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Wednesday, September 3, 2003

Robin Good RSS Newsfeeds

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This is Robin Good's latest RSS feed and it contains breaking news, stories, articles, resources and reviews as published under the home page News section. This feed does not replicate the content of the feeds listed here below. This is the best and most comprehensive news feed available on this site and it covers all categories of information covered by Robin Good.

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Online CollaborationThe convergent synergy of Web conferencing, real-time collaboration technologies, instant messaging, live presentation tools, and shared secure persistent online workspaces. Online collaboration issues, trends and technologies. Live, web-based, presentation technologies, videoconferencing tools, interactive whiteboards, P2P collaboration.
Independent PublishingBlogs, RSS, on-demand books, content management systems, podcasting, P2P file distribution, Wi-Fi: This is the age of the independent publisher. The new media publishing technologies for online reporters, Web news-makers, digital educators and information librarians allow the creation of an infinite number of new information resources and products.
Learning - Educational Technologies E-learning, workflow learning, just-in-time learning, virtual classrooms and the world of education at a distance. Educational technologies are the new frontier for ay instructional designer: Blogs, RSS, wikis, collaboration systems, e-learning tools, presentation software, simulation tools, real-time videoconferencing, online classrooms.
Content Delivery And DistributionContent delivery and distribution through multiple media and formats: Web, CD-ROM, print, email, RSS, and more. Content delivery as the ability to distribute and allow direct access to content through electronic and digital media. Content distribution as the opportunity to deliver digital content in a multiplicity of media, from RSS newsfeeds to on-demand print books.
Online MarketingInternet marketing strategies, online marketing tools, Web promotion, PR, online visibility and exposure tactics. Ethical online marketing. Permission marketing. Viral marketing. Marketing as a conversation. Monetization of independent news resources, blogs and RSS. Search engine optimization.
Search Tools and TechnologiesSearch engines and desktop search solutions. Online search tools and technologies. Offline search engines and search software. Tools and technologies for the insatiable information seeker.
Privacy and SecurityOnline privacy and information security. Identity management. Anti-virus issues, phishing, adware, malware, spyware and other malicious information techynology threats. How to surf anonymously on the Web. How to bypass and traverse security firewalls. By knowing what is possible you can protect your online privacy and defend the integrity of your information more effectively.
Intellectual PropertyIntellectual property issues, copyright, the commons, file sharing, digital rights management. Issues and initiatives that while nominally intervening in support of the defense intellectual property, stifle innovation without giving opportunities to new players and ideas to enter the market. Tools, resources and ideas supporting alternative copyright licensing schemes such as the Creative Commons.
Technology SupportIT troubleshooting. Technical PC support. Technologies, software and tools that help you resolve computer-related problems. Troubleshooting resources, tech support solutions and self-help tools.
Knowledge ManagementKnowledge management is the systematic process of finding, selecting, organizing and presenting information in ways that improve the understanding of a certain subject topic by a person. Knowledge management helps an organization gain advantage from his own experience and tacit know-how.
Social NetworkingSocial networking tools and technologies allow like-minded people to find each other. Issues of trust, reputation and privacy in digital social networks. Social networking resources, tools and applications.
Testing TechnologiesTools and technologies to test online communication projects. Testing tools for online publishers. Web site testing tools. Compatibility testing, usability testing, performance testing, link popularity testing, code validation testing are only some of the many ongoing testing needs an online publisher must meet.
Translation Translation technologies, tools, and online translation resources. Localize your Web site, internationalize your online content, globalize your online offering. Memory and machine translation technologies, dynamic taxonomies and automated online translation services.
Presentation Creation, design, management and delivery of visual PowerPoint-like presentations. The art and science of presenting. Visual presentations, PowerPoint and related technologies. Add-ons, plug-ins, presentation software and presenter technologies. PowerPoint-related tools and services, online presentations, presentation skills and Web-based presentation technologies.
Digital Imaging Digital image editing. Computer graphics. Image optimization, photo retouching and digital illustration for non-technical users. Dexterity with visual media is the essence of today's communication professional. Proficiency in managing and organizing large collections of digital images, converting media, retouching and compositing electronic images is fast becoming one of the core requirements of the 21st century visual communicator.
Information Design and Data VisualizationInformation Design and Data Visualization integrate tools, technologies and methods that enable human beings to communicate more effectively technical information and to extract at-a-glance greater meaning from it. Information Design addresses effective communication with a rational, scientific eye. Data visualization is key to extracting instant meaning from large of amounts of information.
Interface and Navigation DesignIssues, tools and technologies relating to UI, User Interface design. Interaction design, usability, experience design. The design of effective interface solutions for digital media. Navigation design of information spaces. Web and multimedia interface design.
Information AccessMedia democracy issues. Independent and alternative news information sources. Counter information, investigative reporting, media control and propaganda issues. Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one. When the press is the Internet anyone can be an independent reporter. Access to alternative news and information. Important news that do not make it to the mainstream media. Counter-information, information from alternative sources, independent free reporting on major issues relating to media democracy, health, civil liberties and more.
Communication Agents Initiative Online news reporters for social change. The Communication Agents Initiative is a mini-network of independent news reporters reporting on key issues relating to health, freedom, media democracy, alternative energy, economics and civil liberties.
Kudos and WhipsRobin Good own consumer feedback. Best compliments and official reprimands to Robin Good's own online suppliers. Stories of companies that get the Cluetrain and of others that don't.
Personal Stories 
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Readers' Comments    
2009-03-17 02:18:28

