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Thursday, November 20, 2003

Test Your Website At Modem Speed And See Which Images Slow You Down

Optiview Cool Tools
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Optiview Cool Tools is a great set of free online services that allow you to easily gauge the waste of bandwidth and download time your Web graphics are imposing on your online visitors.

Most of you are quite familiar with the issue of bloated graphics slowing down many a site due to the significant amount of extra time needed, for users on dial-up Internet connections, to have all of the images inserted on a Web page display fully on their user screens.

Unless digital images are optimized for Web use, it is almost inevitable to fall into the trap of creating Web pages much heavier and slow to load than really necessary.

Fact is, that saving in JPG, GIF or PNG is not enough to get good results. Optimizing images for the web requires careful adjustment, appropriate compression and intelligent selection of which format is best to use. And this is not an easy task.

Optiview comes to the rescue with a wondreful online set utilities, set to educate and inform you instantly on how badly your graphics affect your site.

The most interesting one is PageRacer which allows you to specify any URL of your Web site and see it displayed as if it was received by someone on a 56K dial-up connection.

Even more interesting is the fact that side by side to the 56K emulation you have another identical window loading your same Web page with all of the graphics optimized by Optiview highly efficient solution. Very valuable!
Click here to start the test.

Quickscan is another effective utility that will check the first 10 pages of your Web site for bloated and duplicate images that slow Web page loading.
Click here to start the test.

The Line Speed Tester allows you to see how fast your Internet connection really is when viewed from different areas in the US. Is your office T-1 or cable modem really that fast? The utility provides a generic download test which starts up automatically but it also provides optimized download for all line connection speeds as to have a more precise assessment of your effective data rate. Click here to start the test.




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