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Thursday, July 17, 2003

Bloggers Nod: This Is The Way To Do It! Blog-Equipped Communication Agents Take Off

The first edition of the Communication Agents Initiative is now online!

It provides the much awaited and requested information about the Initiative, its purpose and its modus operandi.

A detailed explanation of what Communication Agents are, and what is exactly offered through this project complements over 30 pages of support info.

Visitors and interested participants can post comments directly on each page as this is much a work-in-progress which will need to be refined and adjusted in the coming days of July.

You are invited as well to take a peek and to give a look at what this Communication Agents Initative is all about.

Here is what, Chris Gupta, one of the first three Communication Agents had to say about it:



"For some time I had been thinking on how to increase the reach for the information that commercial interests have little motivation to provide - but due to time constraints (holding a full time job) it became increasing clear that a web page just would not be feasible.

Then incredibly, Robin Good came along and made a highly tempting proposal - not only would I get a ready made web page but he would provide training on how to be an effective Communication Agent. Now I must admit some of the proposals he made were very novel and I was caught off guard to see the
potential of some of the ideas he presented.

At first it all sounded too time consuming and difficult, never the less, it was just too hard to pass up this dream opportunity. I agreed to take up the challenge thinking that I could always pass it up should it not go the way it was supposed to, as he made no conditions for this incredible offer.

I found Robin to be an incredible teacher and I was hooked. He has taken out the drudgery of Web mastering and focused on the job of communicating. With his transatlantic voice communications software (he is in Italy, I in Canada) it took less than hour and we were up and running. Besides being incredibly exciting this in itself was quite a feat!

Of course there is much more to learn and sometimes it's hard to keep up but Robin has a way to mentor that helps me focus on the most salient aspects of this challenge. I have found the experience both full filling and effective.

The major benefits of having a web presence of course is the incredible flexibility it affords over email.

Although I have still maintained the email method of communicating while I continue to learn more. The Web page is so simple to update that it literally invites on going hyper linking to the evolving information one finds and late breaking news and discoveries something not possible with email. As this is an evolving project and more CA's join I am expecting new synergies that should easily surpass the original expectations.

New ideas as those introduced by Robin allowed me to really stretch my thinking thus allowing for fresh communication methods that I never thought possible. The ease of getting started; and the superior mentoring; this is an opportunity that no Communication Agent should miss.

Particularly as I see Robin's intent is to empower me with teaching tools and not become dependent on him!

I could not recommend Robin Good highly enough!"

To learn more, go directly to the mini Web site devoted to the:
Communication Agents Initiative.

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