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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Find Out Now Which One Is The Best Collaboration Tool For You!

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2004-02-25 19:07:08

Robin Good


thank you for your very kind contact.


or for that matter any type of Wiki which can be placed under a simple username/password scheme.

To see a working business Wiki at work go to:

You will notice that you cann edit the (any) page by simply clicking on the "edit this page" command available as a text link on the page. Yes, there are few conventions to learn to make URLs or bold, but it is quite simple indeed. Once this is under a password protected system (very easy to do and cost is zero) you have in full what you have described.
Try the free 30-day trial at:
Don't get scared by the price of this wiki. Eventually, you could get the same technology from other sources absolutely free, though you will need someone to install it and configure it on your server.

I hope this helps.
Let me know.



From: Alan Meyer Perla [mailto:cybercoach
Sent: mercoledì 25 febbraio 2004 19.28
To: Robin.Good
Subject: RE: [Robin Good' Sharewood Tidings] New Comment Posted to 'Find
Out Now Which One Is The Best Collaboration Tool For You!'

The quicktopics seems perfect. Thanks! Been to Social Text, and WAS put off
by $$$. This will be 6 people and maybe 2 discussions, period. So the Wiki
thing, with server software (these are far-flung folks, so no central
server in picture) is overkill I think.

Quicktopics right on target tho (sans password). No sign-in or password
possible, right?

They protect with complex url. That's OK -- we'll not name names, and the rest will be uninteresting to onlookers.



2004-02-25 01:47:10

Alan Perla

Came upon you through Google search. Not sure how you work ... maybe I can just get a point in the right direction.

Here's what I need:

- No client software at all
- Team members go to a web site, sign in with password, and choose document to view. They can add to that document, with new entries appearing at top, dated and contibutor-identified.
-Document as whole may be printed, and ideally emailed

That's it, I think, unless there are issues I'm not thinking of. Is there such a site, where I can set this up, start a few documents, and broadcast a password to potential participants, then they can sign in under their own user names and that password and add to any doc started, in dated/signed manner???


Alan Perla

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