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Saturday, September 20, 2003

Good Guide To Digital Images For Beginners Reviewed


Robin Good has combined his experience in graphic creation with his passion for helping people into a mini-guide called "Picture Perfect! Look Ma No Photoshop". The purpose of the guide is "to provide simple to follow concepts and practical techniques to prepare, edit and optimize digital images for publication without being a technical user and without having to own any expensive software" and it meets that purpose well.

In about 100 pages Robin introduces the reader to the concepts required for working with digital images. No matter how easy to use software is, the fact remains that some conceptual information is necessary if you are to be effective.

Look Ma No Photoshop covers essential topics such as file formats and why there are differences between them. It then moves to some good practical examples on how to eliminate red-eye, create photo montages or make parts of an image transparent. The simple things that most amateur digital photographers want to do (as I write this my wife is removing an unwanted head from the background of a wedding photo).

Read the rest of the review on David Buchan's fine Thought Horizon.

Picture Perfect - Look Ma No Photoshop is also available directly through Amazon Books.



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