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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Want To Design And Deliver Great PowerPoint Presentations?

I am just about ready to send out a new issue of MasterView International, my monthly information-paced newsletter about creating and managing PowerPoint presentations for international audiences.


Issue #20 of MasterView brings to your inbox a full text-based report of 25 pages which includes the following titles:

1) When To Use Arial And When To Use Verdana Inside A
PowerPoint Presentation?

2) What Is Information Design?

3) How To Convert PowerPoint Presentations Into HTML/ Web Pages

4) Best New Tools To Deliver Online PowerPoint Presentations

Ask MasterView: Answers To Your Questions

5) How To Distribute A PowerPoint File On CD-ROM So That
Everyone, Including People On Macs, Can See It

6) How To Get Links Going From A Presentation To Office
Documents To Open Consistently In The Foreground?

7) How To Use Relative Rather Than Absolute Links In A
PowerPoint Presentation?

8) How Do You Access ClipArt When PowerPoint Refuses You
To Access It?

9) How Do You Deliver PowerPoint Presentations Online While
Being Able To Preview Each Slide?

If you like what you are reading above, get your email inside the subscription box available on each and every page of MasterView.

Do it now and get the latest issue in minutes!



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