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Monday, November 10, 2003

Creating Awareness Through Simple Stories: The Meatrix

If you are about to have lunch at Mc Donald's, skip this one.

Here is a nice approach to creating awareness around a difficult issue.

Through a simple animated Flash-story the people at strike a good shot at creating a very cost-effective public awareness piece, which is informative, ironic and accessible by any target audience.


The Meatrix tells the story of Leo, a pig who lives in a fantasy world where small, family-run farms still exist.

Moopheus, the cow who leads the farming resistance, frees Leo from his delusions and shows him the truth: In the real world, animals are mass-produced on factory farms. Moopheus shows Leo how these farms are cruel to animals and destructive to the environment, and Leo joins the resistance to stop the factory-farming machine.

Unfortunately, many people are still trapped in The Meatrix. They believe that farmed animals roam freely on sprawling hills and are gently "put to sleep" before being killed, but today's factory farms are nothing like this fantasy world.

Animals raised for food lead miserable lives, during which they are not allowed even a shred of dignity.

Chickens and turkeys are crammed into tiny cages and overcrowded warehouse floors and are bred to grow so quickly that their legs often break under their own bulk.

Pigs, who are very intelligent and social animals, spend their lives in metal stalls that are so narrow that they cannot even turn around.

Cows live on slabs of feces-encrusted concrete and are forced to endure freezing cold and blistering heat while being transported to slaughterhouses where they are often hacked apart, piece by piece, as they move down the line.

Farmed animals are debeaked, castrated, and branded and have their tails cut off--all without painkillers.

Every aspect of their lives involves intense suffering, pain, and fear.

You have the power to stop the cruelty and escape The Meatrix.

While I am not suggesting anyone to become a vegetarian, it is always good to know what is going below the shiny surface.

Click here and edutain about a few things you may have not known about the fairy journey your preferred meal takes before reaching your belly, by looking at the Meatrix.



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