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Monday, December 8, 2003

No More Phone Bills: We Can Have OUR Telephone System Now!

This is breakthrough information.

Fasten your seat belt now.

a) $3-5 a week

b) no phone bill

c) free 710Kbit dedicated Internet access

d) free video conferencing

e) free mobile phone calls

f) free instant messengers

g) free SMS, free MMS,

h) more

Too good to be true?

Read on...

"New developments in wireless technology have presented communities with an opportunity to banish the phone bill forever and replacing it with a flat rate fee of between £2 - £3 per week.

The system uses the new wireless networking cards (802.16) and modified routers from which puts deployment costs at £500 per node."

According to MarkMcCarron of Free the time, technology and economics have arrived to make it possible for any sufficient number of us to create our own independent telephone system and to be free from telecom providers and monthly phone bills forever.

Inspired by a project dedicated to create a 4G mobile network that would be owned by a charity and which would not be using any present-day mobile phone technology Mark McCarron goes on to outlining what we have only dreamed until now.



Thought the Roamfree site is still under development people are invited to start contributing and posting their articles and comments to this revolutionary ideas.

Here is an excerpted outline of the main key points supporting this breakthrough approach to voice communications:

The backbone would operate on the 802.16 standard capable of a throughput of 70Mbits at a range of 30Km.

This means that as that 4 nodes can provide a coverage of 900 sq km (30Km x 30Km grid).

The island of Ireland is 84,288 sq km (32,544 sq. mi.) Ireland's greatest length is 485 km (302 miles) and it is 304 km (189 miles) at its widest point.

To provide a single 70Mbit backbone for Ireland, 94 routers are required at a cost of £47,000.

To provide a 10Gbit backbone of 142 10Gbit 'lines', that would take 13,429 routers at a cost of £6,714,786 (unit cost £500).

Ireland has about 4.5 million residents, so that equates to around £1.50 per citizen to purchase outright.

2 million subscribers paying £1 per week would generate £104 million a year.

This would allow a backbone of 154Gbits (142, 154Gbit lines) capable of effectively delivering, under 100% loading, 710Kbits (over twice as fast as BT broadband) throughput to each of the 2 million connections of network/internet access.

This can also be bought each year!

After 5 years there would be 770Gbits providing, at 100% loading, 3.55Mbit guaranteed minimum.

McCarron goes on to painting a too-good-to-be-true scenario of the fall-off benefits in terms of potential jobs and additional financial gains that could be obtained by following this revolutionary approach to both business and private phone communications.

For whatever amount of good truth there is in this piece, it is time we start to look more seriously at these options and start aggregating resources and minds that would facilitate the widespread use and adoption of these technologies for the benefit of everyone.

Thanks Mark for bringing this information out in the open for all of us!
Merry Christmas back to you.

Full story here: No more phone bills, ever, thanks to wireless By Mark McCarron, December 7th 2003, Free

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2003-12-09 09:38:43


The open system meme. Good.

How robust is it? Will it fail completely if it succeeds only in parts, or at some early adopter sites? Will the empire strike back?

Interesting times.

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