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Sunday, July 20, 2003

Comment, Annotate And Tell Stories With Digital Images: The First Photo-Wiki Is Here!

With Fotonotes you can upload a JPEG digital image and create any number of text tooltip message to appear as you hover your mose on designated parts of the image.

You select the custom designated areas of the photo to be highlighted and commented. The text messages that you associate to different areas of the image appear as well designed tooltip-like pop-up boxes that display in place when you hover the mouse over the Fotonotes-edited image).




Multiple "comment" areas can be created on an image and each one is directly linked to its text comment. Each designated area gets a progressive number just like those situations in which you see photos where after the main characters have been blanked out, numbers indicate key figures that are then referenced in an outside legend.

Fotonet goes a step further, avoiding the creation of a secondary simplified reference image and embedding the content "in-position" for maximu legibility and accessibility.

The JPG images created with Fotonotes are not yet easily interpreted by most imaged editors which are not capable of reading the embedded extra information.

For now you can create images with embedded information and make them available online so that anyone can also access them and view the embedded content.

You can also set the images to either private, public or even editable by others, so that multiple individuals can access and contribute to this work.

Very interesting.

By clicking on the link labelled "Add/Edit Notes" on the left side of the screen, and by clicking once on the image you will be able to add more "hot" areas on which you can add comments or other reference text.

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