs when posting links, will also include a link to the site that lead them to the link. This practice, bordering on a custom, creates a relatively smooth, fluid...
    read more | cat.: | Link | Comment
    William Abraham Blaze - [via PersonalPublishing] -- September 9

    Education Needs To Open Up To Consumers As Producers Of Media

      Stephen Downes brings back some great stuff from his keynote presentation delivered at ITI in Utah. The central tenet of his essay is the acknowledgement of a vast, growing tension between the producers of media, both online and traditional, and the consumers of this same media....
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good -- September 9

    Corporate Newsmastering + On-Demand Intelligence = Enterprise Information Integration

      Federated query, Xquery, XML rules and content analysis, are just some of the emerging key ingredients for business research integration, newsmastering and similar new activities entering the coming new fields, inside and outside the enterprise dedicated to the gathering, filtering and intelligent aggregation of specialized information....
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good - Enterpriseappspipeline -- September 8

    Emergency Law Pending To Be Approved In The UK: The Civil Contingencies Act 2004

      The time available is less than a week. This is when the The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 will be debated in the House of Lords of the UK Parliament before being approved. "This bill enables the UK Government to declare a State of Emergency on trivial or...
    read more | cat.: | Link | Comment
    Robin Good - UK Parliament -- September 8

    Personal Media Soon To Replace Mass Media

      "Mass media doesn't exist anymore," says Paul Saffo, a director at the Institute for the Future in Menlo Park, Calif. "Instead we have personal media. Increasingly, people fill their information space with only what they want to see — things that reinforce their worldview. Take away...
    read more | cat.: | Link Mary McNamara - LA Times - [via] -- September 7

    Skype Reviewed

      Slashdot takes up on a New York Times article chanting the many virtues of Skype, the cross-platform free Voice-over-IP technology that allows quality voice communications between any two computers and that has now also added conferencing calls, computer-to-phone calls and direct file transfers among computers. Skype...
    read more | cat.: | Link | Comment
    Robin Good Comments - [via Slashdot - New York Times] -- September 7

    Note-Taking, Attach Digital Sticky Notes As Comments To Your Applications

      Most advanced PC users run a note-taking utility on their computer. They are available in several shapes and sizes. Sticky notes utilities are a specific category, allowing you to quickly jot down a note and stick that to your desktop. A good example is the well-designed...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good -- September 7

    Browser-Based Spell Checking Of Web Forms, Blogs, Emails

      Many bloggers and newsmakers greatly enjoy writing their news, live, while logged directly into their online publishing system. But the more scrupolous and professional ones among them are often forced to cut and paste their content back out of their browser and into another application for...
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    Robin Good Recommends -- September 6

    Human-Factored Web Design: Let The User Be In Control

      "...the designer's job is to provide the features users need in a transparent interface that gets out of the way and lets users focus on the task at hand. Sacred words! "Leading e-commerce sites typically understand this; they sell more when users focus on products rather than...
    read more | cat.: | Link | Comment
    Jakob Nielsen - Alertbox -- September 6

    Browser Statistics According To The W3Schools

      I was not aware that the W3Schools had a public page listing its own browser statistics along with stats data for most popular screen resolutions, most popular operating systems and more. The statistics are made with data coming from the own servers, verified against a...
    read more | cat.: | Link | Comment
    W3C - [via Slashdot] -- September 5

    How To Provide More Effective News Content With The Amazon Model

      Though we have been hearing over and over that markets are conversations and that humans want to hear stories, "the web is not really conducive to story- telling as we know it. Which is a shame. Because good story telling is transforming and it conveys meaning."...
    read more | cat.: | Link | Comment
    Ellen Kampinsky, Shayne Bowman, Chris Willis -- September 4

    Qumana, A New Posting And Personal KM Tool
      This is tool that the blogging community is going to love to get their hands on. It is also a great tool for personal knowledge gathering. I've been in a private beta test of the tool for a couple months now, but it's ready...
    Link | cat.:
    Robin Good -- September 3

    Americans Don't Believe Me: Mental-Health-Screening-Is-Coming-Your-Way

      Thanks to the razor sharp capturing antennas of Sepp Hasslberger, I have been reporting here before of this "cutting-edge" initiative that the US Government is taking forward. But believe me, what strikes me most, is not the news story per se, which is just short of...
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    Illinois Leader - [via Health Supreme] -- September 3

    Experience On-Demand: Personal Content Recorders
      "Nowadays personal digital assistants help us with planning, address information, communication and making notes. Soon they will be able to capture our environment audio-visually and store our perceptual experiences. They turn into personal content managers. Personal content managers will be able to capture, filter, store, analyze and...
    Link | cat.:
    Peter Werkhoven - ACTeN -- September 3

    Personal Content Search And Visualization Tool: Autofocus
      "Finding information hidden in huge amounts of data is one of the constant leitmotivs of Information Visualisation. Autofocus is a software that combines computational linguistics with visualisation to achieve this goal. ...The goal of this program is to simplify the search for existing files in our...
    Link | cat.:
    Juan C. Dürsteler - Inf@Vis! -- September 3

    Who Will Control Advertising?

      "Technology is beginning to allow consumers to control their access to content, just like the remote control let viewers channel surf. Using a variety of technologies, consumers can control what they see, when they see it, and how they see it. They can strip portions of...
    read more | cat.: | Link | Comment
    Eric Picard - ClickZ -- September 2

    How Much Does It Cost To Keep (What Should Be) Public Information Secret?
      "The 9/11 Commission, leaders in Congress -- even the government's top secret-keeper -- all agree that Washington's penchant for keeping information under wraps has grown out of control. Now, a coalition of watchdog groups has documented just how much it's costing to keep all those records...
    Link | cat.:
    Noah Shachtman - Wired News - [via Rense] -- September 1

    Definitions Dictionary At Your Fingertips: CleverKeys
      "CleverKeys is free cross-platform (PC, Mac) software that provides instant access to definitions at, synonyms at, and more from most any Windows or Mac OS application, including word processors, Web browsers and e-mail programs. With CleverKeys, the answers are just a click away. Learn more,...
    Link | cat.:
    Chris Gupta - Share The Wealth -- September 1

    How To Measure Link Desirability? Link Appeal

      If you are looking for yet another indicator to assess the credibility, authority or popularity of a Web site you may like to add Link Appeal among your list of valuable resources. Link Appeal computes a reference score (1-10) which integrates factors such as Google PageRank, the...
    read more | cat.: | Link | Comment
    Robin Good Recommends -- September 1

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