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Saturday, July 19, 2003

Google Searches The Web For You 24/7

Let Google Track Any Information For You
Google Alert
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Google Alert automatically tracks anything on the Web by searching Google results on specific queries and getting updates of new results by email automatically.


With //">Google Alert, you can automatically keep track of possibly any topic you wish to be informed about.

Google Alert runs daily Google searches for you and emails you whenever new results appear. Many people use Google Alert to keep track of what the web is saying about them, their interests or any projects they are involved in.

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Google Alert (formerly Googlert) is an extremely valuable service that allows you to keep track individual companies, products or what people aree saying about your oganization. The results are indeed remarkable and the amount of time saved very significant.

Of course it is all about how well you set up your queries and how to well and properly defined they are. But if you know how to perform a query in Google and you do this on a frequent, repetitive basis, then Google Alert is what you are looking for.

Google Alert is a free service for non-commercial use only, subject to Google's API terms. Google Alert's services are provided "as is" with no warranties whatsoever.

Google Alert was conceived by Gideon Greenspan, a PhD student at Israel's Technion and long-time Macintosh developer. Google Alert is not affiliated in any way with Google but does use their Web Services API to perform its searches.

Google Alert was developed using Apache, PHP and lots of XML.

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2004-03-10 15:12:26

Professional Search Engine Marketing

We use Google Alert to stay on top of what the media says about us!

2004-01-15 21:50:49


Google API allows 1000 queries a day, so i think it's enough for the application.

2003-08-12 01:48:00

Google Alert really is a great tool. I use it the whole time and to teach others have written a brief guide on it at .


2003-07-20 11:44:47

Search Marketing Info

This is just one of many ways to add something simple to a powerful tool to make it even more powerful :)

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