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Thursday, November 27, 2003

iChat Breaker - Squidcam Makes Mac And PCs Videoconference At Once

SquidCam is a video and audio chat application enabling you to have a conversation with one or more people using SquidCam over a network (LAN and/or Internet) connection.


SquidCam features audio and video connectivity, text messaging, and an automated video answering machine, all without the need of a special service.

Squidcam presents an extremely simple and intuitive user interface that takes zero time to be learned.

Among the cutting-edge features are:

1) a variable video frame rate allowing the user fine control on the amount of bandwidth and quality used during a session.

2) a LAN-based video conferencing mode that allows easy and immediate multi-party conferences on an internal network.

3) Support for many NAT and routers configurations (it supports AirPort).

4) Integrates a custom video scale option, and support for all aspect ratios and resolutions to a maximum of 1280x1024!




According to beta testers reports and my initial testing performance can be expected tom be better than iChat in several instances and audio quality seems not to degrade over time.

Customer support is very responsive and lots of useful and clearly written information is available on the SquidSoft Web site.

Release 1.5 of Squidcam for Mac OS X is now available and it offers full audio and video conferencing between people on Mac OS X and Windows PC users.

The Windows version is still in beta but it is reportedly stable and well performing. Please see detailed user comments at VersionTracker.

The Squidcam application is less than a megabyte in size and it fits on a standard floppy diskette.

Squidsoft provides also an excellent and up-to-date list of all audio-video devices supported by its new cutting-edge technology. Please see a full list of Squidcam supported peripherals here.

Free try-out downloads:

Download SquidCam v1.5b4 (Beta) for Windows (442k)

Download SquidCam v1.4.1b30 (Beta) for Windows (424k)

Download SquidCam v1.5 for Mac OS X (656k)

How much does SquidCam cost?
SquidCam is $25 US. The unregistered version has certain limitations, while the registered version gives you unlimited access to all features.

Limitations in the unregistered version are:

  • A maximum of five minutes per chat session
  • Only one incoming call per application session (i.e. you may only receive one call each time SquidCam is executed)
  • A single, five minute LANcast session per application session

    System Requirements:
    Any Macintosh computer running MacOS X (minimum of 10.1.5 recommended; compatible with MacOS X 10.2) or Windows (Win2k or WinXP recommended).
    A dual ISDN line (128 Kbps) connection is the minimum recommendation for using Squidcam.

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    2004-07-21 08:00:14

    cefe rino

    ¿is this software able to connect to netmeeting?

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