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Monday, November 3, 2003

Microsoft Attempt To Phase Out Simultaneously HTML, CSS, PDF, Flash, DOM, XUL, SVG, SMIL

"Microsoft may be attempting to simultaneously obsolete HTML, CSS, DOM, XUL, SVG, SMIL, Flash, PDF. At this point, the SDK documentation is too incomplete to firmly judge how well XAML compares with these formats, but I hope this lights a fire under the collective butt of the W3C, Macromedia, and Adobe. 2006 is going to be a fun year."

[Source:Joe Hewitt]

Jon Udell says:

"Seriously, if the suite of standards now targeted for elimination from Microsoft's actively-developed portfolio were a technological dead end, ripe for disruption, then we should all thank Microsoft for pulling the trigger. If, on the other hand, these standards are fundamentally sound, then it's a time for what Clayton Christensen calls sustaining rather than disruptive advances."

From all standpoints it looks like independent publishers need to keep an eye on formats and standards being created and in advocating and defending the right for using tools that are not the exclusive monopoly of anyone brand.

Though the shadow of Microsoft Longhorn is still relatively distant, it is now the right moment to equip oneself with the tools and know-how that can allow you full survival and independence even when gates will be closed.



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2006-02-28 16:37:55

Colin s

They probably are but I can't see any developers taking them seriously on this...just look at the ODF fud that microsoft are trying to throw around...They are probably trying to destroy ODF by using XAML as a tool to do it...

Microsoft 0 Sane professionals 10

(Look how their passport idea went down!!) I think that ms are finally starting to feel the pain of not really being listened to anymore!? Google are the new IT giants not Microsoft...they are becoming a failing business model!

2004-05-13 12:07:36


Are you people mad. Microsoft is about as qualified to maintain a standard over the internet as I am to govern iraq. Note Microsoft Windows being the only operating system to require a daily security alert. Note their hijacking of the Java Platform, note that they are mainly responsible for the inaccuracies and defficiencies the internet is currently suffering. Those who developed the original infastructure to the www also clearly stated guidelines and operating procedures which microsoft then ignored not in the name of science and progress, but in the name of "Market Share" and "Profit". Sustainability is clearly the answer. We have a handful of great tools with which to develop with already, all dependant on the other which eliminates any possibility of monopoly and forces developers to create the best tools possible. All that remains is for the browsers to fall into line and we'll be laughing.

2003-11-05 12:43:17

Dennis Gerik

This should be interesting to follow... Especially since it appears that "XAML" or "Transaction Authority Markup Language" is actually a specification that Bowstreet, Hewlett-Packard Company, IBM, Oracle Corporation, and Sun Microsystems are currently trying to define... I guess M$ is trying to steal of thunder from some of their "old" rivals... :-)

2003-11-03 17:04:21


Cool. Microsoft can do it well. Why not absorb them (the various formats) into the borg?


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