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Sunday, July 27, 2003

Let Netscape Access IE Private Territory

Provide access to Internet Explorer-only-compatible content to all of your users on Netscape 4-6 and on Opera.
= breakthrough tool
Browswer Plug-in (auto-installs) (Win)
FREE (for personal use)


A free, downloadable 140KB Netscape-compatible plug-in lets Netscape, Mozilla and Opera users manage and host any Internet Explorer-specific DHTML content and/or ActiveX control that it will come across.

If you need to deploy a new Web site or online application that leverages some key Internet Explorer ActiveX or DHTML trick, Neptune opens the gate for users not using Microsoft Internet Explorer to access your content as if they were on IE.

In essence, organizations that need their software tools to be deployed consistently right across the organisation's Windows client base, can now do so even in cases where Microsoft Internet Explorer is not the standardized browser of choice. (Any Internet Explorer-specific DHTML content and/or ActiveX control will work in Neptune, limited only by the version of the underlying WebBrowser control.)



"Neptune can be thought of as gateway through which to launch Windows and Internet Explorer-specific web applications from Mozilla, Opera and Netscape browsers."

Neptune achieves its magic through theMicrosoft Web Browser Control, which is the core engine of Internet Explorer and which is also a Microsoft Windows programming object that can be used to access, navigate and interact with the Internet even when outside of your browser.

Neptune supports Netscape 3.0, 4.x and 6.x, Opera 4.0 - 5.x. Windows 95 / Windows NT 4.0 with Internet Explorer 4.0 core install are required for Neptune to work properly.

The use of Neptune poses no security implications. The standard Internet Explorer security schema is applied to the Neptune plugin.

If you are willing to download and install the plugin, which requires only a few seconds to do, you can see immediately some examples of Neptune at work at: (Please note that if you are an IE or Opera user you MUST first intall the plugin to see the sample work).

Neptune is licensed to be referenced by authors and developers on their web documents at no charge on the strict provision that all new users will be directed to MeadCo's Neptune download page to collect the plug-in, as shown in the fragment above.

Corporate and institutional customers can order an unrestricted in-house publishing license with the Neptune SDK -- an installation executable, together with tech docs and examples detailing all of Neptune's advanced hosting functionality -- plus one year's entitlement to unlimited direct-to-company email support and product upgrades, for a single payment of $500.

More information about Neptune advanced features can be found here.

To order a corporate license please go to:

For more info and licensing issues please contact:

On this page you can order a Neptune SDK + Publishing License and 1 year support package

Download a free person al copy of Neptune at:


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i can't access ie or firefox

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