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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Online Celebration With Live Collaboration Tools

In the full spirit of what Robin Good has best to offer I will follow my instinct and play the humble guest for my first New Year's celebration online.


a) I want to help others learn more about technologies that help them communicate and learn more effectively,

b) I want to learn from this group of end users how they manage and take advantage of this unique online collaboration tools,

c) I want to enrich myself by listening and looking and by utilizing the moment of this celebration to bridge farther away with the very tools that I recommend so much.

As kindly invited by Xiao Xi of the Huanggang Teachers University in China, I will be shortly celebrating online with them the new year ( in advance of seven hours to my local new year's celebrations).




Professors, assistants, researchers and students are celebrating the beauty of meeting and collaborating together online through the use of some cutting-edge grass-roots technology that provides to the excellent VoIP along with co-browsing, chatting and even some low-band videoconferencing.

I was truly excited by their invitation and of being virtually part of such a distant community celebrating the new year. It was only yesterday that I had met Xiao Xi who was looking for some solution to his online collaboration needs.

Two days ago I didn't now him, today I am celebrating the New Year with him and his staff! If this a preclude to the kind of social changes that online communication and collaboration tools will be bringing about in the coming years I see a world that is as different and anew as nothing I have seen in movies.

If you have a Windows PC with microphone and speakers and Internet Explorer installed, head to and click on the small pop-up window where the Happy New Year phrase is displayed.

You will be taken to a TalkingCommmunities powered online meeting room and in no time you will be able to meet and greet your fellow chinese brothers and sisters at the School of Foreign Studies, Huanggang Teachers University.

Thanks Xiao Xi and Happy New Year!

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2004-01-01 10:56:38

Suhit Anantula


A Happy and Peaceful year ahead for you!

Just read in Le Fever's blog about your Jungle tour.

You do some amazing stuff.


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