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Sunday, November 23, 2003

Cost-Effective Alternative To Create Acrobat PDF Files

activePDF Composer
= must have
Software (Win)
Free to try - $ 79

In response to Adobe abandonment of the single-copy sales of lower-priced "office" PDF creation software to its competitors and of its strategic decision to set up a minimum-1,000-copy minimum purchase requirement for the purchase of Acrobat Elements activePDF Composer has entered the desktop market with the launch of a $79 product for PDF creation that is poised to challenge the long-established PDF creation leader (Adobe).

The software, based on the Jaws PDF Creator software, is aimed at medium sized organizations, SOHO and to the design markets, as well as the typical home user.

The Composer feature-set integrates all of the basic Adobe Acrobat functionalities at a price that is very affordable without forcing the user to give up any of the Adobe features or limiting the user in the capability to effectively convert ant type of document to PDF with extreme ease of use and quality of results. These include:

  • Convert files containing PostScript/EPS files
  • Compression Options
  • ZIP Compression
  • JPEG Compression (high, medium, low)
  • Compress text and line art
  • Embed all fonts
  • Optionally embed base 14 fonts
  • Subset fonts
  • Print directly to PDF from any application
  • Option to save user defined configurations
  • Microsoft Word & PowerPoint Macros for creating structured PDF files
  • Password security using 40 or 128-bit encryption from RSA Corporation
  • Option to output files to a specified folder
  • View PDF file after creation
  • Send the PDF as an email attachment
    and more.
    Composer also includes other innovative functionalities including PDF creation from the desktop and from inside Internet Explorer. Composer's 'ToPDF' module streamlines the Postscript to PDF conversion process through robust drag-and-drop functionality which allows the user to simply drop her files onto a desktop icon that automatically starts PDF conversion automatically. The 'Send to...' PDF feature enables the user to right-click a PostScript file in Windows Explorer and instantly convert it to PDF. Additionally, tight integration with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint allows the smooth conversion of documents to PDF with a one-click operation.

    Quality of conversion is of high quality as it does not rely on GDI level drivers but on true PostScript to PDF conversion routines.

    A free try-out version is available here.




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    2007-04-25 10:51:51

    Evan Reed

    Amyuni Technologies offers great PDF solutions for both developers and end-users at affordable costs.

    Take a look:

    2006-12-14 23:25:28


    Check out Nitro PDF Professional ( Currently on sale for $89. All the features of Adobe Acrobat for 1/3 the price.

    2004-11-29 12:47:14


    ExpressPDF is an online service that lets you convert your Microsoft Office documents to PDF.
    This service can also convert Web pages to PDF.

    It's FREE, use it !

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