Robin Good

Dear Neal, you are very right. I am in the process of dropping this old design and these pages that have lots of problems as they have not been updated in a long time.

My apologies and thanks for your patience.

2009-03-12 20:59:14

Niall Rigby

Tried subscribing to 3 of these RSS feeds. Only one worked. One sent me to some other feed about South Park and the other sent me to a message that the feed didn't exist on FeedBurner.

Also tried to subscribe to a RSS feed on the Powerpoint to Flash Miniguide .. didn't work either.

Would be pleased to see this kind of problem removed from this kind of site.

2007-05-30 06:49:35

Recetario Cocina

Your Blog is a great information service. I read all weeks the spanish section and try interesants articles in english, but the language is a dificult for me.

Thanks for your job.

2007-05-23 05:25:28


I subscribe to a lot of your RSS feeds in Feed Mailer. Get e-mails when you update, much easier. if you are interested.

2006-12-14 00:05:56


Very good feeds ! thanks for your work

2006-02-25 20:28:50

Z.Z. Bachman

If you are looking for a one stop shopping way to list your blog RSS feed, you want to do two things... Check out RSS Top55 site and register with ZardozZ OpenWeb Link Directory which is also search engine optimized and OpenRing Blogring.

2005-08-24 09:23:56

Creo que los weblogs son una gran idea y una buena fuente de información.

2005-08-07 22:45:18


just purchased your book on blog directories; haven't finished reading it yet, but it is great information!

would help to have a few instructions or a little guidance on getting started. why this? how to do that? where is the other? stuff like that would help.

anyways, thanks!

2005-07-22 11:05:39


Love the site + the information. Continue the good work.

2005-04-21 09:19:12

Jan Jones

Really good work. I found a lot of profound information which can help me to go on. Thanks for all this input.

2005-01-10 08:10:29

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2004-09-01 23:46:44

Ricardo G

I don't really know how to submite my RSS feeds so i did it here.
It's a news feed of an international Animal Rights community

2004-08-30 10:42:05


I am all set to read what's comes next.

2004-08-19 04:46:03

S Mahesh

Hai Iam Mahesh i like yourt site please send me daliy up dates through my e mail Id

2004-07-22 16:36:03

Jeff Moore

I have started a toughbook rss feed for the latest news concerning Panasonic's line of rugged Laptops you can get this feed from

2004-03-10 15:32:42

Professional Search Engine Marketing

The eMarketing feed is great. A+.

2004-02-26 23:51:15


What are RSS feeds? It might help if you sort of broke down the acronym on your main page or FAQ area.

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