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Saturday, November 15, 2003

Global Learn Day Showcases The Best Of Live Web Conferencing With Live Voice And Presentations

The countdown has been running for a while and only a few hours (8 at this time) are left before the Global Learn Day takes off online.


This is a live event bringing together people from all over the world to talk and discuss issues relating to celebrating the effectiveness of learning and to "increase and accelerate affordable access to education, worldwide".

For the ones of you on PC/Windows you can jump in and see what is happening even during the preparation that is going on right now. Head on to this URL.

I find the event preparation and setup a wonderful way to study how these new technologies are being used spontaneously without having everybody buttoned up for the main show.

This live event uses one new cutting edge technology allowing full VoIP (voice over IP), co-browsing, integral text chat facilities and full moderator controls. Audio quality is excellent, as well as the other simple controls embedded into this powerful grass-roots solution.

Global Learn Day - more info here.
Questions about GLD

Entrance To The Main Live Conference Room



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Nice Site!

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