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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Online Learning Through Multimedia Investigation

An excellent educational resource is the one that Lisa Neal (editor-in-Chief of eLearn Magazine), as a project leader, carried out for Plimoth Plantation's new site:

"You Are the Historian: Investigating the First Thanksgiving."


The site does an excellent job of guiding children to an understanding of what a historian is, how they work, and what is known about the harvest celebration that became known as the First Thanksgiving.

The site is a complete visual experience (full-screen, Flash-based) and it is indeed very engaging, professionally designed and, I must say, thoughtfully conceived in all of its aspects.

Ease of use and accessibility are top class, and outside of the fact that only people having a speedy connection to the Internet may enjoy this in full, I would recommend it to any company or organization looking for effective examples of excellent online multimedia used for education and public awareness purposes.

Highly recommended.



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2004-04-28 19:01:01

Wolfe Justin

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