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Friday, September 19, 2003

Dave Pollard Interviews Robin Good

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If there is one thing my friends know me for, is my good ability of asking questions.

"Where are you going?"

"What are you trying to accomplish in this life"

"Why are you wasting time living a loop made of making money to pay the bills?"

It's time again to play with those hard-to-come questions we so rarely hear in our neighborhood discussions. I find it extremely good to play with exploring issues and topics which are so much more important to my ability to make my life a positive, meaningful, creative event and not a routine set of habits and duties carried out to survive a controlled system system which offers no options to be truly innovative or diverse from the mainstream.



These are the five questions that Dave Pollard has sent me to answer while engaging me in a delightful treat called the Interview Game (see more info at the end of this interview).

I am so excited about answering them, I have avoided all possible ways to read them. Even now that I am about to write my answers to them, I hesitate to look and read as I anticipate the subtle pleasure of opening up and sharing with you important issues and topics that are really close to my heart.

Thanks Dave for letting me play.

1. What one thing do you most hope to be remembered for after you die?

I wish to remembered for having been a effective change agent. An inquisitive, rebellious and passionate man who explored and brought back new ways of looking at how to communicate, live, work, interact and bring back our lives to be the valuable and uniquely precious critical missions they were originally meant to be.

2. What do you think is the single greatest threat to the survival of the world today, and what do you think is the greatest hope?

The singlest threat to the survival of the world as we now it now is the powerful interests of few who stand behind the largest economic interests of this world. These are mainly the petrochemical industries and the pharma-cartel along with the present economic and monetary bank system. Our inability to recognize and unveil the real truth behind many of todays most critical existential questions is the sad consequence of the skillful use of media, communication, science and education used to maintain and increase a controlled system of basically enslaved human beings (please see some excellent writings by Mathias Rath to further understand what I am taling about.)

The greatest hope is one that I, you, Sepp, Chris, Mathias Rath and others will be able to re-awaken enough minds to get our positive, benevolent virus to become a planetary epidemic. It is indeed through communication and exchange that this paradigmatic change can come to be and it is then up to the ones who hold the keys to effective communication to be the paladins of this renaissance and re-evolution.

3. What single life lesson do you think is most important for young people to learn?

I think that the key lesson I learned in life is not to trust established authority as it comes. I have learned very early to question and ask WHY things are in one way and not in some other one. Question reality and become responsible for the realities you create, design, generate and influence. There are no accidents taking place. You are here because this is the only sensible place to be in at this point in your journey.

Secular laws, dogmatic rules, core principles and formulas, scientific truths, historical facts, religions, doctor's medicines, you name it. They are all there to set you up into viewing a world reality that is as fabricated and artificial as any movie you can go and see now at a theatre. And yet, most of us take it and drink it as REALITY.

Questioning reality, searching and exploring, asking many questions, is the most important thing for a young person to learn: call it critical thinking.

4. Of all the people alive today, who do you think would make the best President of the US? Why?

I am not closely following the US presidential elections as I am seeing mostly a competition between false alternatives in a very closed system. If there was a man that didn't come from the right or left but brought together the principles outlines in my Areas for Change in a first-time showing of upwardness that would certainly be my man. If I were to be burned if I didn't submit a name to this question I would feel my heart closest to Kucinich.

5. If you had a million dollars, what would you spend it on?

I would provide the one million dollar to a fund similar like the Communication Agents Initiative that would facilitate, support and motivate uniquely talented communicators, researchers and free thinkers of this world to dive into the open intelligent global conversation we have just started. It is in this conversation and in the voices of some of these free independent minds that we can resurrect and find our ability to take back our initiative to question, redesign and change the reality around us.

It is access to unique information that gives the ability to very few humans to keep the other 6 billion of us at bay. Missing critical information to us we can only worry about the apparent troubles and concerns broadcasted by CNN or your preferred local network channel. Trash your TV and start asking yourself some real questions. If you want power and initiative to go back to the individual where it originally belonged, you need only provide information and alternative resources for your fellow man to use and select from.

"Let me dig on my own and see what kind of jewels I can discover while you waste your days discussing Sunday's match winner or the latest SARS scam alarm."

Give power to individual free voices and hear the world recognize its own voice again.

Thanks again to Dave Pollard providing insightful reporting and excellent change inspiring essays on his How To Change The World Web site for this enjoyable and useful opportunity.

If you like the Interview Game I have taken permission to create my own deviant formula for it:

New Deviant Robin Good RULES for the Interview Game

1. Leave me an email [provide your e-mail address], saying you want to be interviewed.

2. I will respond; I'll ask you SEVEN KEY questions.

3. You will ask me seven questions back.

4. You'll update your website with my seven questions, and your seven answers and I will do the same with yours.

5. You'll include this explanation, and acknowledge me as the interviewer.

6. You'll ask other people seven questions when they want to be interviewed.

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2003-09-19 18:25:08



I believe that this great game could be having some surprising results.

Why don't you ask me!


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