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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Weblogs And RSS For Business And Marketing: Counterpoint With Brio

Here is my personal follow-up commentary to the last RSS Weekly event that took place last Thursday, June 17th online.

My review of some key points that emerged from that event act also as a bridge to the opinions expressed by Eric Rice in his follow-up audio post to this very event.

My comments cover the issue of the newsmaster, companies and their use of RSS, what can we do to change this, advertising and RSS.

I am also inviting Eric Rice and any other independent researcher or news blogger to engage with me further in this conversation, by making this a live synchronous conversation, where the two conversing challenge each other on a topic for a specific amount of time. The ensuing conversation/discussion is recorded as it unfolds and made available on both author sites for others to comment on, discuss asynchronously or spin further into other voice conversations.



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