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Thursday, October 16, 2003

Learn How To Become An Independent Online Journalist/Reporter/Opinion Maker

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New Internship Opportunities With Robin Good

Learn How To Become An Independent Online Journalist/Reporter/Opinion Maker


Learn-by-doing how to make a profit while sharing your best know-how with others and having to continuously study and research your favourite topic(s).

Become an online knowledge entrepreneur, an online publisher/author, or a skilled training and information service.
Sign-up now for an internship with me, Robin Good, and if you pass my simple testing phase we will be working together, side-by-side and day-to-day, until you can go and fly with your own wings.

Both here in my large downtown Rome office, or at-a-distance wherever you may be in the world, I am more than open to look at your application and to see if our paths can cross, while you are learning what you want to know most: how to edit, write, design, publish and market online.

If you like the idea of learning by doing and of being exposed to many interesting and challenging online projects and people, you may like to read what someone else before you had to say about learning here with me:

"Dear Robin,

thank you so much for this year in your Sharewood Forest where I have indeed discovered so many new things and where I have learned to start walking off the beaten track.

Your personal mission of helping and empowering individuals to communicate, publish and learn more effectively with information and communication technologies immediately draw me in.

I wanted to find out if this mission can be really fulfilled - and, to be honest, I was a bit afraid that it would turn out to be just a beautiful dream."

"But what happened? I found out that a lot more is possible than I
had ever thought.

I have learned by reading MasterMind and by doing my own research, guided by you, that there really IS a great amount of innovative and cost-effective tools and technologies out there that can help people to regain the initiative and start designing their own future, while becoming independent and sustainable.

Look Robin, what you have done!

I do not even feel the need to put a special emphasis in thanking you for teaching me how to use so many tools properly and for all the skills I was able to form and extend under your guidance (like information design, writing for the web, creative techniques and marketing online) since there are so many things
that I have gotten from you that are of even bigger value to me.

It's like in the Louvre where you are just too overwhelmed to notice all the little things that are valuable themselves. Please forgive me for this.

However, I want to mention explicitly how important was the experience of working with you and the "Robin Good Team" for my personal development. I know you didn't ask me for this, but this spontaneous testimonial is the only tangible, time-resistant opportunity I have to than you publicly for your tremendous skills, openness and ability to guide open-minded learners.

I have indeed learned to communicate more effectively, I have learned to listen more openly to new ideas, I have learned to be more playful and daring, I have learned to experiment more.

Last but not least, I have learned to question things that I had long given for granted I learned again to discover new ways in which things I though I long knew could be done in altogether different and more effective ways.
Thanks for that too...

Lovely Robin, let me say it all.

Another thing I discovered in this beautiful learning journey with you, is the strong sense of community and synergy within the Internet community of people sharing your same ideas and visions. The support and backing you get from other independents, the inspiration, all the creative exchanges, the openness and willingness to share ideas and resources to make something grow.

Wow! I feel, so empowered by knowing all of this and I can see how powerful indeed can be the skill of communicating effectively even for those concerned with bringing deep social change to problem areas.

Robin, I consider your sites and the MasterMind Explorer newsletter as an absolutely must-have assets for my future and best resources for both individuals, NGOs, small business and everyone else that has to say something but is not able to invest in expensive technologies.

Robin, be sure that your guidance, vision and skills will be a life-time resource for me and that I will recommend your work to all the people that can profit from it.

To close, I have to say, that, more than anything else, I wish you and all the other independent publishers to enjoy your ability to make sharing knowledge and valuable information an ethical affair which can also pay back itself nicely.

I have seen you do it and I know you are on the right track. You are just ahead of the times! Hang in there, and you will have lines of people outside your door.

You give away so much for free and you really should not be ashamed of asking something in return. (Remember that in airplanes they always advice parents to put there life masks on first, and then care for their kids. Everyone understands why.)

Nicole Neuberger
age: 24
citizenship: German
(former Robin Good intern - 12 months)
now: Independent online editor, marketing specialist, usability engineer
employed: in an Internet-based travel agency

So, do you, like Nicole Neuberger, want to come and learn how to
become a true effective communicator in the times to come?

Sign-up now for an internship with me!
I am going to select my new interns in the coming few weeks so rush up now if you are seriously interested.

Spend 6-months to one year learning by doing what it takes to be
a unique reporter, an online editor, an Internet journalist, an information designer and an emarketing specialist all rolled into one.

Multidisciplinarity is the mantra of twentyfirst century communicators.

You have to excel at writing, researching, editing, testing, reviewing, and assembling together skills and resources ranging from pen ship to usability engineering and from presentation to interface design.

If you have a talent, a vocation or a serious intention to work around these skills, I think that you will fall in love with what I offer here.

In a completely informal, de-schooled environment, where there are no official time zones or not-available areas you can finally plunge into learning what you like best with the mentorship from the guy who sets the rules and trends himself.

Protected by the thick walls of a beautiful 150 sqm. office in downtown Rome,
you can give a glance at the direct view of St.Peter's "cupola" standing only a few hundred yeards away, while flashing through megabytes of data at over 2.2 Mbits of Internet speed.

Jump from here to any part of the eternal city thanks to one-block-away direct-underground connection.

If you are at-a-distance you will discover how great it can be to work side-by-side even when thousands of miles are between us. I will make you feel like you are sitting next to me.

Put your pictures up in Nicole's former office and start working now at becoming now the online reporter, researcher, journalist or educator you have always wanted to be.

