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Friday, August 1, 2003

Looking For A Live Collaboration Tool? Save Tons Of Time! Live Expert Advice - Robin Good Helps You Select The Best Web Conferencing Tool Right Now

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Tired of looking around to find which is the best and most cost-effective tool for your running your business classes and presentations online?

By the time you have tried out five or six tools, two have changed name and three more have appeared.

So how do you tackle choosing which one tool is right for you?

The only solution, outside of listening to what each vendor will want you to believe in is to go to someone who has already bought one. He surely can tell you about how good that product really is.

But what about all the other products out there that he didn't buy?

Is there someone who has bought and used nearly all of the products and services available out there?


"Yes! Somebody called me?"

That crazy human being is me.

Yes, you have heard right. Starting with October 2002 I have started purchasing, subscribing and signing-up for free try-outs of all the Web conferencing and live presentation tools targeted and priced for the SOHO market.

I had no interest for the "enterprise" solution as I could not afford, test or recommend them. Robin Good's target audience is made up more of individuals, professionals and small to medium organizations and non-profits

As some of you have already learned from my monthly newsletter MasterMind Explorer, I have just started to make available a new service that allows you to find out in one live session with me what would be the best live collaboration or conferencing or live presentation tool to fit your budget and needs.

For $ 301 I provide:

1) My complete undivided attention for the time it takes to resolve your problem (generally one to two hours)

2) A private meeting room in which we can talk with crystal clear audio quality and in whuch we can look at services and products available in the market

3) My trusted advice. As you know I know more than one story about how these tools really work and about what could be a reason for sorrow after your purchase. Companies are not all the same and even buying the same technology from two different vendors can make a huge difference. More than one qualified customer has bought my Official Guide and has remained impressed with what was to be found inside. Read for yourself what these people had to say.

4) Listening ears and someone who really cares about you getting the product/service you need. See, I do not sell or represent any of those companies, nor I get commissions for any of their sales. This makes me free to say the story like it is, without being worried about telling you the many bad stories that happen in any young and fast growing industry like this one.

5) Direct contacts. As you can imagine I know more than a few people in this industry and I am more than happy to put you in direct contact with whoever I feel maybe best equipped to help you solve your needs. I am also keen in alerting the company that you select to work with so that you are received an treated by them not just like anyone else, but as a true king (or queen). Believe me when you are sent by Robin Good is an altogether different story! ;-) )

6) A tailor made solution. Many times the solution for what you want to do could not be ever found by just looking at my Official Guide or by talking to each separate vendor. Sometimes the ideal solution is a unique combination of tools or a special option of one service that nobody knows about. In any case only by knowing and having tried out all of the new technology and tools that are available out there one can close the gap and see these possible synergies and matches.

7) My ongoing personal advice accessible to you. After our session I will be happy to hear more from you and to answer some of the typical issues and problems you may encounter while setting up your shop or evaluating an expansion of what you initially bought.

How can I get this?
If you feel that the above is just what you were looking for, just drop me a line through the Comments box here below and I will be in touch with you in no time to set-up our meeting online.

How much does it cost?
$ 301 (after the service is delivered to you) is all you pay to me for my personal time and unique industry expertise with you. After our session, you also get to keep my private email and phone number and I give you full permission to call me back, to email me and to maintain an ongoing direct relationship with me in which you can ask further advice relative to your live collaboration needs.

What do I need to do it?
You need only yourself, a PC or Mac and a connection to the Internet. Tell me what setup you have and how good your connection is, so that I can properly setup my best gear to interact with you.

What about if I am not satisfied with the info you will provide me?
You get a full refund before we even hang up and the story ends there.

Do you have any real customer feedback that I can read?
I am just starting to offer this service since today and I have yet not real testimonials for this outside of this:

paypal_paymentno price.gif

Pick my brain!

To sign-up go to:

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