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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Why Rich Italians Get Loans In NYC: A True Story

About a month ago, an Italian entered a New York bank and asked to speak with an agent dealing with money loans.

The Italian gentleman told the bank agent that he needed to go to Italy for a couple of weeks and needed to borrow about USD $ 5,000.

The bank agent naturally informed the Italian gentleman that the bank required some form of guarantee in order to approve such operation.

At that point the Italian took out the keys of a Ferrari which was nicely parked in front of the bank. He also submitted the circulation permit and the insurance documents that he had with him.

(Photo credit: Jeroen Wiersma (32) Amsterdam, Netherlands



The bank agent accepted to take the Ferrari as guarantee for the money to be borrowed.

The president of the bank and his colleagues enjoyed quite a few laughs thinking about the Italian who had utilized a 250,000 dollars Ferrari as a guarantee to get a 5,000 money loan.

Then a bank employee took the Ferrari into the bank underground garage.

Two weeks later the Italian gentleman came back and returned the 5,000 dollars he had borrowed while paying interests on them for 15 dollars and 41 cents.

The bank employee who had closed the loan with him says: "Dear Sir, we are really delighted to have had you as a customer and that this operation went smoothly and successfully. But you need to excuse us: we are a bit confused. We have gathered some information about you and we have realized you are a millionaire. What we have been asking ourselves is why you have taken the pain of asking a loan of $ 5,000."

The Italian gentleman replied without hesitation: "In your opinion, where can I find a place in New York City where I can park my Ferrari for a month for 15 dollars and 41 cents while making sure that I can find it at my return?"

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