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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Voice Publishing Comes Of Age:

This is my first audio recording with Audioblog posted directly to my MovableType content management system (blog).

I am impressed and pleased with the extreme ease of use, accessibility and immediacy.

Last but not least the price is just right. USD $ 4.95/month it's a hard one to beat. Recommended.

(Who's up next to provide, in the same fashion with some videoblogging ability?)



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2005-01-19 07:35:17

Jonathan Aquino

May I add that on the other hand offers free unlimited audio hosting. Caveats: it only works with the (free) Blogger blogging service; plus, you can't upload MP3's - just post-by-phone; also, posts are limited to 5 minutes.

But, free! Guess you can do stuff like that when you are owned by Google.

2005-01-19 07:32:44

Jonathan Aquino

The fine print turns me off. If your bandwidth usage exceeds the 1GB/month limit, your credit card will be auto-charged for $2 per additional GB. Plus the Terms of Service are pretty severe - if you fail to pay, they have the right to delete all your data after 10 days. Ugh.

2004-05-13 13:35:14

Bill Vick

Wow - what a great concept and implementation. Noah Glass and Eric Rice have a winner!


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