Here you can find the peace and tranquillity for focusing on the skills the online world needs the most today.

More info:

Internship duration: 6 to 12 months
(6 hours daily - 6 days a week)

Venue: Downtown Rome or Online

Costs: free (pay your learning by working on real projects)

How to apply: Send a letter stating your goals and reasons to
join this program to Robin.Good[at] Include in
the email:

  1. Your personal mission statement

  2. Reasons why you want to do this with Robin Good and not

  3. Key skills - what you already know best

  4. Computer expertise - tools you are familiar with

  5. Language skills (English required)

  6. Your photo

  7. Your non-academic background

  8. Your academic background

  9. Your criteria for achieving success through this internship
    (define now by what variables will you judge this internship as
    being successful at the end of its course?)

    I look forward to hear from you!

    Robin Good

Readers' Comments    
2012-07-26 07:30:04

Genesther Taylor

R u still out there and offering to assist in becoming an independent? I am a whistleblower who the US has tried to stop me from talking (government corruption in California) Would like to get the word out

2008-09-24 02:56:16

dimitri ruggeri

I'm really sorry! this is my second post... I'm interested too. MEdia education and Blog is the real education.

2007-04-11 12:21:20


I Livia,I'm an italian girl..I'm very interested in this opportunity but I would like to know more about this work. Can I contact you? thank you so much.

2007-02-24 13:34:39

adebiyi abiodun

Assuredly, I will need to be goaded into honing my writing skills, but my fear is that I came across this site late; because the date when this privilege for internship was published was over a year.I was just thinking probably there could be an opportunity for someone more vast than I am to guide me. Hoping to hear from you.

2006-09-19 06:47:06

Felicity Agbeviade

hi, i really like your message and woud like to work with you and become a very great editor. thank so much.bye

2006-06-15 11:08:49

Livia Iacolare

Of course! Send me an email and we will discuss about that:)

2006-06-05 16:50:19

Heba Elwakeil

I'm intersted in this opportunity. Can I still apply?

2006-03-29 18:25:18

Livia Iacolare

Hi all!

I am Livia Iacolare, and I just want you to know that Robin is still accepting interns. I sent him an email on March 17th and he replied after two days. Afterwards, I forwarded him my application letter (paying attention to follow the instructions above).

Two weeks ago, I have started tele-working with him and I have learned how to format articles on Movable Type, how to edit newsletters and I'm currently working on my first Sharewood Picnic.

I have to say that this is by far the greatest opportunity I have had to learn how to become an editor. Robin is a funny person and nonetheless a exigent teacher. He is indeed very open to share his knowledge and, in the same time, he is a perfectionist. He hates shallowness (I've learnt that on my skin! :z).

I have been under pressure since the first day (fortunately my partner is abroad, otherwise we would have broken up!) but that is indeed helping me improve my strenghts and fill my lacks. Robin told me that the first two weeks are the hardest and they mean a lot to him; in two weeks he realizes whether it's worthed or not to go on with the internship. He gives a lot and he expects involvment and passion.

I have to say that the staff at Robin Good Publishing Network is very nice and helpful; that is certainly an encouragement to me!

In conclusion, I recommend you to apply if you are really interested in it. Drop me a line if you want to know more!


2006-03-29 07:31:40


I am certainly interested in this internship. Looking at the date, . If the opportunity still remains please drop me an e-mail and I will complete the necessary application requirements.i am from pakistan and will have the opportunity to join u people

2006-01-14 00:41:46

Becky Fox

After all this time, are you still running internships or other similar learning activities? Please let me know! I found this opportunity to be very interesting and valuable, especially for the price (free). I love to research, learn, and write. I'm looking to grow, expand my horizons, and do what I love! Please let me know.

Thank you!


2004-11-30 07:02:53

gary talis

I am very much interested in this internship. With today's corporate control over the media, sadly influencing the public opinion, this opportunity shall bring forth the power to expose falsehoods in today's corporate controlled media headlines. I shall be honored to share my research and historical facts concerning the secret agenda of the federal reserve banking system and its corporations merging with state power over the people creating a fascist world government. Please email me with details concerning this very important opportunity to allow my research to be heard.

2004-11-29 13:33:22

Robin Good

Send your CV (curriculum vitae) and other information to:

Robin.Good [at]

2004-11-22 00:29:36

Paolo Gerbaudo

I'm interested in this internship. Where should I send my cv??

Paolo Gerbaudo

2004-09-03 18:12:34

Jennifer Wensel

I too am interested in this internship (or some sort of mentorship opportunity). I'm working on starting a non-profit that brings about social renewal through a focus on local activism. I'll submit an application.

2004-08-17 19:00:35

Silverwolf McKean

I am very intrested in this offer, however I noticed it seems it may have expired. If the offer is still open, please email me. I am unaware as to if you will need an example of my writing abilities, but I will freely share one.

2004-07-26 16:24:01

Robin Good

My interest to have valuable collaborators, interns, researchers and students who want to learn and co-operate with my efforts is always high.

Feel free to submit your info and to contact me personally through this area if you are serious about investing time in researching, writing and exploring the inifinite new venues available to us.

2004-07-26 05:26:04

Roger Wong

I am interested in this outdated offer as well.
If it's still available, drop me an email.


2004-06-06 22:24:13

amy barnard

I am certainly interested in this internship. Looking at the date, I realize this comment may fit into the 'too little too late' catagory. If the opportunity still remains please drop me an e-mail and I will complete the necessary application requirements.

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