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Saturday, July 10, 2004

The Spreading Of New Ideas: Each One Counts

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Does the individual have an effect on society by sharing his ideas and future dreams through email, Web sites, blogs?


Can online activists have an impact on new legislation?

Are fame and public visibility important to affect change?

To really bring about change is it enough to talk and exchange with others within our networks and circles of friends or do we need something more?

To these questions and more, my close friend, change and Communication Agent Sepp Hasslberger of Health Supreme tries to provide his best answers and advice.

According to his view "We are players of a new kind, like ants that act in synthony but do not have a command structure", all simultaneously working from many different directions at shaking the foundations of the paradigms holding us back from realizing our true potential on this planet (and elsewhere).

New ideas and change have had always a hard time in taking roots and never before change agents on this planet had at their disposal such a reserve of ammunitions and vast army of volunteer militants contributing to the change cause.

It is by helping these ideas spread further and deeper, now, that each one of us, can not only affect change, but speed up the process through which this happens while guaranteeing longer life to the very ideas you help spread out.

"We all live in a world of interconnection... a world of continuous dynamics... a world of perpetual and neverending information transport.

In order for our socitey to thrive, we must communicate.

New ideas, concepts, and feelings all transverse the globe daily - eventually reaching a recipient who will then be given the gift of understanding. Comprehension. Opportunity."

(Photo and citation: Joseph Sorensen (19) Chicago, IL, United States)

In the game of things, we are participants and potentially we are players.

But we often have a wrong conception of what it means to be a player.

Fame and public visibility are not the only qualities of a player, in fact, these days most people with fame and public visibility are NOT players at all - merely puppets to make us think there is someone of our own playing the game. In reality, the game is played by people who aren't even visible. They act through their puppets and through corporations, but essentially they are the minds behind, not the ones out in the limelight.

Some of the players, some of the strong personalities that were out in the limelight have met untimely ends, but we need not be overly concerned with that.

We are players of a new kind, like ants that act in syntony but do not have a command structure.

One individual makes an important part of the whole but none makes such a vital part that the whole could not proceed without them.

The idea is that of working as an AntWeb (see article by Roger Eaton, who is mulling the idea), where people are linked up, but things proceed not so much on the shoulders of one individual but on the "web" as such.

While of course everything you do on the net is "public property", we no more need to attain fame and public visibility to have an impact and so become targets for elimination.

Doing whatever we can do within our own circle of friends and acquaintances is enough to qualify as a contribution to the web that is humanity, and which is becoming more and more tangible as things progress.

Somehow we contribute, even if only by having an idea and communicating it to ONE other person (better of course if it's two or three ...), to the development of that "collective consciousness" that humanity is growing up to be.

The truth is: EACH ONE OF US COUNTS in the way that we CAN contribute.

We do not have to, we do have a choice.

But one of the options is to play, in whatever small way we can.

As more and more people play, there is no way to pick out THE individual which, if eliminated, will stop the progressing of a particular idea. And since there is no profit, few if any will indeed be targetted.

Paradoxically, the more we are public, the more we are out there, the less of a target we become, because so many people ALREADY know what we have to say, that there is no gusto any more in eliminating any one of us.

In comparison, if someone has important knowledge and keeps it hidden for fear of exposure, they ARE a target, because by eliminating only one person, the idea can be prevented from taking its course.

"Great nations are simply the operating fronts of behind-the-scenes, vastly ambitious individuals who had become so effectively powerful
because of their ability to remain invisible while operating behind
the national scenery."

- Buckminster Fuller, Critical Path

written by
Sepp Hasslberger
Health Supreme

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2005-08-18 16:56:47


I have an idea that is now ready to share with everyone interested in sharing ideas to change the world!

From the topical writing on your site, I think that you might be ideally suited to assess what I have created. I have developed what can best be described as the conceptual model of a Universal Exchange of Ideas. There are no technical specifications for the system, but I am hoping that you won’t find any technical challenges per se. At this point, I am really just hoping that you can just give me an opinion as to whether it would work or not.

posted by Robin Good on Saturday, July 10 2004, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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