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Tuesday, August 5, 2003

Top Of The Class Live Tracking

Kudos to HitBox


I have long complained about the company unlistening ears to small customers like me and to its archaic and unfriendly policies regarding contract charges for old clients.

Hitbox has finally opened years.



Through customer representative Kristin Mansueto I was able to turn my final decision to abandon the service into a happy and much sought after new fair rate for my account.

It had been a while that I had been disputing with them the unfair practice of overcharging old clients by having them pay at the rates of two or three years ago, while new subscribing customers get to pay only a fraction of their price.

In simple words I was being charged over $140/month for a site whose traffic, at today Hitbox rates should have only costed about $25/month.

Please note that I had already closed one HitBox account with them as a protest to their policies and I had repeatedly contacted the European customer service to get me out of this.

Finally, I got someone to really listen and understand what I was complaining about. It took a long time but my perseverance in not bending to such unfair practice did bear some fruit.

You see how just one person in the line of command of this company has completely revolutionized my perception and trust in this company. The amount of beneficial customer loyalty and appreciation for a company when one feels his problems to be addressed is boosted several orders of magnitude.

If you have been overcharged by Hitbox because like me you have been a long time customer, please stand up and make your voice heard too.

On the good side I must say Hitbox offers an absolutely top of the class traffic monitoring service for those, like me, who want the very best. Statistics are very detailed and can be viewed, queried, customized, exported and printed in many effective ways.

One can zoom inside data and look at every aspect of the user experience on your site. The summary page itself is worth the price of the whole service and it is designed to give you an immediate overall glance at the overall traffic on the site, both for the day as well as for the month you are in.

On the con side I must only note a slow response due mostly to the very heavy graphics and data loaded in each page (Hitbox uses Flash MX to display all of its dynamic and interactive stats). Data integrity leaves something to be desired as different views do not portray the same numbers and totals at times do not apparently add up.

Overall, having used and tested many other competing services I can only recommend HitBox as an excellent live monitoring and tracking service for your web site.

If you have a slow dial-up connection and a computer older than two years I do not recommend Hitbox due to its slow performance.

If you want to have the very best in live traffic monitoring on your site this is the service to go with.

See a live demo of HitBox web-based service right here.

The service starts at $34.95 for up to 50,000 page views per month.

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