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Monday, October 20, 2003

Looking For A Cost-Effective and Powerful Online Collaboration Solution? Stop Running. Ask The Expert: Robin Good Spills The Beans Again!

Open Q&A Group Session Online

  1. How do you find out which are the newest and best Web conferencing tools?


  2. Is there anyone tool that can do what GoToMyPC does while accepting multiple users?

  3. If you need to do remote technical support and assistance to geographically dispersed groups, what tools are there that can do this job effectively?

  4. Do you know that there are new Web conferencing solutions allowing you a lot more than WebEx or Centra can offer? At 50% or less of their price?

  5. Is Groove the ideal solution to real-time collaboration or are there other tools that can do the same or better?

  6. Which one is the best VoIP (Voice over IP) available today on the market?

  7. Which services allow me to upload my PowerPoint presentations to the Web and help me run a live presentation without much fuss and at competitive rates?

  8. Is Skype the best Voice-over-IP tool available online? What about needing to talk in groups of three or more? Is there a voice tool that can do that with high quality and at low-cost?
  9. If I was to use one tool to demonstrate my new software to prospective customers online do you know what I would choose?

  10. How do you run a live classroom online without spending thousands of dollars?

    If anyone of the above questions is what you have been looking to find out,



    join me in my next online open Group Q&A session.

    "Ask All The Forbidden Questions About Web Conferencing" and get all of the answers you are looking for one low-price.

    My open day clinic is accessible all day and you don't need to come at a pre-established time.

    Just sign-up and then find your preferred time on either Wednesday 29th or Friday 31st of October to come and visit me in my online conference room. You will have all of my undivided attention for as much time as I can share with you in this public consultation.

    There is no time-limit for you to ask questions or remain in my office to listen to other customers and questions. This is a learning exchange for all, and I am very happy to allow you to get the maximum benefit from this.

    While there will be others coming in as you, YOU will have ALL THE TIME YOU NEED to discuss your topics of interest in this way, rather than forcing everyone into a one-hour Q&A session.

    Requirements to participate:

  11. PC Windows computer (if you are on a Mac I need to set up a special session with you. Just email me and I will do the rest)
  12. 56 Kbps or better connection to the Internet
  13. Audio speakers and microphone or preferably a headset with integrated mike
  14. Sign-up now for the next Q&A session "Ask All The Forbidden Questions About Web Conferencing", taking place Wednesday October 29th and Friday October 31st at the following times:

    First Option: Wednesday October 29th
    A-L-L- D-A-Y - from 9 am (New York) to 7pm
    equivalent to: 6am through 4pm PST
    equivalent to: 2pm through midnight GMT
    equivalent to: 7pm to 5am Asia
    equivalent to: 10pm to 8am Australia

    Second Option: Friday October 31st
    all day (see above for exact times)

    Due to very large number of requests for this live consulting service in the first two sessions I have increased prices and differentiated the options available:

    Pre-register now: USD $ 39.95 -

    Early registrants get:

    1. a complimentary copy of my best-selling book
      target="_blank" href="
      =books&n=507846">available on Amazon: target="_blank" href="">NewsGod (a $ 29.95 value). Learn more about target="_blank" href="">how to be the first to know everything about anything right

    2. Your choice of day (between Wed Oct.
      and Fri Oct 31st)

    3. Your choice of time! (All
      from 9am to 7pm EST)

    4. No time-limit - you can ask and participate
      for as long as you need.

    5. USD $ 39.95 instead of full $ 99.95!.

      Early registrants offer is valid for all signing up before October

    Just come at the time you are most comfortable
    and join me in my private consulting office
    throughout the day 9am to 7pm EST.

    I look forward to hear from you!

    Late Registration (from Oct. 23rd): USD $ 99.95

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